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Reviewer : Richard 21/5/23 Visit:22-5-23
It’s not often I write a review, but I will happily write this.

Like Liam Neeson in ‘Taken’, Di has a very particular set of skills, skills that have been acquired over a very long career.

But don’t be put off by age or appearance, as Di is sex-fit, and happy to show off those skills.

Communication is the key – tell Di what you want, and she will do her best to accommodate.

My brain is already into overdrive thinking what we can do for our next encounter.

Reviewer : David 4/1/23 Visit:22-12-22
I had an epic session with Di. Combined we climaxed 4 times. Di is so nice out of the bed room but dirty between the sheets. Her BJ is next level. I can’t wait to see her again.
Reviewer : Gery 17/11/21 Visit:17-11-21
I met Di for lunch and we enjoyed a nice meal in the Bistro of a nearby pub. Afterwards we adjourned to her apartment for a couple of hours of “rest and recreation”. In the few times I have met Di , she is always charming and accommodating, and we are never short of conversation topics. A very pleasant and pleasing time was had by both of us.
Reviewer : Mac 29/6/21 Visit:23-6-21
Wow, what a fantastic experience. Booked an oily bodies experience and received that and more. Di far exceeded my expectations in every sense.
I will be back soon.
Hugs and kisses Mac
Reviewer : Mr J 18/1/20 Visit:4-1-20
Wow! Amazing lady. Far exceeded my expectations. Will definitely be back.
Reviewer : Mr A 30/12/19 Visit:30-12-18
Absolutely love seeing Di, she is such a passionate lady never disappoints if your into bbw you need to see this sexy lady the way she kisses is fantastic not to mention the was she gives oral, my god it is amazing to have her riding me while i am holding her big sexy bum it is fantastic.
Reviewer : Doug 05/03/18 Visit:27-02-18
I have recently had an appointment with Di at her Brisbane apartment, what a wonderful experience. When greeted at her door with a gorgeous smile, I was made to feel welcome with a kiss and a cuddle. We chatted & kissed a little, but nothing could prepare me for what happened next, her kissing style suddenly changed from soft & gentle to explosive & passionate, this literally left me breathless but eager for more. Passionate kisses continued, my angst & trepidation had gone, along with our clothes. Together we moved into a more comfortable room with mirrors adorned no less, we chatted, kissed & generally relaxed. Di’s focus was always on me, no phones, no noise, the rest of the world just disappeared. I was being treated as her lover, this made me feel so special. Over the next several hours we just seemed to blend together, I felt that I had known this beautiful lady for many years. Passionate kisses continued & two became one, the skills of Di cannot be described, such fantastic intimacy. All good things must end, shower together? yes please. We kissed and cuddled & said our goodbye. I am now back to reality but will never forget the special time I have had with Di, truly a magic carpet ride into a world of passionate pleasure. I have already made another appointment, far too much happened first visit to remember. Okay, okay, for those curious- Di’s best assets, everything of course! She is a fantastic complete package (savior faire), however, If I had to choose & this is not an asset but a skill, kissing that will bring a man to his knees, almost but not quite as good as, well you work it out.
Reviewer : Graham 27/01/18 Visit:2017
Di has a smile and sexual touch that you crave for. She is sexy and makes you feel relaxed and special.
Reviewer : Henri 02/08/17 Visit:26-07-17

Di. Qld. BBW Lady. Passionate. Elegant. All true, but there is so much more. I discovered Di while researching massage techniques and came across Nuru. I got in touch: It was like talking to an old friend. As I was going up to Brisbane for a few days, I booked a Nuru appointment. This was AMAZING: erotic, sensuous, extreme intimacy, and a wonderful finish. However, the best part was Di herself, as a person. Intelligent conversation over a glass of wine before the massage, ditto afterwards. No clock-watching, but a conversational consolidation of that first impression of friendship and innate curiosity. Can I recommend Di as an elegant and passionate working-lady? Of course. But there are many one can so recommend, I’m sure. With Di, however, there is that dimension of great interpersonal respect, and eagerness to be intimate both physically and as two worthwhile people together. Di is that lady your mother warned you about, but also the lady your mum would like you to bring home and become part of the family. Am I besotted? Yes – and that’s surprising to me: I have been around a bit and am not an impressionable 21 year old. I have promised to come back in October when I’ll be in Brizzie again, before I go back to France. Wish she could come with me!! Go on, men, this lady is one experience you cannot afford to miss.


Reviewer : Mr D 04/05/17 Visit:24-04-17
I have been fortunate to have seen Di a few times now. Dinner dates that were just full of fun and laughter and an overnight that was just so exciting. Her personality, her infectious laugh, the way she makes you feel during bookings is a credit to her professionalism.
I decided to book a few days during her Canberra tour. What a fabulous time. We laughed, we enjoyed the sites, we ate, we had lots of intimate times. Di was the perfect partner and just an amazing GFE.
Details of our intimate time together are for us alone but I will say from gentle touching to exciting adventurous playtime I could not ask for more.
As others have said if you want the full package with an experienced professional with a beautiful geniune escort you should go no further than Di.
Reviewer : Steve 08/02/17 Visit:08-02-17
Just Spent a really great afternoon with Di. She iis delightful, funny, caring, nurturing… Addictive.
Her bubbly personality and amazing smile won me over instantly and left me wanting more. I walked out of there with a smile on my face, a twinkle in my eye, and a spring in my step. I can highly recommend her.
Reviewer : Steven 30/12/16 Visit:28-12-16
Had my first Special Di NURU massage 2 days ago, and I have to say it was a most memorable time. Di makes you feel at ease the moment you arrive, and for the whole of your time. I went only for NURU but thanks to Di’s “special” techniques I ended up with the whole package. A date I will remember till my next time. Thank you lovely Di…..
Reviewer : Mr M 08/11/16 Visit:07-11-16
Yesterday I was fortunate to have time with Di. From the moment she met me at the door until the time I left I felt as if I was the most important person on earth.
Not only is she fun, funny, has such a fabulous smile and laugh but her skill in the bedroom and dedication to pleasure was exceptional.I am a nervous person generally but at no time did I feel that yesterday. She immediately puts you at ease.
I was lucky enough to have a lunch date where the conversation flowed freely with lots of laughs. We then returned to her well appointed unit for NURU. This was my first experience with this service and I believe everyone should experience NURU at least once in your life.
Di made this something that will be held long in my memory! My time with Di was very pleasurable and it is something that will stay with me for a long time. Thank you Di for making me feel special.
I will certainly be visiting again.
Reviewer : Markjl 04/11/16 Visit:31-10-16
Had an amazing NURU slide with Di my first. great welcome and explanation by Di enjoyable shower before and after. Great to enjoy her body sliding effortlessly over all parts of my body and being able to touch her when able to reach. Best erotic or other massage I have ever had.
Reviewer : MS 17/10/16 Visit:16-10-16
What an awesome women. Service, conversation, laughter and sexiness. Di makes you feel like a king and her investment in your pleasure knows no boundaries. Time flies but memories linger and I have to say I will be back for more. Trust the reviews, indulge in what a sensual woman can do for you. Believe me it’s worth it. Award for best kisser goes to Di. Sexy sexy sexy
Reviewer : LdyLvr 30/09/16 Visit:29-09-16
Was back in Brisbane for the first time in almost 18 months and visited the wonderful Di to revisit memories of past rendezvous.
From the time she opened the door to when I reluctantly had to leave 2 hours later, the visit was as FANTASTIC as I had remembered and in some cases I must have a faulty memory as I did not think I could forget how stunningly sexy and great to be with is DI.
I did miss the sights and experiences that her previous apartments staircase provided, but she did offer to allow me to get on my knees to revisit them. As a gentleman, I am not going to divulge what followed but needless to say we both enjoyed ourselves. As “in joke to Di” – what was the final score 2 – 1??
To all who have had the experience of spending time with Di, you know what a fantastic lady to be with, the friendly conversation, the relaxing attitude, the cheeky smile, the beautiful eyes the have THAT LOOK, the genuine approach. That is Di!!!!!!!
To all who are yet to spend some time with Di, do yourself a favour and take the time to do so. You will find an stunning gem that you will want to keep to yourself.
Reviewer : PunterScott 28/08/16 Visit:28-08-16
I spent some wonderful time with Di this morning. Couldn’t think of a better way to spend an hour or so on a Sunday morning. From the moment I entered her apartment until the time I left, she was horny, welcoming, funny and made me feel desired. I had a great time and we had some laughs as well. We spent over an hour to explore each others bodies and I felt well relaxed after our time together. will be back again.
Reviewer : Marky Mark 22/08/16 Visit:22-08-16
Di you are an amazingly attentive woman. I enjoyed our time together from the first kiss that greeted me at the door, to the passionate kisses we shared, to the attention you paid to my needs, to the wonderful discussion we shared and to the relaxing shower we shared before I left. I am disappointed I live so far away but look forward to seeing you again when I am next in Brisbane xox
Reviewer : Emm 03/05/16 Visit:29-04-16
I first heard Di’s laugh when I called to make an appointment to see her. As she was kind enough to see me, I heard it a lot more. Among all Di’s lovely talents and attributes, her wholehearted unaffected laugh, with wicked suggestive sub tones is my favorite.
From Di’s delightful welcome, with her sexy smile, and her warm farewell, the time seemed to fly. Di is not only a high priestess of the arts of desire: she is intelligent, knowledgeable, funny and fun to be with! What about the action? Affairs of the boudoir must remain! Rather, you must visit the lovely Di yourself to enjoy the delights and the talents of this special lady. If the word “lovely” seems to float around Di, it is one of those truisms like “the sky is blue!” When it came time, regrettably, to take my leave of Di, I did so with a vibe of goodwill to the world, thinking, as I do now, “thank you Di, for a lovely time!”
Reviewer : Naviguesser 18/01/16 Visit:18-01-16
What a wonderful find. I spent a fantastic afternoon with Di, She was so easy to get in touch with. She provided an out call and was on time. really enjoyed our conversation. As for the rest of the visit all I can say is WOW!! I felt like we’ve known each other forever. I hope she enjoyed the visit as much as I did. I am looking forward to my next visit.
Reviewer : Shell & Paul 03/01/16 Visit:02-01-16
My hubby and I spent a lovely night with this beautiful woman. I organised a visit to Di as a birthday present for my husband. We both had wanted to explore having another person in our bedroom. She made us feel welcome and at ease straight away. She knew how to deal with us first timers. It was easy to have a conversation and a laugh with her. And she made us smile and we both had a fantastic evening. We highly recommend her and will be back hopefully for my birthday next. A great way to start the new year. With a bang. New year experiences and great memories.
Reviewer : Daz 14/12/15 Visit:12-12-15
I have followed and interacted with DiQld on Twitter for some time now and on Saturday night the 12 of December when I was lucky enough to obtain a booking. When I arrived I was greeted at the door by a beautiful woman with a biggest smile you have ever seen. I found Di to be very friendly and a loving lady. The time we spent together was amazing to say the least and I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of Di’s company. As I am writing this review a couple of days after my encounter I still have a smile on my face. If you are thinking of making a booking with Di don;t hesitate as I can promise that you won’t be disappointed.
Reviewer : 13/11/15 Visit:13-11-15
Di is lovely, makes u feel welcome and u are the centre of her attention.
NURU was cool and HOT
Reviewer : Jack 03/11/15 Visit:03-11-15
Di is a lovely, voluptuous woman with a gorgeous smile and personality. She made me feel so comfortable with and it was easy to enjoy my time with her. DFK with her is sensational, she’s very affectionate and loves to kiss with lots of tongue. Her body shape is fantastic,  very curvy and sexy with great big tits. In my mind, she’s what a real woman looks like, no fake boobs or slim body, just big, sexy hips and waist – more to love! I love being able to kiss and cuddle her as well as receive the best BJ I’ve ever had. Di is an incredibly sexy, engaging, warm, personality who is wonderful at what she does.
Reviewer : sintas 13-10-15 Visit:Hobart 13-Oct 2015
Spent one of the nicest afternoons in the company of Di. She is a witty intelligent person, always smiling and an absolute delight to be with. look forward to spending more time with her in the future.
Reviewer : Sam 10-10-15 Visit:10-10-2015
This was my second visit to Di Place, it’s so wonderful. I cant believe it, WOW what treatment given by Di. I’m happy to visit another time very soon. Di is such an amazing and gorgeous lady.
Reviewer : Sam 20-9-15 Visit:19-9-2015
Wow! The wonderful day it was when I saw Di, She is most Beautiful and gorgeous. Nothing is fake, I want to visit once again very soon. When you visit to Di, wow, She is amazing. I want to give her more than five stars rating.
Reviewer : Ronaldo 16-9-15 Visit:16-9-2015
What a lovely, warm, womanly, sensual lady Di is! From the moment she greeted me at the door until the time she kissed me goodbye, it was a treat and a great pleasure to succumb to her charm and sensuality. Apart from being a skilled lover, she was also an interesting conversationalist who made me feel comfortable in her company. I’ll definitely be re-booking.
Reviewer : P. 14-9-15 Visit:14-9-2015
I was lucky enough to finally meet Di on her current visit to Sydney. She is an absolute knockout. From the time she opened the door I knew I was in for a wonderful experience. Di is absolutely gorgeous and knows how to make a man feel special. Her kisses are beautiful and her hands work wonders. I was in heaven before I was fully undressed and the hour we spent together was perfect. She is coming back to sydney and I cant wait to be with her again – Di, the more regular you visit sydney, the happier I will be!
Reviewer : Stickybuoy 12-9-15 Visit: 11-9-2015
What can I say, Di is a beautiful, wonderful lady. She is totally natural, no fake tits, no fake tan, no fake movie star hairdo, no fake moaning. She does not hide the fact that she is a BBW, and I must emphasise the BEAUTIFUL part. She has a very pretty face, much better than her pics. After have a good laugh and a chat on the phone on initial contact, we then set a time for the next day. Due to a mixup in communications, our actual meeting time was 45 minutes later than due, but to her credit Di gave me extra time at the end. I had told her that my favorite things were dfk and oral, and to her credit she excelled at both, and it was just to my liking, very compatible. To top it off, after much kissing and cuddling and mutual oral, she got on top and after a while was doing a motion that felt just the same as a mouth sucking. When I told her this and that I like to feel deep throat, she upped the motion a bit and the sensation was just as good as deepthroat, the only problem was that it then created a scene where the champagne corks pop and the stars explode, and I nearly had to call for a second condom to fill, as she had given me an almighty multiple orgasm. Would I see this beautiful woman again, Hell Yeah!I will just need to rob a bank or win lotto so that I could see her on a very regular basis.
Reviewer : Perry 14-7-15 Visit: 11-9-2015
Di is coming to Sydney – cant wait. her photos are wow and engaging with her about a pending appointment is so easy. Can’t wait.
Reviewer : Melbourne Guy 26-8-15 Visit: Melb August 2015
Was thrilled to find out Di was coming to Melbourne again, had not seen her for a long time and was glad to have the opportunity to spend and hour or so with her on one of her recent trips. She opened the door and was instantly greeted with a very passionate kiss. Had heaps of fun getting reacquainted. We started off with Di on top, I was deep inside when she grabbed a very large purple vibrator and put it between her legs. This was an amazing sensation (from her reaction) for both of us. So glad to hear Di is planning regular trips to Melbourne, can’t wait to see what she has in store for our next appointment.
Reviewer : J 11-8-15 Visit: 12-8-2015 2hrs
I have seen Di for a number of years and have always had a fantastic time with her. She is extremely skilled and always provides a great venue to spend a couple of hours. The premium service is a an absolute must!
Reviewer : RedRide 21-7-15 Visit: Melb July 2015 for 2 hrs
Why would you want to meet Di?
Well if your preference is for a young size 6 you probably wouldn’t.
But if a more mature cuddly woman is what you want — what are you waiting for?I spent a delightful evening with Di in Melbourne recently and have to say she was just fabulous.
She is sexy and sexual and very very good at deploying all of her considerable talents to their best effect.
But more than that and provided you treat her with respect, she is a real fun person to be around.The only (mild) disagreement we had was trying to decide what was her best feature!
Despite my vote for other things, we eventually decided on her….SMILE…Yes reallyGo see for yourself…
Reviewer : Rory 14-7-15 Visit: Melb July 2015 2hrs
Met Di on her Melb tour after a hiatus of six years (previously saw her in Brisbane), from the first kiss in the elevator it felt like only a week. She looked amazing, was passionate, friendly, naughty, fun and just wonderful to be with. Will not wait six years till I experience that warmth and passion again.
Reviewer : Paulbury 16-7-15 Visit:Melb July 2015 for 2 hrs
Wow, what an amazing experience, from the second i walked in the door, I was taken in by Di’s alluring smile and eyes. I must say she is as beautiful as her pics if not more so.
She took the time to make me feel like there was a real connection between us and her skills were amazing.
I didnt feel like we were rushed at all and left feeling completely sated.
Can’t wait till Di visits Melbourne again.
Reviewer : Melbourne Boy 13-7-15 Visit:Melb July 2015 for 2hrs
What can I say!!!!
She’s the most welcoming & beautiful lady you will meet, Di treats you like a king from the first minute to the last.
She is a MUST for anyone who is looking for a good time, you will not regret it one bit!!!!
Reviewer : Fort Knox 27-6-15 Date of Visit: June 2015
From the moment the door opens Di’s lovely smile and laid back attitude takes you on THE JOURNEY YOU WANT. She has great eyes and a cheeky grin which heightens the experience.
Thanks Di
Reviewer : The Hawke 14/10/13 Date of Visit: Early Sep 2013

This review was copied from the AUXXXREVIEW website. I have edited it to comply with qld laws but the full review is available to read on the auxxx site.

Di – BBW Brisbane
The full review can be seen here

Date of Visit : Early September 2013

Age : Around 50 I think but looks 40
Size/shape : Curvy size 16
Nationality or Ethnicity : Australian
Services Provided : Full Service, offers Nuru as well.
Value for money/recommend? : Yes, take a look at her pics and if she is your cup of tea go for it.

My experience/comments :

Hi everyone, I apologise in advance, if you’ve been on the Brissie punting scene for any amount of time then you’d definitely already know about Di… [edited]

I hadn’t been with a pro [edited for future ref… I prefer WL] for a few years and decided to break the drought with Di.

I’m always really nervous with a girl I’ve never seen before and when Di answered the door I managed to stammer out a hello and introduced myself. Di was most welcoming and greeted me with a kiss, her breath was sweet and minty, she was dressed in lingerie with thigh high stockings, garters and high heels and I got a great view of her arse as she led me up the stairs to her bedroom.

We got the business things out of the way first and then came easily one of the top five punts I have had.

Definite GFE as we [edited… Read Kissed and got more acquainted]. Now normally by this stage any nerves I have are usually gone but for some reason my hands were still trembling so Di decided to take charge [edited] “Grab one of the pillows so you get a better view” she told me. [edited but has condom party trick] this was the best [edited word] I HAVE EVER HAD! Now this wasn’t one of those [edited word] hard and fast [edited word] most girls do just so you [edited], this was a slow, sensual classy [edited description] and all while staring into my eyes.

I couldn’t believe I was lasting so long but she knew instinctively when to ease up so I wouldn’t [edited] too soon. I couldn’t believe it but my nerves still hadn’t settled and Di joked around to try and calm me down, “It’s okay, we’ve seen each other naked, I’ve had [edited] “, I had to laugh at that. [edited] and at long last I calmed down. “If I knew all I had to do to stop you shaking was [edited] I would have ripped your clothes off and jumped on you the moment you walked through the door”, she teased while leaning down for some more [edited].

Now apart from being nervous the first time with a girl I’m also pretty submissive so I laid back and let Di [edited] longer than I normally do until [edited] I suggested [edited] “Sure”, she told me, “I like it when a man drives”. [edited] I ran my hands over her lovely round bum [edited]

Now I reckon I would have been right on my 30 mins but we laid back on the bed and chatted for about 10 mins before I had my shower and then probably another 5 mins talking after I got dressed so definitely no rushing you out the door. She gave me a kiss goodbye and off I skipped with a big smile on my face.

I haven’t been back to see her yet mainly because I’ve been slack and don’t want to drive over to the southside but next time I’m gonna book her for longer and maybe try her Nuru massage.

She’s been nominated for best sole operator of the year as well.

Good Punting to you all,
The Hawke

Reviewer : Jason 17/06/13 Date of Visit: Nov -2012

I saw you last November for 2 hours. My goodness it was unforgettable, the most amazing and caring experience – and great loving!

Best wishes and hugs, Jason

Reviewer : T 9/06/13 Date of Visit: 26/10/12

I have visited a couple of times & hope to again this week. Di is a Sexy, Beautiful, Curvaceous, Passionate Lover who makes you feel that her only desire is to please you!

You enter & find her scantily clad with a cheeky smile & are greeted with a tantalising kiss. She leads you to her room where Di keeps your smile, among other things, UP!

I highly recommend a visit to Di! As your time with Di draws to a close, you will start planning when you can once again enjoy Di’s company. My only problem is not getting back to Brisbane as often as I would like to be able to see more of Di.

Reviewer : Stu 13/01/13 Date of Visit: 3 years

A few words from someone who has enjoyed the pleasure of Di’s company for a little over three years now.

I still remember the first time I met Di. I was a little nervous at my first meeting with a Working Lady, but Di made me feel at ease from the first contact we had by phone so that the moment I walked through her door I felt relaxed and welcome.

Her lovely unit situated in a quiet upmarket suburb is easy to find and there is off street parking right outside her door. You realise as you step into her inviting abode that you have just walked into someone’s home. Di takes pride in the appearance of her surroundings and has created an atmosphere that is welcoming and stylish. She maintains the highest levels of cleanliness while still creating a space that fills you with a sense of fun, fantasy and excitement. The feeling you get watching her gorgeous curves sway as you follow her up the stairs to her bedroom never fails to fill me with wonder while also brushing aside the stresses of the everyday.

A nice refreshing shower in those immaculately presented surroundings sets the mood for what comes next. Di brings her special blend of seduction, fun and adventure to the time you spend together, and time in her arms is something that you will cherish for long after your playdate has come to an end. Di is the complete package: A professional Courtesan, an imaginative lover and one of the best people you will ever meet. The service she provides in my opinion is quite simply second to none.

After visiting her on a regular basis over the past three years I am still amazed by inventiveness and imagination. Every time I am met with a smile, a hug and that grin that lets you know your fantasies await! Combining her expertise with a wicked sense of humour and an extensive lingerie collection she makes each playdate seem even more exciting than the last, which will keep you coming back for more.

I would not hesitate to recommend Di to anyone. She will introduce those of you to your first Courtesan experience with a delicate and experienced touch. And to those already on a journey of pleasure, she will write your next chapter.


Reviewer : Dimple lover 22/02/12 Date of Visit:13-02-12

I have lost count of my visits to Di. Di is always top of my things to do list. She is still the best GFE babe you can find. She has the body and breast to die for, her kisses are intoxicating. mmmmmm and the love making is – can’t describe it. Di you are the best. Thank u darl. KW

Reviewer : Stef 23-11-11 Date of Visit:22-11-11

Di is a wonderful woman, she is an absolute gem with entertaining you in bed, on top of that she got insane kisses and cuddles, thank you Di, will definitely be back again soon.
Di is also very easy going and fun to have around. Keep up the good work!

thank you Di

Reviewer : LdyLvr 17-10-11 Date of Visit:10-10-11

Experience: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aka highly recommended

Overall: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aka highly recommended

Di is an absolute gem that I have had the incredible pleasure to visit a number of times with each visit being more memorable than the last.  A no rush experience that leaves you weak at the knees and not wanting to leave that incredible lady. Her efforts to please you are second to none and totally engulfs your sense of time and being. Would I venture back to this incredible ladies door???  Needless to say that I am already checking my calendar!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All i can add is Di is an incredible sexy woman and a pleasure to spend time with!!!!!!!!!


Reviewer : Brian 7-10-11 Date of Visit:07-10-11
Had a fabulous couple of hrs with Di. Am here from UK and I have to say she surpasses any other such experience I have had. Di is a lovely lady, the eyes are incredibly seductive. She really seems to enjoy what she is doing, either that or she is an Oscar winning actress! Di is very genuine, the only drawback being that time spent with her passes far too quickly. She makes you feel you have known each other for years and gives you a great GFE. I fully intend to see her again before I leave these shores.


thank you Di
Reviewer : Harry 4-10-11 Date of Visit: 04-10-11
Di is a wonderful, kind & lovable lady. I had a great time with her. I booked for two hours & decided to stay another two. I would call her place, a “Loveland”. She gave me so much love. She will make your dreams came true, what u have to do is just share. The round trip to see Di was 4.5 Hours and I am definitely gonna see Di again…
thank you Di
Reviewer : Steff 09-9-11 Date of Visit: 06-09-11
From the time you walk in, you are treated to a palace of warmth and passion. A great woman and a fantastic lover. See you again soon.
Reviewer : Ron 02-9-11 Date of Visit: 31-08-11
Hello Di
Just a quick note to say thank you for our time on Wednesday. I wasn’t sure what to expect (apart from the obvious…lol), however your humour and especially your warmth surpassed any and all expectations. You have one very happy and, I hope, repeat customer.
Once again, many thanks.
Reviewer : Tom 22-7-11 Date of Visit: 21-07-11
From the moment Di opened the door and welcomed me to the moment I had to say my goodbye I was in pure heaven. It was the most pleasurable and enjoyable 2 hours a guy could have. I left the room completely drained, completely satisfied and yet I wanted more & more ( if only I had more time on my hands ). Di is all class, if you are yet to experience her I highly recommend that you do.
Reviewer : Mike 14-7-11 Date of Visit: 13-07-11
Only one word is needed to describe this wonderful lady.
Can’t wait til next time 🙂
Reviewer : John 21-6-11 Date of Visit: 21-06-11
Wow, from the very first moment the door opened and I laid eyes on Di, I knew she was everything I was hoping for and more. That cheeky smile, welcoming kiss and when she turned around and lead me up the stairs, oh La La…
Di was like a long lost girlfriend and made me feel like a king, she was the true girlfriend and lover experience, I cannot recommend her enough.
Gentlemen, if you love Big Beautiful Women, Di is the girl for you, I have never met a more amazing woman that made me feel so at ease. A gentle but powerful and skilled lover who just knows how to make me feel so wonderful.
Thank you so much Di, I will be seeing you again.
Reviewer : Mikal 03-06-11 Date of Visit: 12-04-11
I have had the pleasure of seeing Di three times now and it will not be my last (a shame i do not live in Brisbane or where she visits.) I would recommend Di to anyone who has not experienced this wonderful woman. Di will make you feel like you are with your lover, spending a wonderful time both in conversation and/or having wild sex.
I am after the experience of the journey not just the destination.
My time with Di is a wonderful journey but I know that if your needs are different to mine then Di will see to them just as well.
Reviewer : Stu 15-04-11 Date of Visit: 14-04-11
“When I arrived I had a pain in my head
But that all disappeared once we got into bed.
Time spent with you is always exciting
When you hold me down and you start biting.
Our playdates are really incredible fun
You drive me wild and you make me cum.
I can now enjoy a relaxing day
Because of this smile and Thanks to You Babe!”
Reviewer : Ram 07-04-11 Date of Visit: 04-04-11
Had a 6 hr visit wth Di in Melb. WOW… Di is unforgetable. The visit was really awesome I think I love u Di
Reviewer : David 20-11-10 Date of Visit: 17-11-10
I went to Di’s beautifully presented town house.Di is friendly, conversational and intelligent to talk to. In the bedroom she is talented with lips and fingers.The sex was by far the best I’ve experienced all year. I had a memorable evening.Thanks Di for a wonderful time.
Reviewer : Slave_Boy 26-10-10 Date of Visit: 22-10-10
Hey Babe,Thanks again for another wonderful evening. I really love the way you make me feel. I woke up this morning and the world just seems like a better place. Have a great weekend. XXX Slave_Boy.
Reviewer : Chris 25-10-10 Date of Visit: 20-10-10
What can I say. What words do you use to describe a truly memorable experience. Unbelievable, fantastic, extraordinary.
This lady is so special. Asked for an hour. Spent two hours. No pressure. Took some wine and we sat and talked for the first 40 minutes. Then adjourned upstairs for a truly memorable time with an extremely sexy, intelligent sophisticated, beautiful lady. There was no pressure to “checking on the time” and pressure to finish and leave. This woman has skills that most only dream about and the touch of an angel. I am now a “Di” follower and will attempt to visit this fantastic lady whenever I have the opportunity.
Reviewer : Max 02-09-10 Date of Visit: 01-09-10
I saw Di when she was on tour and I was on a business trip to Sydney. We met me in the morning at her hotel. She looked very corporate in her outfit, we seemed like two people meeting for business, until we got back to her room, when the fun began. The first time I saw Di was in April and she remembered all the things that I enjoy. Afterwards we had a late breakfast and nice chat. Di is the complete package, great fun, good company and fantastic in bed.
Reviewer : Mike 19-08-10 Date of Visit: 2009 -2010
Di, I really don’t know what to say about you anymore. The more I see you the more I want you. I, like lots of others seem to just adore being with you, enjoying your sexy body, your kisses, caresses, tzatziki (Di: inside joke), and all the other great feelings you share with your lovers, that I feel I am fortunate to be amongst. the first time I saw you almost a year ago, was like tasting a forbidden fruit, and every time thereafter I just wanted more and more of you. I find myself repeating what the other people say about you, but hey, you are the best in my book. I will be back in town towards month end so hope to catch you then. e mail me if you are available.
lots of kisses
Reviewer : DimpleLover 18-08-10 Date of Visit:August 2010
I really don’t know where to start. When you have such a gorgeous babe you can’t find the words to describe her. I am from outside of Australia but make regular visits to Brisbane. I have lost count of my visits to Di, but every new visit is getting more and more sweeter. Darl, you are the best! You can never tell how sweet an orange is without tasting it! For me, Di is a special girl friend who takes care of me during my Brisbane visits. I will always find an hour or two to come and visit. Di loves to have a giggle, gives the best oral, has the deadliest tongue and I love it. Di has a gorgeous body and skin, nice voluptuous pair, and her love making is ……… I can’t find the words. She gives me the best GFE of my life. I love to watch her come while sucking her ****y. Di is simply my girlfriend away from home.
Di, you have the most sexiest smile. It is also hard for me to leave you after each visit. I will have to stop here, it is killing me talking about all this. Lastly I love the deep dimple on your chin. I think that is so sexy. Tks Di for all the fun loving time we share and there will be more to come. Take care. DL.
Reviewer : D 04-08-10 Date of Visit:2009
Well Di, I can only give you my perception from the couple of times we’ve been together.
Physically, you’re a voluptuous gorgeous woman, you’re proud of yourself, confident, you do have lovely skin, a yummy tumm, fantastic breasts…I remember clearly watching a reflection of you from the back as you brought me to attention, hehe, your curves from that angle are just amazing…
As a person, other than making me feel relaxed (you were my first professional visit), we had great fun, well paced, you were willing to give and recieve pleasure which is not as naturally common as you know… Most are either givers or takers… And we had a fantastic chat after fun, I shared some stuff, and you shared some stuff, it was very enjoyable…if it wasn’t that awkward a request I’d love to have you as a friend to shoot the breeze over coffee every now and then… I can say, I rather see you breifly that any other lady in the business…not that I have, lol you’re still my one and only.
Reviewer : Rocky 17-05-10 Date of Visit:26-07-2010
What can I say! I contacted Di when I found out she was touring to Rockhampton, and I was surprised at how fun and friendly she was on the phone. I looked forward to seeing her and hoped she would be everything I thought she was.
Well I have just left Di and she was well worth the wait! She was even better in the flesh than the photos I had seen on her website. I was surprised when I met her that everything she had told me and everything I had read was true. She was pretty and definitely did not look her age. Di is lovely, honest, entertaining, sexy and worth every cent.
This Lady is amazing, I have just had my first French kiss in quite a few years, and it was far better than I remembered. I can’t wait for her return.
Ps Hurry back and kiss me again Di…
Reviewer : LdyLvr 17-05-10 Date of Visit:04-2010
Had the opportunity to revisit this Top Shelf lady known as Di. Met at the door by a stunning vision of a lady and left 2 hours later saying goodbye to a still stunning vision of a lady!!!
The time in between was a blur of fantastic memories and body draining times!!!!
I have visited with this lovely lady a couple of times and each visit has always been a top class, memory making moment and I will return!!!.
Di provides a service that shows that she enjoys her ability to have her visitors relax with her so as for all to enjoy the time spent with her. Oh and by the way I don\’t recall seeing a clock in the place !!!!!!!
Reviewer : Darren 28-06-10 Date of Visit:28-06-2010
Di is so sexy, so talented, and so incredible. Di made me feel so good that I could not wait to write this review. I saw Di this evening, being my first encounter with Di I was blown away.
As soon as I entered the front door, I was greeted by gorgeous woman in high heels, lingerie, a lovely smile and a long passionate kiss. (Di is one hell of a passionate kisser) The following hour and a half was so amazingly fun and so pleasurable. Although I did not want to go, I departed with passionate good bye kiss. Di has the ability to make you like you are the only man on the planet and gives you the attention that you want.
Thank you again Di, I have not felt so special in such a while. Words cannot convey how much I enjoyed my time with you. I WILL BE BACK TO SEE YOU AGAIN REAL SOON”
Darren xxx
Reviewer : Harley 17-05-10 Date of Visit:16-05-2010
Well, where do I start, I am an American (don’t hold that against me) and you guys here in Australia are soooooo lucky to have a lady like Di to take care of you.
I was working in the area for about 5 weeks, was coming up on the end of the project and had a couple of days R&R before heading back. I came across Di and set up an appointment. After being with her I needed another couple of days R&R before doing anything else. Anyway, her pictures do NOT do her justice, when she opened the door I saw a lovely women with a great smile and that said to me welcome and I’m yours.
She is hands down the most passionate (Kisser), sensual and affectionate lady I have ever had the pleasure of being with. I wanted to go back the next day but, I was still spent and needed more rest. Guys do not hesitate, don’t walk… run to her, she is down right awesome and I am sure you will enjoy. I have never been with a women like her and if I ever come back this way anywhere close I will detour to make a stop to see her.
All the best Di and enjoy that American made motorcycle.
Reviewer : Mike 30-04-10 Date of Visit: 31-04-2010
I am hooked to Di. I started seeing her last year and since then every visit has become more sensual, more playful, and more steamy then the last one. she is just a wonderful woman, lover, mistress, and friend. although with all the comments she is getting harder to book, i still maintain she is one of the best in the business. look forward to saturday!!!
Reviewer : P 27-04-10 Date of Visit: 21-04-2010
Wow- Di is incredible. I’ve always been a bit sceptical about the “GfE”, but Di is definitely that in spades. She’s sexy, engaging, attentive, fun and very, very talented. What a great night.
Reviewer : Max 19-04-10 Date of Visit: 16-04-2010
I arranged to meet Di in the bar at my hotel in Brisbane. I was nervous, but we had a drink and she made me feel relaxed. When got up to my hotel room Di gave me the best oral of my life! That was just the start of the action. Di is good company and has a great sense of fun. I’ll be coming again.
Reviewer : Sam April-10 Date of Visit: April -2010
Spent a night with Di. No one needs to know any more than that, other than i will be looking for any half oppertunity to do so again. thank you Di and i look forward to seeing you soon..
Reviewer : Michael 21-3-10 Date of Visit: 16-3-2010
DI has the astonishing ability to make you feel relaxed from the instant you meet her. The time I spent with Di was very satisfying both mentally as well as physically. Di is a very generous and beautiful women who I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to have a whole mind and body experience.
Reviewer : Adrian 6-3-10 Date of Visit: 6-3-2010
Where do I start my time with di was extraordinary, from the time I spoke to her on the phone she was very addictive. I knocked on her door and she greated me in sexy lingere with one of the most pasionate tongue kisses I’ve ever had, we kissed and played for a while before going up to her bedroom, we started kissing and playing for a while she is such an awesome kisser, she went down on me and blew my mind with her excellent technique, we then made love for 3 hours straight, she was never rushed and I was always the center of attention, and she never rushed, when we finished we had a shower together. My time with Di was awesome I will never forget it and will definitely see her again, Thanks for a great time Di.
Reviewer : itsme 27-02-10 Date of Visit: 26-02-10
Hi guys. Long time since I’ve been here, but since I saw the lovely Di yesterday, I decided it was time I made a return. Arranged the meeting over the phone midweek for Friday night. When I walked inside, she had her tongue down my throat quicker than I could say,”Hi, how are you”. I didn’t mind that at all. Upstairs for a quick shower and the main performance. Finishing with a nice chat and a shower for 2. Di is extremely friendly and easy going. Somewhat similar to Tiffany, who I found out yesterday has left the industry. As I was leaving I looked at the time and realised I had gone over time, but she made no mention of it and at no time seemed to be rushing to get things finished. Di, I really enjoyed my time with you. You will easily fill the gap in the industry that Tiffany left.
Reviewer : Al 25-02-10 Date of Visit: 29-12-09
DI thank you for the best 90minsof my life you are themost beautiful lady,both inside and out,see you soon.
Reviewer : Stuart 11-02-10 Date of Visit: 30-01-10
There is a rare Light inside this Beautiful woman that you will be glad you experienced at least once in your life.
Reviewer : Mike 23 Dec 09 Date of Visit: 12-12-09
Di is an incredible, and exquisite lady to be with, starting from the welcome kiss, to the final incredible feeling of relaxation, she is an incredible companion in every way. she will leave you breathless, with a big smile on your face, and the need to come back or stay.
thanks Di for taking me to heaven last night
Reviewer : J&M 09/12/09 Date of Visit: 01-12-09
Dear Di
We wanted to thank you for a lovely evening last Tuesday, 1/12/09. From the moment we walked in the door to your goodbye kiss it was an amazing experience. As a first time married couple you put us at ease very quickly and made us feel like we had known each other for years. The memories you have given us are something that will last for quite some time and we would highly recommend you to any couple seeking some fun.
If we are ever in Brisbane again we will be sure to catch up and if you ever visit Adelaide please give us a call as we would love to share another evening with you.
If you don’t have our details please let us know so that we can forward them and you can put us in your travel diary.
Hope to catch up in the near future.
All the best J & M.
Reviewer : Sam Dec-09 Date of Visit: Dec-09
Di is Brisbane’s best kept secret. She is a wonderful lady. Finding her profile and reading it left me really wanting to meet Di. From when she met me at her door and after spending the afternoon with her, she was all and more that I had expected.
Di is a beautifull mature lady who knows how to make you feel like you are the only man in the world, she holds herself well in conversation, makes you feel special and has the looks of someone 10 years younger that what she really is. Di made me feel special from the first moment right until I had to reluctantly leave, the only thing that made me go was a meeting. I should not be writing all this and keep Di a secret.
Thank you Di for your time and I know we will meet again, you are one special lady and i wish you all the happiness and joy that you passed onto me today.
Reviewer : Bruce 23-11-09
I regularly catch up with Di, she is a very lovely lady. Your time with Di is anything you want it to be, an unrushed sensual interlude, a fast and furious rush of passion and lust or whatever floats your boat. Di is easy to engage with in conversation and takes a true interest in your happiness while together . Di engages enthusiastically in the adventures of meeting your needs.
Without going into details, my experiences have always been exceptionally physically rewarding an immensely pleasurable. I love the surprises and that connection she makes with me, is as if there is not another man on the planet. Thanks Di, you add spice to my life.
Reviewer : Eric 23 Nov 09 Date of Visit: 16-11-09
Have been a long term visiter of the ultimate girlfriend Ms Di.
My preference always a 2 hr journey through the Di Experience. One to be savoured taken time over and repeated as many times as one can handle.
For the lovers of the dearly retired Hot Carly (CJ) days this is it revisited.
A sumptuous lady in her prime, confident, and connected with your needs and her own lol. Each visit is different.
IMHO a better value for service you wont find anywhere else.
Reviewer : LdyLvr 23/11/09 Date of Visit: 04-07-09
Wow, what can I say about Di??? SHE IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!
From initial contact she was a delight and once we met in person mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Her location is easy to find, has secure parking and is an absolute excellant venue.
Di was exactly as described and more. Her interaction with her client is perfect and left me wanting more!!!!!
I would recommend her services to anyone.
Reviewer : John 09-10-09 Date of Visit: 14-10-09
Met with Di for a couple of hours recently. She is gorgeous – personable and attentive. We chatted and played – she came, I came. Lovely – hmm! John
Reviewer : CaptainJ 02-11-09 Date of Visit: 14-10-09
I have had the pleasure of visiting Di on a fairly regular basis over the past twelve months. Apart from those visits I also enjoyed an evening with her of wining, dining and lots more!
In my opinion Di is a very special lady. From the moment she meets and greets you at the door until you leave, her desire is to give you 100% where you are the centre of her attention. If you are looking for a more mature experienced lady who is very skilled in what she can do – look no further. If you like playing with a fun lady and are prepared to visit her, after she greets you at the door and you follow her up those stairs there is no turning back! Her profile is accurate and she really does enjoy making you feel Number One. One in a hundred! Accept no substitutes.
Reviewer : S 21 Oct 09
Hi Di, I just want to tell you that I had a very good time with you yesterday and looking forward to see you again. Allow me to say it one more time thank you for letting me felt like a man again.  Love  S
Reviewer : J 10 Oct 09
Hi Di, Just a quick email to say thanks again for our time together last week.  You are an amazing woman, with an exceptional talent!!  I will be in touch again soon to arrange a repeat performance! J.
Reviewer : Demetri 01 Sep 09
A Forum Comment: I have to agree with the other posters. I would just add that if the lady is doing her job properly then she should make absolutely sure to put you at ease by greeting you with a friendly smile, a hug and a kiss, offering you a drink and engaging you in friendly conversation. To me this is really the most important part of the service as it sets the tone for what is to follow – as they say first impressions are all important.
When ladies have managed to set the scene like this I have always had a good time. Mind you this is something that the ladies must make up their mind to want to practise and there are not many ladies that this comes naturally to. Di from Sinnamon park is very good at it and her service is all the better for it.
Reviewer : Busty Bella 21 Aug 09
Overall: One hot, sassy lady!!!
Face: Beautiful
Performance: Hot! Hot! Hot!
Body: Goddess
Attitude: Forgot it was a service!
On Time: Not applicable
Clock Watching: Time slipped away!
Value for Money: Exceptional value
Meeting Place: Hotel
Length of Time: 1.5 hours
Would you see Di again? Yes
Comments by BustyBella
I was booked for a an encounter with a gentleman and his ‘girlfriend’. turns out this girlfriend is actually Di!! so, you have two escorts and one very, very, very happy man!! lol. Di was absolutely wonderful. soft sensual kisses…lots of oral…lips, fingers, tongue…omg…i had a blast. Di brought out a couple of her toys and used them on myself, the client and herself too. watching her get herself off was awesome!
she is one classy lady and i would not hesitate in working with her again. in fact, i might just head over to brisbane for my own personal indulgence. thanks Di! xx Bella
Reviewer : Busty  Bella 22 Aug 09
forum comment
I don’t think this constitutes a proper review …hence the reason for posting under general discussion.
I was booked by a client who wanted to share me with his ‘girlfriend’. Omg!! Yay!! Girly play!!
Upon arriving at the hotel room I sensed that this ‘girlfriend’ wasn’t what she seemed to be. Once we introduced ourselves I was proved correct. The ‘girlfriend’ was actually Di from Brisbane. Not that I wasn’t nervous to begin with!! Lol
I won’t ramble on….as an hour and a half of explicit detail would kind of drag Our encounter consisted of lots of kissing, breast fondling/licking/sucking, mutual oral (all round), dildos and electric toothbrushes…hehe, doggie, cowgirl, AAARRRGHHHH!!! There was so much to do and so little time!! Sensory overload!! Cock, balls, pussy, lips, tongues, fingers, toys, breasts…..heaven..just heaven!
Yes..there was a male client with us and we did our best to keep him involved. Although both he and I did enjoy just being voyeurs when we weren’t the ‘piggy in the middle’. Something about watching ppl having sex right in front of you is such a turn on.!!! Being able to touch and kiss and stroke while they’re going hard at it is just the absolute BEST!!!
Di is a bubbly lady with a wicked laugh. You can tell she very much enjoys her work by her enthusiasm. She is 5’3” with shoulder length blondish hair. She describes herself as a BBW on one of her sites (that I looked up when I got home, lol) although I would say she is a healthy size 14. she looked great to me…her little tummy a real turn on. Can’t tell you what color eyes she has as I was kind of busy between her legs most of the time! Hehe.
Was a great afternoon and very difficult to actually leave! Lol.
Can’t wait to cross paths with her again.
Reviewer : ???? 07 Aug 09 Date of Visit: 13-07-09
Hi Di, Thanks for a really wonderful time on 13 July, you were truly delightful and provided such a rich and full experience that you have left a lasting impression and memory.  You provide the rich texture of pleasure, tenderness, compassion and such a delightfully sexy body (if not a bit on the thin side), to torment the dreams of mere mortals.Now I did promise that I would write a comment on you ad on the cracker website, but I have check a couple of times in the last weeks and I haven’t been able to find it. Did you decide not to keep using cracker?  Would you like me to ‘recommend’ you on another site.  Just let me know, it would be my honour if that would be of help.
If you decide to come to my home town, do let me know!  Kisses,
Reviewer : funkdiddler 29/07/2009
Outstanding lady, gorgeous, funny, talented, knows what she is doing very well, aims to please. And those curves, oh my, yum yum! Will be back for more.
Reviewer : tropicalheat 28-07-09
I agree about Di, she is a bigger lady but the service is fantastic, you just feel that she wants to shag you from the moment you walk in the door. She never loses eye contact while giving a fantastic BJ. Highly recommended and very reasonably priced as well. She operates from Sinnamon Park, only about 3 minutes from the Centenary Highway at Jindalee.
Reviewer : just_lookin 28/07/09
Yep, would have to agree, great shag.
Reviewer : PE Teacher 28-Jul-09
Went to see Di yesterday and she is now the number 1 in my books. Her attention, skill and service made the experience greater than any GF one imaginable. Do yourselves a favour and visit!
Reviewer : Grandad 23-Jul-09
I have had many wonderful visits with Di and everyone has been something different.I am looking forward to many more.
Reviewer : CaptainJ 17-05-09
This is the real Dinky Di – see Di for Quality, Price and Service – accept no substitutes!
Reviewer : boofhead666 06-05-09
I must say definitely say that Di offers an exceptional and incredible experience the ad does not do her justice
Reviewer : dmac65 6/05/09
beautiful lady, thanks