Fire and Ice

July 6th, 2009 by Tiffany

She sat on the bluff, watching the sea below, waves pounding the cliffs, the wind was cold and cutting, whipping her hair around her, tangling the amber coloured, silken locks, but she felt none of it. Her mind was else where, she wondered how many lives she had lived, how much pain she had suffered, how much pain she had caused. She smiled tightly and again vowed never to love again.

She closed her eyes, the long black lashes grazed her milky white skin, she took a deep breathe, drinking in the salty air, she tilted her face upto the sky and started to sing, her voice was pure and crystal clear, hypnotic. Suddenly a cry sounded in the distance, her call was answered, a noise that could be heard in the distance came closer and closer, swooshhh, swooshhh, swooshhhh, a glimper of light caught the creatures scales, turning it’s body into was seemed like liquid fire, her piercing red eyes, scanned the horizon and saw her friend on the bluff, she turned lazily, opening her mouth wide and let out a blaze of flames, the dragon’s scales where a burnished bronze, eyes ruby red, a truly awesome sight to behold. The dragon dove straight towards the bluff, pulling up slightly just before the cliff’s edge, wings outstretched beating lazily, legs extended displaying razor sharp talons, before settling daintily before Rebecca. Her long neck craned forward and gently nuzzled Rebecca’s hair. Rebecca’s graceful hand extended and caressed the Dragons silken nose, though they could not communicate in words, their minds touched together, thinking in pictures. Rebecca closed her eyes, showing the dragon scenes of pictures that was flooding through her mind, from when she was a child happily playing, to when she was cursed by a gypsy, turning her into a living dead being, forever to walk the world, from one century into the next, watching everyone she loved die around her, whilst she lived, doomed for eternity to be alone.

Rebecca’s heart ache was almost unbearable, she would willingly throw herself off the cliff, if she knew it would result in her death, but she knew better than to try…for it would be to no avail. Tears started to course down her face, another love was lost and she was powerless to help, powerless to stop death, she could do nothing but to watch in horror and watch her beloved die, his lifes blood seeping into the ground…

Other images played through her mind, happier times, where she lowered her guard after a 150 years and allowed anothers heart touch hers once again, letting the light shine into her soul, where only darkness once before resided. Fire and Ice she whisphered..and the images kept playing through her mind..sneaking out into the snow and filling a glass full off ice, returning to the warm bed..only to lean forward and take an ice crystal and run it down the neck of her beloved, watching him jump awake, before a smile played over his lips, settling once more, deeper into the bed, waiting for what pleasures was to come.

The ice was trailed down his back, followed by her warm tongue, lazily following the pattern of the iced water that melted, trickling here and there..he turns over and smiles up at her, reaches forward and slides her jumper off, exposing her bare breasts to his roving eyes, his hand extends to the glass and retrieves an ice cube, placing it into his mouth, letting his mouth and tongue become icy cold, before raising himself up and taking a nipple into his mouth…she remembers gasping in pleasure, arching her back, thinking this is not the way it was ment to happen, his head turns and takes the other nipple into his mouth and she shudders in pleasure, feeling herself grow wetter..wanting..

He retrieves another ice cube and slides it between my legs. Slowly he pushes he ice cube in and out..I close my eyes and he leans over me and kisses my eyelids, moving down to my lips. Our lips meet and then I feel the ice inside me. It chills me to the bone. He starts to kiss me deeper, more hungrily, my hand slides down to his hard cock, I start to rub up and down gently feeling the silky hardness against the palm of my hand.

He spreads my legs, draping my right leg over his body, whilst his hand slides down to my hot pussy, the ice has long since melted, he starts to rub my clit up and down, joining in unison as I rub his hard cock. My breathe starts to come in gasps and before I loose myself, I lean back and grab an ice cube. I pass it to my righ hand. I press it to his cock and stoke up and down. He stops moving and body tenses up…swiftly in one motion he is above me, he reaches around and grabs my ass..pulling me onto his cold hard cock and gasp in pleasure as I feel it slide smoothly inside me.
Our bodies rock together, grinding slowly, I press my lips against his…and slide my tongue into his mouth, he eases his cock out of my pussy, I wimper in protest against his lips, but he smiles as he looks into my eyes, he takes his hard cock in one hand and rubs it up and down my pussy, it’s slick, drenched, wet, he does this over and over again, until I start to ache, wanting his hard cock inside me. I wrap my legs around his hips and he finally allows the head of his cock to slide inch by slow inch inside me, I start to raise my hips, grabbing onto his shoulders, wanting his cock, deeper inside me, wanting him to fuck me hard, until I cum all over his cock, within moments, he loses the little control he had left and starts to fuck me deeper and deeper, each thrust becomes harder, until I scream in pleasure and he shudders in pleasure, emptying himself deep inside me…he lays ontop of me heaving, both our bodies are covered in sweat, I hold him tight and wish this moment would go on forever..but nothing is forever..
Rebecca’s eyes snap open, her breathe hisses out, that’s it, fire and ice! If she could get a vial of the dragon’s blood and empty it onto her beloved’s lifeless body, the dragons blood will be like life’s blood, seeping into him, blood like a raging fire, racing through his him life once again..
As images flinted through her mind, the great dragon nodded her head wisely, raised on foot off the ground and using it’s jagged talon, sliced a small tear on her hind leg, letting blood seep out, quickly Rebecca retrieved a vial out of her bag and collected the precious blood, before patting the great dragon on her side and racing off, back to the village, where her beloved’s body lay….to bring him the gift of life….