January 2021

May 21st, 2021 by DiQld

Wow What a year 2020 was!

I didn’t expect it but I think I needed it…

Covid is/was an interesting twist in our lives and to live through history in the making was interesting and understated.  I have always wondered how those who live through ‘historic moments in human timelines coped.

Now I know… they take it in their stride and do the best they can with the cards dealt.

I stopped work in March 2020 and developed an interest in gardening and like the rest of Australia sat tight and hoped COVID would pass soon.  It wasn’t to be and I really had a long hard look at what my future would involve.

Fast forward to today and I am happy to say I am returning to my first love… spending time with gentlemen that enjoy spending time with me.

I am looking forward to meeting some new people and catching up with some people I have missed seeing…

Kisses Di

January 2020

January 12th, 2021 by DiQld


The outbreak of the Coronavirus in China has prompted me to remind people wanting to book an appointment, Please don’t see a sex worker if you are not feeling 100%. Unlike many we don’t have sick pay…. if we are ill we can’t work and if we can’t work we don’t earn money.

I have posted a new blog in the news section of my website if you would like to read it click here

I have decided to stay on ONLYFANS.COM!

Are you unable to come and see me as often as you would like to? Or if you would like to see more of me, for the price of 2 coffees you can look at exclusive photos and Videos by subscribing to www.onlyfans.com/ntydiqld


Kisses Di xx

March 2020

January 12th, 2021 by DiQld


What a difference a month makes! We are (or should be) in total lockdown, except for frontline people and the kids in school – the logic of which baffles me.  I want to wish all the people I have seen all the best and to thank you all for your support and fun over the last 13 years and I hope we all come through this unexpected and unknown crisis.

What does this mean for OUR PLAYTIME? I am taking this week by week and as BROTHELS were closed yesterday (23-3-19) at midday I have decided that it is NO LONGER SAFE to rub wee-wees with anyone and so for the FORESEEABLE FUTURE I AM NO LONGER TAKING ANY BOOKINGS.  I may resume after this nightmare is over, but most likely I will not take on any new clients.  I didn’t plan on ever stopping from this work as I love my life, but it would appear other forces have different ideas.

The safest sex at the moment is self sex. Therefore, I will be practising to make sure I am a great self lover! if you would like to see some of my practise sessions, you can check on my progress by subscribing to www.onlyfans.com/ntydiqld

Stay safe and stay home, and don’t forget to wash your hands and phones and computers and hopefully we can catch up later this year.

Di  xx

What is my hope for this new decade?

February 2nd, 2020 by DiQld

A sex worker in need…

We all like to take a holiday some of us yearly, so of us need one more often and some just make sure their lives are not that stressful so everyday feels like a holiday. Whilst I like to make sure I definitely in the last group it would be nice to travel again. I really haven’t had (work phone off) a holiday since 2005 and although I have a fair amount of spare time on my hands now, I am thinking I really need a few weeks to turn the phones off and go be a person with only one phone. I wish to resume taking yearly holidays and I was thinking I would go and see the terracotta warriors in situ in 2020 but I really don’t think it is a good time to be visiting China with the Coronavirus starting to look more serious. So it now looks like new Zealand might be the go. lol  I have always wanted to drive around New Zealand as I loved it when I visited  Christchurch in the naughties.

Onlyfans will continue to grow and I will be posting more content on a regular basis. some naughty, some sexy, some daily stuff, I really need to find a ‘stunt man’ to help me out… lol

I will still continue to work and I do want to concentrate on NURU a little more, as I just love indulging is this pleasure giving service. to that end I have set up a location entry and am starting to see it gaining some interest… I want to not only please men but I think it would be the ultimate indulgence for ladies as well. Women can take a while to warm up and I think having a full body experience and combined with nuru and sexual satisfaction would be just the ultimate way to relax. I am still using the original Nurex NURU gel and although I have tried other brands on friends nothing really compares to the original product in taste, smell or texture.  People ask me what a NURU session is like, I can only speak as a giver… my response? it NURU is nothing like you have experienced before. I have had many massages before using dry techniques and oils and the Seaweed based gothing like either of them. Delivered the way I have chosen to do it – warm and wet! A session with me will leave you with sensations you can not imagine, but will enjoy for days after.

anyway that is more than enough from me…

kisses Di

This new Decade! the 20’s

January 30th, 2020 by DiQld

January 2020

I hope this finds you all well and looking forward to this new decade. Personally I had a 3 day christmas filled with family and friends. New Years Eve was pretty good too. I danced around my unit to Rage (ABC) and it was like I lost the last decade totally. the 10’s were an interesting decade to say the least. My income continued to fall and is now a third of what it was when I started and although i am not happy about that, I refuse to see the ever growing number of clients that have little to no respect for sex workers and females in general. My screening is the same as it has always been and everyone that calls is treated as a lover until they say something that triggers my spidey senses and then I decline. I have decided that I am pretty much in semi retirement as I am seeing only a few clients a week now that I am only advertising on Escorts and Babes. I may increase my advertising to include a few other sites but it won’t be on a regular basis.

The sex work industry is in a state of flux at the moment with lots of new ladies have entered the fray, chasing the money to support their families or saving for whatever they want or simply changing their attitude and lifestyle to want more spare time and/or a higher income. The loss of Backpage and Cracker due to law changes in the USA also meant that a lot more sex workers appeared on the regular directory sites and some sites saw an opportunity to make money and have chosen to sell or increase the number of workers on their sites. amazingly I haven’t heard of any advertising increases except for paper based advertising. Hats off to the workers that use that medium because it is expensive.

In August 2019 I was pretty happy with my onlyfans membership, it was paying for my advertising and I was also about to replace my lovenest mattress. Then I went and did a stupid thing and put up a clip I made of a few photo’s and at the end was my name and number.  I was really pleased with the clip and was only showing it to my guys as a bragging (look what I did) moment, the result?  I had my onlyfans account closed and lost any money that was in that account. I contacted onlyfans and they said any money would be returned to the subscribers ( I don’t think it was) and that prostitution was not allowed on onlyfans. They have this in their T&Cs so I don’t blame them. I spent the next week or so reading all the T&Cs of the various subscription sites and decided I would give onlyfans another go and also JustforFans a go. Just for fans has a store where members can go to purchase any clips they might like as well as being able to sell lingerie and the like. The learning curve wasn’t too bad, but I still didn’t get enough traction on there to make it worthwhile, so I have decided that  onlyfans suits our needs. The posting of that clip and the closure of the account has meant that I had to open a new account with just a number as my username so you can now find me at onlyfans.com/u11223816  I am currently in the top 27% of creators on the site with 151 posts, 510 photos most of which have never been seen anywhere, 21 videos that are available for the subscription price of $10 and 400 likes across all that media…  do yourself a favour if you really want to see more of me…


Di xxx



August 1st, 2019 by DiQld

August 2019

I have been thinking lately that I would like to go out more and so I have re-worked my pricing structure on dates. from now I will charge you only $100 for our total time out and then my normal fees for the time we spend together in private. That means you could have a fabulous dinner date and 60 mins of time together in private for the low price of $450.  I reckon that is very reasonable.  I am not going to care how long we are out in public together but if you wanted to snuggle then I will be asking for a little more. This could be the perfect structure if you wanted to go for a picnic or extended date. My usual dates are about 4-5 hours.  I do love a long lunch and an even longer dinner or drinks night.


August 1st, 2019 by DiQld

Well I really fucked up!

30th July 2019 I wanted the opinion of my subscribers on onlyfans regarding a promo video I made with my last photoshoot. I forgot that I had my phone number and a ‘call me’ message on the last picture of it and Only fans saw it and deleted my account.  I wrote to them to explain that it was not asking for clients but just an opinion, but they said the decision was final and goodbye.

I am pissed at myself for being so stupid but rules is rules I guess so I have to cop it on the chin. Unfortunately, I have lost some $$$ (that is a kick in the guts) but I will live. but I am really pissed that my subscribers are also out of pocket too. I believe in getting what you pay for and so I have spent the last 2 days reading Terms of service agreements from the other sites that I can join to offer subscription and content.  I have got it down to 2 offerings and I might run both. as I think they will be different markets anyway. For those Onlyfan subscribers (yes I keep records) that follow me to where I end up I will be giving you a month free to make up for lost money.


2017… the year it was!

December 29th, 2017 by DiQld

Well what a bumpy ride 2017 was. Lots of ups and a steady down… I have seen my income halve again… obviously I have either made love to everyone in Brisbane or the influx of ladies into the industry and the further economic decline around the country has left my people without discretionary income to spend on a basic human need… the feelings of release and calmness we achieve after SEX.
This year saw me do some pretty amazing things… I am very grateful to a handful of amazing men I am lucky enough to call both clients and friends. I appreciate them more than then will ever know and I truly couldn’t have (emotionally and/or financially) gotten through this year with out them. They fed me… Urbane, Spice, Blackbird, Byblos, Ribs and Rump, Mecca bah, Ginga, The Osbourne, The Wickham, Harvey’s, Chow house, Happy boys, Alfred and Constance, the Cru Bar, Grill’d, and many more I cant remember both in Brisbane and away. taken me to lots of concerts… Paul McCartney, Cat Stevens, Lorde, Live, The Doobie Brothers, killing Heidi, Adele, GreenDay and taken me away to Auckland, Mooloolabah, Gold Coast, Sydney. I have added to my Teddy bear collection too… Biscuit from Peru, kiwi from New Zealand. I adopted a little girl this year too and her name is Cookie. She is turning into a lovely dog and has been entertaining, a worry and a joy over the last 10 months and I look forward to many years with her. We are at a point where we are finally starting to understand each other and what we need, although she likes to sleep in till around 11am and stay up no later than 10pm and I like to get up about 6am and stay up till around 12am. but I am sure they will sync up one day.
My friends have kept me sane by being there when they were needed and leaving me alone to enjoy my ‘caving time’ when I needed it. We have shared talks, wine, food, stresses and joys, and I am blessed to have these ladies in my life.

Economically, things have been tough and I don’t see that changing until the 2nd quarter of 2018. I would just once like to be proven wrong but I have been predicting this industries ups and down since 2008 and I am yet to be wrong 🙁 so whats happened to the profitable industry this was?

My July2015 Melbourne tour

July 23rd, 2015 by DiQld

Well what can I say… I bloody love visiting Melbourne. Some of you may know I spent my first 17 years there and then spent a couple more in my late teens/early 20’s.

This trip was especially important because I haven’t toured since 2012 because I didn’t think it fair to the Melbourne ladies to stretch the already scarce (GFC caused) client dollars any further. But a trip to Melbourne always renews my spirit and there are now a lot of Melbourne Ladies that are touring north. I could no longer handle the nagging from my Melbourne clients and I just missed Melbourne men to much… I had to go!

My first trip to Melbourne as a working lady was with a gorgeous lady by the name of Robyn Leslie in 2008, She taught me a lot about touring to Melbourne and so my July trip I was able to pass it on and introduce Melbourne to the sexy Nikki Lee (aka ntynikki or Nikki Cox) Unfortunately we were kept pretty busy so I didn’t have a chance to show her around, hopefully she will head back and check out all that Melbourne has to offer (outside the bedroom too).

My tour went very well and I will be returning very very soon so keep your eyes open and watch for my tour dates. I have decided that I will return to my original idea of touring which is no more that 4 clients in a 24 hour period so if you are thinking of seeing me and dont book early then you may just miss out. I like to have everything planned before I leave Brisbane and so I ask for deposits to secure the appointments. I realise that many people are nervous about paying for something from someone they dont know, but I have been in this industry a very long time and I am not one to risk my reputation for the sake of a few dollars.

Well all in all I had a great tour and I did get out to south Melbourne Markets but I was disappointed that I didn’t get some hot jam doughnuts but I got the Flake and the pizza so I am will just have to go back.

kisses Di

My move to the Valley

April 22nd, 2015 by DiQld

Well I have now been in the valley for 4 months, and I have to say whilst I enjoyed living at Sinnamon Park for 8 years I LOVE living in the Valley. I am meeting some new interesting people and I love that most of my regular clients are happy to come see me in my flash NEW digs.

The only thing I miss is the having an ensuite bathroom but this is more than offset by the fact that I could have a party in my new shower… perfect for water play 😉 lol

If you have been delaying coming to see me because I was too far southwest. I suggest you visit now that I am on the Northside of town.

Dinner bookings are awesome now because I have more than 50 places to choose from within walking distance…

I love my life.

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