What is my hope for this new decade?

February 2nd, 2020 by DiQld

A sex worker in need…

We all like to take a holiday some of us yearly, so of us need one more often and some just make sure their lives are not that stressful so everyday feels like a holiday. Whilst I like to make sure I definitely in the last group it would be nice to travel again. I really haven’t had (work phone off) a holiday since 2005 and although I have a fair amount of spare time on my hands now, I am thinking I really need a few weeks to turn the phones off and go be a person with only one phone. I wish to resume taking yearly holidays and I was thinking I would go and see the terracotta warriors in situ in 2020 but I really don’t think it is a good time to be visiting China with the Coronavirus starting to look more serious. So it now looks like new Zealand might be the go. lol  I have always wanted to drive around New Zealand as I loved it when I visited  Christchurch in the naughties.

Onlyfans will continue to grow and I will be posting more content on a regular basis. some naughty, some sexy, some daily stuff, I really need to find a ‘stunt man’ to help me out… lol

I will still continue to work and I do want to concentrate on NURU a little more, as I just love indulging is this pleasure giving service. to that end I have set up a location entry and am starting to see it gaining some interest… I want to not only please men but I think it would be the ultimate indulgence for ladies as well. Women can take a while to warm up and I think having a full body experience and combined with nuru and sexual satisfaction would be just the ultimate way to relax. I am still using the original Nurex NURU gel and although I have tried other brands on friends nothing really compares to the original product in taste, smell or texture.  People ask me what a NURU session is like, I can only speak as a giver… my response? it NURU is nothing like you have experienced before. I have had many massages before using dry techniques and oils and the Seaweed based gothing like either of them. Delivered the way I have chosen to do it – warm and wet! A session with me will leave you with sensations you can not imagine, but will enjoy for days after.

anyway that is more than enough from me…

kisses Di

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