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Welcome to my website lover,

I love to explore and want gentlemen that like to explore too.

I welcome basic inquiries by text followed up by a phone call to ensure that we are compatible and that I will be able to provide the kind of experience you are looking for.

Most of my photos are NOT retouched apart from colouring.


A little about DiQld…

Age: a young but mature 59

Nationality: Australian

Height: 5’3″or 162cms

Size: 18 BBW

Breasts: Natural DD cup

Hair: Long Silky Honey Blonde

Eyes: Dark Brown

Education: Tertiary

Interests: gardening, concerts, comedy, theatre, trying out new restaurants, catching up with friends, spending time with my puppy, learning about property and business, photography.


More about Me…

I love what I do and adore it when you mirror my enthusiasm.

I have a cheeky smile and sexy dark eyes. I have a wicked sense of humour and enjoy a good laugh as much as I enjoy good wine, good food and great company.

Passion and laughter have kept me young and I simply love it when we can’t help but lose ourselves in the moment. I love to tease and be teased, and I am an intuitive lover.

I love nothing more than wearing sexy sheer lingerie, stockings and high heels or a dress to greet you at the door and give you my welcoming seductive smile that hints at what is to come.

I enjoy being sensuous, playful, naughty and loving, depending on on our moods and what we feel like doing. I can be dominant/submissive in the bedroom but will happily take my lead from you.

If you would like to share an encounter with me please contact me either by email or phone.

We both should feel fantastic for no other reason than we deserve to.

Kisses Di xx

Upcoming Tours


No plans to tour in 2024

I will be heading to Melbourne, Tasmania and Sydney sometime in 2024 and I can  make time with a couple of gents whilst I am there,  so if you feel like catching up better get in now and let me know because I will only be seeing prebooked gentlemen this trip.

If you are interested in seeing me if I tour then please email or text and let me know where you are. Alternatively, I am happy and available to fly to you…

Please check here for tour dates and special tour rates

If you would like to have me visit you at your location, please express an interest here or make a booking and let’s make a date to get together.


What’s new in my world…

March 2024

Well I am obviously enjoying life too much as I have become super slack at getting you updated on here.

The trip in November was super cool and I really enjoyed the whole event. Went to a wedding and stayed Yarra Valley, it was lovely. Felt very spec.  I bought lots of chocolate from the Yarra Valley Chocolatier so had to buy a new suitcase to bring it all home. lol

I met a lovely guy down in Melbourne doing it tough, His name is Rueben and he was homeless but we had a great chat and even got a hug, He gave me a piece of art in the form of a framed drawing which is hanging in my boudoir.

I had a lovely Christmas celebrated over 3 days, with lots of yummy food and plenty of bubbles to wash it down and caught up with family and friends, and had lots of laughs.

I joined a medical study in late January which requires me to limit my alcohol to 1 drink per day, I thought that would be really hard. It has turned out to be relatively easy. but it does mean that things like degustation with matching wines are out of the question until at least July 🙁

This year I will turn 60!  I cant believe it. I never ever saw me getting here and I always said I saw no reason to stop working and I still see no reason to stop. I certainly don’t feel my age. Hard to believe I saw my very first client 41 years ago. Yes I can still remember it – you never forget your first!

This year my car will be 23 and as I still love my baby I plan on spending some money on it… headlight restoration, new shocks, new headset, fixing all the little quirks so she will stay with me and look just as lovely as ever.

I will be heading to Sydney for VIVID this year so if you are around please organise some playtime for us before I get there.  I also want to visit Melbourne and Tassie again later in the year as it has been a few years since I spent any time there and I know there is lots to see and do.

My food garden is about to ramp up again as I gave up over summer, too hot, too wet, too many pests… The wicking beds are still going well and I have to top them up with compost (minus the asbestos found everywhere at the minute)  Just starting my herbs again and peas and will start my other plants this month.

I have done a few cooking classes (cake and cookie decorating) so am playing around with that too. It is always something that I have wanted to do and it is early stages but so far so good.

My give back day has changed to Mondays now so not really available but you can catch me on X (Twitter)  if you want to send me a money gift you can use @diqld on the Beemit App.  and you can always see more of me on onlyfans

Well I have things to do today so will love you and leave you for now.

Kisses Di xxx


May 2023

I am Back,  I have had a great break where as you can see, I haven’t had much to do with my ‘career ‘since May 2021.  I have really enjoyed the break and I am feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy my naughty side again. Hence I have updated my website and have an AD on Realbabes.com.au/Diqld  and I am looking forward to meeting some new people as well as getting re acquainted with some friends I haven’t seen for a while.

Sadly due to the increased costs of living, I needed to put my prices up for the first time in about 10 years. I do hope you understand. My availability has changed and I am no longer available on Fridays. Its my give back day.

So what have I been doing and have I enjoyed it.  I devoted a fair bit of time to establishing my garden which is doing ok… I cant say as I would be able to feed a family but I am having fun learning about lifecycles of insects, critters and vegetables. I can grow eggplants, chillies, marigolds, basil, spring onions, radishes, beans, peas and cherry tomatoes! still struggling with root veges – so happy to get tips!

I also went and worked in the real world and OMG the bullshit that goes on in middle management is crazy. There are some people that just shouldn’t manage people. It was a temporary gig and I was in a blessed position that at anytime I could tell her to just fuck right off if she pissed me off that much. but there were times that I said to myself that this bullshit isn’t worth $30 an hour. I did sing ‘she works hard for her money’ on loop for a few days there. anyway it was overall a good experience and not one I care to repeat very often.

As some of you know I have moved from the Valley to Mt Gravatt. (near Westfields Garden City) This has seen my car expenses rise. I forgot how much living in the burbs you use the car. :0

I am attending a wedding in mid November in Melbourne and will have limited time to see anyone so get in early if you wish to book me.

Talk soon

Di xxx

May 2021

Well I have been back advertising since March (almost to the day I hung the high heels up in 2020 lol) and it turns out I am pretty good at growing eggplants! The longer thin type. which you can guess what I have been using them for before I cook them.

I have 3 garden beds and am still learning and enjoying tending to the garden twice a week.

I have decided that I need to scale back my sex work and so I am no longer offering same day services except on a Friday. I am calling it #friskyfriday and you will see me post that hashtag on twitter every Friday.

I am trying to get my life more balanced and the best way I know is to make this passion of mine (sexwork) not the main focus of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE everything about it but it is a job where you can lose touch with the real world and I have. I need to diversify and so I am going to get a real job this year and also volunteer my time to a worthwhile organisation. I miss using my brain (yes I have one! lol) but I know you really didn’t come here for that info! lol

On the Sexwork front…

I am currently only advertising on www.EscortsandBabes.com.au  and I may add more advertising later.

I still have my www.onlyfans.com/ntydiqld account and it is still only $10USD and it has over 800 pictures (most naked) and videos and I also offer videos for your viewing pleasure.

I have added Angus the anal pleasurer to the toy box. He has 2 motors! and Percy the purple has ribs to slide over all those important nerve endings we all have…  if you want to read more about them, there will be a post in News.

kisses Di xxx