Frequently Asked Questions

Do you enjoy what you do?

What is not to like? I get the very best of you and then send you home when we are done! Everyone that leaves my home is happy, relaxed and stress free… My job satisfaction is the highest of anyone I know. I adore intimacy and I treat every encounter as a date. I am a terrible liar and a worse actor, so you will soon know if I am not enjoying your company. I truly have the very best job!

Are you available now?

Unlikely! I have other demands on my time and therefore I need at least 24hrs notice to organise a booking with you. The only day I am home and ‘sitting around in lingerie’ waiting for your call is if I have had a cancellation and that is very rare.

Have you been doing this long?,

Yes! I started this adventure in May 2007 and I am often surprised how much I still enjoy what I do.

Why don’t you answer private calls?

For my safety reasons.

Don’t worry, you arent wealthy enough for me to stalk you and I know the money stops and my lifestyle will change if you get caught or I want you in my life forever! So thats not going to happen. lol

Will you use my number to contact me?

Not without your express permission. For example, if you would like details of upcoming tours or specials then you can let me know and I will contact you discreetly during business hours only.  If you want to know the exact wording of the messages that I send, please ask me. I don’t use your name or mine!

What can I expect from our time together?

I like to believe that a stranger is a friend I am yet to meet! Therefore we are simply lovers yet to play. I want you to feel comfortable whilst you are with me therefore, I will do my best to make our encounter as relaxed as it would be when you catch up with someone that you have known for sometime.
I want to:
make you feel fantastic,
help you realise your fantasies,
reignite the passion you have inside you,
feel that our time together flows naturally,
give you a memory to enjoy long after our date.

I am new to escorts, what will our date be like?

Our first time together like a reunion between lovers, my desire is to get to know you. I will always take my time with you, so don’t be afraid to anticipate and feel nervous – just like a first date! Remember, I am friendly, discreet and enthusiastic. I want to provide you with an exciting and memorable experience.

Are you particular on age/looks/nationality?

As long as you are clean and respectful you will be welcomed, respected, not judged and we will have a mutually pleasurable encounter.

I am a larger/heavier man is that a problem?

No, that is not a problem,  I am a little on the heavier side too. Please let me know at the time of booking if you are larger.  All I ask is that you please clean and dry thoroughly between any skin folds…

Do you get STI/HIV tested?

Yes. I follow or exceed Qld health requirements for sex workers to get tested, Whilst, I take all steps to minimise ANY health risks not only for you, but also me. I don’t want to ‘catch’ anything either! It is ‘BEST PRACTICE’  to change all linens and to disinfect surfaces between clients.

What about Covid – are you safe?

I have a COVID safe plan in place to reduce cross contamination, but it is really just normal practice for me as it is much the same as being STI safe, fresh linen, disinfectants, air movement, etc. I take all steps to minimise ANY health risks, COVID is just an added one I am up to date with all my vaccinations too.

Do you see couples?

Yes. I enjoy the opportunity to play with both sexes. I will need to speak to both of you, to ensure that we have a mutually pleasurable experience.

Would you see a couple of mates?

Yes!  There is nothing quite like being the centre of attention…

Can you organise another girl to join us?

Not in Queensland. It is illegal for 2 escorts to work from the same premises unless it is a licensed brothel.

What about sexual issues? Can you help me?

Although, I am not a licensed therapist and I can not guarantee that I will be able to help you, I am more than happy to help you work on any areas of concern, but please bring your honesty and sense of humour with you and let’s have fun either way.

Do you drink, smoke or party?

No, I do not smoke, drink coffee on the days I work, eat garlic, onions or canned fish! I like to smell fresh and sweet everywhere for our dates and I would appreciate you smelling the same. I supply mouthwash for your use.

Yes, I do drink socially. I enjoy a good red from South Australia at night, dry whites from either Margaret River or New Zealand during the day or in summer, and then of course there is good quality French champagne such as Ruinart, Verve or Mumm, which can be consumed anytime!

No I do not party, but if you do please inform me so that I can make a decision as to whether I wish to see you. Most times I will, but I would like the option, that way we are both happy and no one will be disappointed.

Do you offer fantasies?

Yes I do, please contact me to obtain further information. I am happy to do most things but whilst natural services might be your fantasy it is against the law and therefore I do not provide them, so please don’t ask.


Toys… Of all kinds, but especially the grown up ones… Anything and everything. Life is here to be experienced and lived. Among my favourite pastimes include learning about other people and what they do and why they do it, and I adore the theatre, fine dining, travelling, great company, good wine, genealogy and good food. I have just started gardening at a friends so learning about that now. I grow great eggplants! lol

Do you work outside Brisbane?

Yes I do occasionally visit other states. Interested in seeing me? Please contact me to express your interest and to find out if I have any plans to visit your town. If you can’t wait for me to tour you can always fly me to you! I have special rates when you do that.

Would you go on a holiday with me?

Yes, I love travelling. Whether it is an overnight break or a month-long holiday. I have very reasonable rates for holidays so get in touch and let’s see what we can come up with.

Your reviews are all positive, are they real?

100% yes, and I would appreciate if  you to take the time to write a review after our play date.  I am very proud of my reputation. I still believe in the old adage that ‘the customer is king’ and as I want you to come back, I strive to make you feel comfortable and make sure you feel great about our encounter.

When writing a review please refrain from explicit details or language that you would not use in front of your mother. If you feel the need to write an explicit review that is okay, but I will have to edit it! I consider our time together private. I try to keep all my reviews on MY website as I have had directories claim the review belongs to them!

Are all the photos on the site you?

YES. You can always find more photographs on twitter and directories. And I now have an Onlyfans member gallery where I can show you what I like to do in private. Head on over if you want to see more explicit and action videos and photos.

I have no need to hide, and I get a kick from you coming to my door and smiling in excitement when you see me. I want you to be pleased that you made the decision to come see me, not disappointed. You will notice that I do not have many glamour shots. I succumbed and had a photoshoot!

What do I bring along?

A sexy attitude, I provide a shower and plenty of soap, deodorant and powder, mouthwash and clean fluffy towels here and of course the agreed amount. Gifts and tips are appreciated but not expected!

What sort of gifts do you like?

Flowers, particularly:




Alcohol is always nice:

French champagne – Ruinart, Verve and the like.

Red wine – SA Shiraz or SA Cabernet Sauvignon or NZ Pinot Noir.

White wine – NZ Marlborough or Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc.

Irish whiskey – Jameson.

Vodka – Grey Goose, Belvedere.


You can’t beat Cadburys, and for extra feels they generate partnership agreements with communities in lesser developed economies.


I love and wear Dior Addict eau de parfum every day, so this is always on the shopping list.

 Lingerie: How sexy would that be! If you are unsure we could always go shopping together.

I wear size 18 clothes and a size 9 (40) closed shoe.

My measurements are Bust  112cm, Waist 98cm, Hips 120cms

Bra 18DD  Panties 20

What is and isn’t legal in Queensland?

LEGAL – To be an sex worker/escort.

LEGAL – To bring your partner or mate with prior agreement.

ILLEGAL – Unprotected sex, it is even an offence to ask for such services or provide them.

ILLEGAL – 2 or more sex workers be on the same working premises at the same time with a client, unless it is a licenced Brothel.

ILLEGAL – Not paying a Sex worker – this will result in me having you charged with Fraud. (2 have tried and I took them to the police)

ILLEGAL – thinking that your payment is my consent! Rape charges have been successful against someone in the Qld. He went to Jail.