The Heist

April 25th, 2009 by Tiffany

They were speeding down the highway towards the next town,its certainly
Wouldn’t do pulling up infront of the bank in the black mustang, best to knock off a car, then pick up his baby later, Clancy patted the dashboard of his car, “good girl Christine”, a name he had christened her, she gotten him out of many  hairy situations  in the passed.  “What?” Chris said, “nothing” Clancy returned, “now remember the plan?” , “yeah yeah” Chris replied, this isn’t exactly my first
job,”no” Clancy said, “it isn’t, but its going to be the biggest this town’s ever heard of”, both brothers laughed simultaneously, “why didn’t you bring dad in on this one Clancy?” Chris ask, quickly Clancy’s laughter was cut off, “no reason” he retorted.

Before long they were in the shopping lot of the local shopping
center, it was so quiet a cannon could have been fired down the center and not hit a soul, Clancy popped the boot and both brothers quickly stepped out of the car, he retrieved two bags and closed the boot, he scanned the parking lot and headed towards a non descript station wagon, Chris two steps behind him, he headed for the drivers side and within 5 seconds was in, Chris hopped in the passenger side, he
looked at his watch “new record Clancy”, Clancy smiled tightly but didn’t say a word, pulled out of the parking lot and headed back down the freeway.  Springfield the sign flashed before their eyes, he made a left, right and left before pulling in front of the National Australia Bank, Clancy leaned forward and clapped his brother on his back, “its show time”, Chris laughed  before reaching for the sports bag on
the back seat, he unzipped the bag and passed Clancy a clown mask, hand gun and a leather brief case, before pulling out his own fright night mask.  Both brothers slowly exited the car and strolled nonchalantly towards the entrance of the bank, the adrenaline was pumping through Clancy, this would be the moment he would show them all, no longer just the “dodge”, but the “master”.  He could taste the victory in his mouth, savoring each second, this was better than any other drug he had
tried, this was the ultimate high, he longed to throw back his head and laugh, to extend his arms out and spin crazily around in circles, but the job was at hand, taking deep breathes he steadied his excitement and slowly walked to the front door, he knew Chris was steps away, ten paces to the counter, that was all, he practiced this countless of times before, just ten paces between him and millions of dollars.
He vividly remember the feel of the timber door under his hand, cool and solid, yet gave way at his touch and opened, fluidly he pushed the mask down his face, the ghoulish smile of the clown, frozen for eternity, across his own face that hid another smile.

He strode confidently to the counter, brief case swinging from one hand, gun secured to in the other, as he approached the counter he raised his gun and pointed it to the teller, his eyes slamming into the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen, his mouth gaped open, as he struggled to contain the emotions that were flooding through him, “the wages” he managed to gasp out, his eyes skimmed down the blouse
that announced her name “Rhianna”.  Rhianna coolly looked at Clancy and said sure would you like that in bundles of hundred, fifties or twenties? Clancy couldn’t believe it, here he was waving a gun infront of her and she asks how he wanted it bundled?, he smiled under his mask, this lady had guts, “the lot” Clancy retorted.
Rhianna spun around on her heel and walked to the safe, returning moments later with
two suit cases,  Clancy eyed them suspiciously, he waved the gun to the bags then the counter, “on the counter and open them up, fast!”, unfazed in the least, Rhianna placed the bags on the counter and opened them up, before him was two bags full of cash and a note, he leaned forward closer to read what it said: Don’t acknowledge this note, just do as I ask , demand that I be your hostage and take me with you.  Please.  R

He looked up incredulously, she couldn’t be serious! Then he looked into her eyes and realised he would do anything this woman asked him to, the fact astounded him, before he could change his mind, he looked at Rhianna and snapped, “you, pick up those bags and come with me!”, a choking sound emitted from the corner, he swung around and saw Chris, he had forgotten all about him!, “head out”, he motioned to
Chris.  Chris shook his head disbelievingly but realised time was running out, time to get out and figure out what his brother was up to later. 

They exited the bank, Chris in the lead, followed by Rhianna, who was sobbing, a gun held by Clancy pressed to her back.  Chris looked
bewildered, they had no plans to take hostages; he shook his head, shrugged his shoulders and jumped into the car, Rhianna and Clancy close behind.

Within moments there were heading off in the direction of the safe house, as planned Clancy pulled over and let Chris out, who had another vehicle waiting, “hope you know what you are doing” was his parting shot before Clancy screeched back onto the road.  He looked back in the mirror and Rhianna was sitting there, she smiled at him and said, “I am a bad girl and all bad girls have a story to tell”, with that her
hand slipped between her legs, she was wearing crotchless panties and stockings with suspenders, Clancy wondered if all bank tellers wore the same sexy underwear beneath their business suits.  He kept driving along, with a destination in mind, he kept on glancing in the mirror, hopelessly, watching her stroking her beautiful waxed pussy,
her finger sliding in and out slowly, her lips were parted, beautiful red glossy lips, that emitted sounds of carnal pleasure, every now and then she would take her fingers and slowly bring them to her lips, tasting, Clancy was dying to know how what she tasted like, his pants were becoming uncomfortable and he shifted to make room for what felt like the hundredth time, Riahnna lent forward, legs slightly apart
giving him unobstructed view to her  pussy that was glistening wet, she placed her finger in his mouth and whispered throatily in his ear, “taste me”.  Clancy’s mouth opened and tasted the sweetness, he groaned, she was killing him. She continued to talk to him, telling him how she always fancied bad, rugged men, men that would lead her astray, men that would break down the walls she had built, letting loose the real Rhianna. Bad Rhianna.

She had always lead a sheltered life, but yearned for something that was just beyond her grasp, today she saw an opportunity and took it, letting her wonton side break to the surface. For the first time in her 28 years, she felt truly alive, she felt the blood coursing through her body, she felt her nipples tingle and harden and she felt herself grow wet, she was helpless against the urge to touch herself, to fuel
the fires that raged within her, she wanted this man to take her unlike she had been taken before.

Moments later Clancy swerved off the road and headed down an unused fire trail, if this was going to continue any longer, he would blow right there and then in his pants.  The rangers disused cabin came into view and he pulled in behind the old shed, he slid out of the car and went around to the back door, opening the door for Rhianna.  Wordlessly she got out, she had taken off her skirt, shirt and jacket,
leaving her standing there in sexy black heels, stockings and suspenders, black lacy bra that hugged her beautiful breasts.  His eyes racked her from top to bottom, he wanted this beautiful woman, unlike he wanted another woman before.  Lust at first sight.  He would crawl over broken glass, only to have a moment with her, to feel his hard cock in her silky wet pussy. 

Rhianna pointed to the bag of cash in the car and said “we will be needing that”, puzzle he brought he took the bag out from the back and walked towards the cabin, she was a few paces behind him.  He pushed opened the door and made his way to the bedroom, he placed the bag on the bed and turned to face her.  Wanting to feel her body craddled against his, to feel her softness melt against his body.  Willingly,
She made her way into his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing herself against him, molding her body against his, she grinded her hips against his crotch, leaving him with no uncertainty to what she wanted. Her head came closer towards his, till inches separated their lips, slowly with the tip of her tongue; she traced his bottom lip, before slanting her lips against his to kiss him softly,
He parted his lips willingly, allowing he to explore at random, kissing softly, gently, then harder until they both stood there panting.  She eased away from him and made her way to the bed, she picked up the bag of money and before he could protest, opened the bag and tipped all the money out onto the bed.  She looks at him and said, “I always wanted to know what it felt like to fuck on a million dollars”.

Clancy laughed, who was he to deny this lady her fantasy; his was coming true right before his eyes.  Without a moments delay he stripped his clothes off and made his way to the bed, pushing her knees up against the bed until she felt backwards, onto the pile of money that had been scattered.  His hands moved over her body, enjoying the feel of the silken skin beneath his fingertips, long fingers slid the straps of the bra down and deftly moved his hands behind her back, unclasping her bra, releasing her breasts to his hungry gaze, his head swooped forward and took one hard nipple in his mouth, then giving the other the same attention.  Rhianna moaned longingly, her head was thrown back in passion, her fingers tangling themselves through his hair, she arched up against him, feeling his hardness against her silky
smooth thigh, she tried to position herself under him, wanting to feel his hard cock in her, but he evaded her skillfully, wanted to prolong their pleasure. He wanted to taste her again, he moved his way down her body, kissing her, stroking her body lightly until he made his way at the junction of her thighs, he dipped his head and kissed her inner thighs lightly, whilst his finger rubbed her clit, she arched up
against his fingers wanting more, dragging his head down towards pussy, wanting his mouth to taste, lick, stroke.  He happily obliged darting his tongue here and there tracing her beautiful pussy, alternating pressure, tasting her sweet nectar in his mouth, loving the way her nails dug into his shoulders, her moans becoming more
desperate, her legs wrapped around him. 

He knew he could wait no longer, he got to his knees and looked down at Rhianna, slick with sweat and $100 notes stuck to her, her eyes were glazed in passion, her hair fanned around, he had never seen such a beautiful sight.  He took his hard cock and rubbed it against her swollen clit, feeling the wetness coat the head, he could
feel the heat radiate from her and groaned in frustration.  One thrust found him cocooned in her tight, hot, wet, pussy, her legs wrapped around his waist and she was begging to be fucked harder.  Slowly in the age old rhythm he built up momentum, her hips lifting up, matching his rhythm perfectly, as if they had been lovers for years, her gasps became shorter, her breathing deepened and he knew she was close,
one last hard thrust saw her screaming, head thrown back,nails digging into his shoulders, his own body shuddered in response, cumming like he had never cum before, as if his soul was emptying into her very being.

He collapsed ontop off her, heaving, before rolling off, spent, he looked up at the ceiling and thought, yes there is a god and began to laugh, he turned and faced her and asked..”how would you like to be my partner in crime?”, Rhianna laughed in delight, bad Rhianna was born

Strangers In The Night

April 21st, 2009 by Tiffany

She was standing at the bus stop, he couldn’t see much of her, other than
the delightful smile on her face, the way she tilted her head up and
caught the occassional stray raindrop that dared to trespass passed the
umbrella, the way her tongue snaked out and caught the drop made him
shudder with desire, thinking how such a seductive mouth and those lips
would taste like against his mouth. He smiled slightly and laughed to
himself as he had no intention of catching any buses, but something about
this lady had captivated his attention. On closer scrutiny, he noticed
she had long wavy hair, he closed his eyes and imagined the silky strands
wrapped around his fingers as he pulled her closer to him. Her eyes were
a deep blue, her skin porceline white, he noticed she was elegantly
dressed with a brief case clutched in one hand, his eyes skimmed down
lower and took in her daintly ankles and impossibly high heel shoes. Just
then the siren turned and stared right into his eyes, he felt desire shoot
down to his loins, something he had not felt in a long time, “would you
like to share”? he stared at her with a vacant look on his face and
stuttered, “share”?, she laughed and gestured to her umbrella, “yes, share
my umbrella, your getting a little wet there”, he was so engrossed in
staring at this beautiful creature, he failed to notice it was raining
heavier and getting soaked. Gathering his wits, he grinned in a cheeky
manner and sauntered over, slipping beside her. He could smell her
intoxicating perfume and leaned closer, his hand accidently brushing
against hers, an electric current went through him and he jumped, he took
pleasure in noting the blush that stole across her cheeks and knew she was
not unaffected either. His hand reached out involuntarily and brushed
away a stray hair that grazed her cheek, the strand felt silken to his
touch and his hand lingered longer than necessary. They stood awqardly
for a few moments, each lost in their own lustful thoughts, before she
asked, “where are you going?” he gazed helpessly into those beautiful blue
eyes and muttered,”anywhere you are going”. She leaned forward and
whispered throatily in his ear, ” I normally don’t do this type of thing,
but there is something about you…” her voice trailed off, she cleared
her throat and started over again, “do you have somewhere we could go?”.
He stared dumbfounded,unable to believe, his wildest dreams had come
true,”well there is the Stamford up the road a bit I believe?”, quickly
she grabbed his hand, giggling, both started running up the street,
passers by stared at them and wondered what the rush was…if they only
knew. They rounded the corner and almost knocked over a portly old man,
they muttered apologies and raced up to the door, slowing down to a more
sedate pace, they waltzed up to the counter, he cleared his throat and
asked, “your best suite please”, the receptionist stared at them both for
a moment, taking in their excited smiles and noted their hand holding,
“will that be the honeymoon suite?” she asked brightly, the pair looked at
each other and burst out laughing, “certainly” he said…”the honeymoon
suite it is” The receptionist smile and said, “there will be
complimentary champagne, chocolates and strawberries sent to your room,
name please?” both looked at each other and giggled again, “umm errr Mr
and Mrs Delaney”, the receptionisted reached down and handed them the key
after the necessary swiping of the credit card. The walked briskly to the
elevator and up to the 24th Floor, walked into the room and their was a
beautiful four poster bed, drapped in silk, satin and lace, the
furnishings were sumptious and decadent, as they walked around, a knock at
the door sounded, champagne, chocolates and strawberries were brought
in…he walked to the door and let the waiter out, before placing a do not
disturb sign on the door. He spun around slowly, shy all of a sudden, he
couldn’t believe this was happening, this is stuff dreams are made off,
she beconed him to her, long, elegant fingers extended, wiggling their
impatients. Three strides saw him before her, he gently tilted her head
back and lowered his head until his lips met hers, how soft they were,
they willingly parted and both started to kiss passionatley, flames
igniting instantly. Feverishly, they both fumbled with each others
clothes, soon there was a pool of pants, dress, shirt, tie, coats and
shoes on the floor, his hands skimmed over her body lightly, delighting
when he felt her shudder, he marveled how soft her skin felt, like satin,
he drank in the heady smell of her perfume, he pulled her closer to him
and felt her body fit hers perfectly, they started to sway and he sang a
song into her ear,the romantic he was “Strangers in the night exchanging
glances, wondering in the night,what were the chances,we’d be sharing
love, before the night was through..”he spun her around, until her knees
were pressed up against the bed and gently pushed her forward until she
tumbled backwards, her bare breasts begged to be touched and licked and he
happily obliged, the tip of his tongue flicking over the peaks of her
nipples, until they hardened, he cupped their fullness and stoked them
gently, moans of pleasure were coming through her throat, her hands
involuntarily reached out and started to stoke his head, fingers skimming
over his shoulders, he felt himself harden even more, he hoped he lasted,
but this lady was different, felt different, felt as he belonged to her,
as if they had been lovers in a passed life, now reunited once again. His
other hand was playing with her other nipple, fingers delicatley playing
and hardening, then gently skimming down her side and back up again, over
and over again, until her hips started to rise and the moans became
louder. Her eyes were clouded in passion, she had never felt this way
before, so wanton, so brazen, yet she ached for more, she grabbed is head
and pushed it lower between the junction of her legs, once there he looked
up and smiled at her, he extended one finger and ran it down her beautiful
pussy lips, feeling the slick wetness at his touch, again he repeated the
movement gently, carefully watching her eyes, “is this want you want
beautiful”? he asked, she nodded soundlessly and he continued the
maddening torchure, until he couldn’t wait any longer, lowered his head
and with the tip of his tongue ran it up and down, gently then more firm,
altering pressure, tasting the sweet nectar on his tongue, he plunged his
tongue deep inside her and she arched her back and wimpered in pleasure.
He didn’t know how much longer he could last, he longed to slide his
raging hard cock, into her pussy, to feel her muscles clench around him,
while he stroked them both over the edge into oblivion. He felt her
muscles clench and tighten aroun him, he knew she was close and stopped,
her breathing had become more rapid, her nails digging into his flesh in
pleasure and pain. He raised himself way from her, kissed his way back up
to her lips and kissed her passionatley, letting her taste herself on his
lips, she wimpered in pleasure, her finger tips running over his shoulders
and back and down again, until they made their way to his hard cock, she
let out a groan as she felt his hardness and silky hard length slide in
and out of her hand, he reached down and eased her hand away, whispered,
“no..wait..” He moved over her, balancing himself on his hands, lowering
his hips until the tip of his cock felt her wetness, he groaned in
pleasure and frustration, denying himself the urge to plunge into her deep
and hard, she raised her hips in response and the head of his cock slid in
every so slowly, inch at a time, savouring how hot and wet she was, she
clutched at his shoulders, her legs wrapped around him, urging him to
please fuck her, please fuck her now, he was close now and slid his whole
length into her wet pussy, pausing for a moment, before commencing the
maddening torment of pleasure, slowly building up the pace, waiting for
her to go over the edge first, before his own release is met, he knew it
was coming soon, her head was thrown back in pleasure, eyes closed, lips
slighly parted, her gasps becoming louder and louder, until she screamed
in pleasure, he pumped faster, feeling his own release rushing forward and
suddenly he was there, his own hoarse cry joined hers as they both
shuddered in pleasure. He lay ontop of her momenarily, gasping, riverlets
of sweat running of his body. He rolled to the side and pulled her close
to him, she was still breathing rapidly, she turned her head and laughter
bubbled from her lips, “hi my name is Lisa”,he also began to roar with
laughter,”Jeremy, pleasure to meet you”. His eyes looked deep into hers
and said, “your so beautiful” and began to sing in her ear “to the moment
when we said our first hello little did we know love was just a glance turned out so right for strangers in the night”.

A Man in Uniform

April 17th, 2009 by Tiffany

She was sitting in her car, chatting happily on her mobile phone to her friend, she was laughing, not a care in the world, the daily grind of the traffic was slowly making it’s way at a snail’s pace down the express way.

Suddenly, there was a tap at her window, startled, her brown eyes widened and soft red lips opened in surprise, letting out a squeal, quickly she said “I have to go, police!” she groaned in aspiration, she wa always careful to hide the fact she was talking on the mobile phone..she had a hands free handset but disliked them intensely, she was always careful to wrap her long black, silky hair around the phone, trying to disguise the fact she was being naughty. She sunk down in the seat, her skirt riding up, she giggled to herself, thinking, there is nowhere to hide, she quickly glanced out the window, yes he was still there, the police officer on a motor bike, with a scowl on his face, obviously he was less than impressed with her attempts to hide..she couldn’t make out his features, as the helmet was covering his face, his finger was pointing to the side of the road, “move over” he roared, she winced at his tone, obviously he ment business, she looked down at herself and quickly undid two buttons on her shirt, so the swell of her ample breasts were in full view, wouldn’t help to charm him a bit? She thought to herself.
Slowly she inched her way to the side of the expressway and took the first exit, there was a little rest area there and she wouldn’t interfere with the traffic, she looked in her rear vision mirror and nervously licked her lips, he was still following her, she put her indicator on and pulled into the rest area, graceful hand extended and buzzed down the electric window.
Then she turned off the engine. She heard the crunch of foot steps on the gravel and took a big breathe and smiled gaily, her smile faltered slightly as a face loomed right into her window, his piercing green eyes were positively magnetic, she swallowed and said “I’m sorry Officer, I didn’t mean to talk on the mobile phone..” her voice trailed off when she noticed he wasn’t smiling in the least. “License please”, said the deep gravely voice, “yes it is an offense to talk on a mobile phone whilst driving, three demerit points and $135.00. License please!” he barked again. Nervously she looked at him, this wasn’t going to plan at all, she reached over to the passenger side, to grab her hand bag, her skirt riding higher, giving the police officer a brief glimpse of black lace panties and ample view of her long bare legs,, he couldn’t help but stare at the enticing sight before him. She turned back and smiled up at him, handing him her license with perfect manicured nails, the colour of fresh red apples, their hands brushed briefly and quickly she jerked back her hand as if an electric shock had coursed through her, only a tightening of facial muscles around his face gave way to the fact, he felt it too, “it’s just been a long day at the office..her voice trailed off”, indignant, she realized he wasn’t even listening! He pivoted on a foot and walked back to his motor cycle. Probably going to check she wasn’t wanted for bank robbery, she muttered to herself. She continued to watch, he was tall, broad, slender and an ass to die for.

Next moment he was peering into the window again, she looked up into those green eyes again ran her fingers through her hair, licking her lips enticingly. God, was sh being that obvious? “It would seem we have a little problem here” said the gravely voice, she jumped up startled, “problem?” she repeated in a parrot like fashion.
“It would seem you had one to many warnings, could you please step out of the vehicle. His eyes couldn’t tear themselves away from those glossy red lips, nor the sweet curves of her breasts. Her legs parted slightly when he stepped back so she could open the door and he was again granted a glimpse of black lace panties. He swallowed hard for the first time in his life at a loss what to do..there was no problem with her license, he just wanted to scare her a bit, too often women used their female wiles on him, thinking a quick smile and a flash leg would have him walk away and not write a ticket.
As she exited the car, she stumbled briefly on the gravely path, her spiky high heels shoes not ment for cross country gallivanting, she grabbed his arm to steady herself, the muscles felt rock hard under her touch, again she felt the course of electricity flowing through her, her nipples tightened in response and he was helpless not to notice the sudden swelling of those beautiful breasts, his eyes flew to her face, he stared down at what seemed like a small eternity, into those sexy brown eyes, the liquid drown pools were a direct window to her soul and there he saw she wanted him. His eyes wandered down lower to her her lips, damn they were sexy lips, he wondered what it would feel like to kiss those apple red lips.
She leaned back against the car and noticed the sky was starting to darken, the sun had already slipped behind the trees that lined either side of the road. A barren road it would one seemed to use this rest stop anymore. She noticed the other tanned hand held a ticketing book and her license, she scanned his face for a hint of anything and found his face was stern, her eyes lingered for a while on his lips, such beautiful lips, looked as if they were sculptured by Michael Angelo himself. “okay, okay. So, um..”
“Could you please come with me?” He motioned to the front of the car and walked off before she could utter a syllable. The nerve of that man! Her eyes narrowed and she stalked off towards the front of the car, she made it four steps before the heel of her shoe caught in a rut, she teetered precariously on her high heel shoes, her hands failed out wildly, trying to regain balance, when she felt a steel hand wrap around her upper arm steading her, she was whipped around suddenly and brought up hard against his chest, her hands fell flat on the pockets of his uniform, she felt the thud of his heart beneath her hands, she smiled in a brief moment of satisfaction, knowing his heart was pounding as fast as hers. He backed her up against the bonnet of the car, trying to steady both of them, his body came into contact with her soft curves and he was lost, she felt as good as she looked..his nostril flared and caught scent of her perfume and smelt deliciously eatable.
His face was only inches from hers, he groaned and gave into resistance, all barriers falling away, his lips brushed hers softly, tenderly, they parted under his gentle touch, slowly, hungrily the pace picked up, each clutching at each other. He kicked her feet apart slightly with his black boot and reached down with his free hand to lift her skirt and cup her hot, shaved pussy. It felt so hot to his touch and eased her panties to one side, allowing access to feel her slick wetness, he groaned in passion against her lips, this was madness, yet she wasn’t pulling away either, but pushing against his hand, wanting more. His finger started to rub gently against her clitoris, feeling it become harder beneath his gentle touch, she started to grind up against his hand harder, he gently eased a finger into her and automatically the walls of her pussy wrapped around him. Her nostrils were flared as she breathed hard in and out, her hands were wildly caressing every inch of him, this was madness!she never been aroused so much in her entire life, it was as if he was the puppet master and she was the puppet, bending to his will.
“Do you want me?”he whispered against her ear, wordlessly she nodded, helpless to speak against the onslaught on waves of pleasure that was crashing over her. He removed his hand from her crotch and reached for his belt and quickly undid it, letting them fall to the ground before freeing his rock hard cock, strong, tanned hands returned to undo the rest of the buttons of her shirt, slipping a hand around her back to release the catch of her black lacy bra, freeing her beautiful breasts to his hungry gaze.
His head swooped down and took one nipple into his mouth, lick and sucking it gently, whilst his hands gently cupped them, she was leaning back against the bonnet of her car, gasping, the coolness of the air heightening the exquisite torment, her head thrashed from side to side, black silken hair spread over the bonnet off the car, she looked like a siren, a siren who seduced him, for the first time a smile came across his lips and he whispered, “you are so beautiful”, gently, he brought her to her feet and turned her around, he hiked her skirt up around her hips and pressed his hard cock against her perfect ass, she backed into him wantonly, her hands braced against the car.
Slowly, he guided his hard cock into her dripping wet pussy, slowly inch at a time, battling with himself not to drive it in all the way, deep and hard, “you like that?you like the feel of me inside you?you want me”.. his voice trailed off , “yessss, yesss she gasped, oh god yes, please fuck me”
slowly he started to move in the ancient rhythm of old, building the tempo faster and faster, his hands reaching up and holding her shoulders, so he could drive himself deeper into her, he heard her breathe quicken and she was sobbing, “please, please”, before one final thrust sent her hurdling into orgasmic bliss, he felt her shudder and pulse around his cock and knew he couldn’t hold another moment longer before he too reached climax, shouting hoarsely.
Finally they both lay spent against the car, he nuzzled the side of her neck and kissed her softly, she eased back and turned around, staring wordlessly into his eyes, they both knew what happened between them was fate. He eased away and pulled up his pants and trousers, straightening his uniform , before helping her dress herself.
The ticket book was on the ground flapping in the breeze, he picked it up and closed the pad, before returning to the back pocket of his trousers.
He reached for a pen in his shirt pocket, turned and picked up her hand, he placed a kiss on the palm before writing down his number. She looked at him in wonderment, before curling her manicured fingers in the palm of her hand. She leaned forward shyly and gave him a quick kiss on his lips..knowing there would be many more interludes to be enjoyed

Mr Jones

April 17th, 2009 by Tiffany

She sat behind her office desk, staring aimlessly out the window, below her the city lights twinkled like a fantasy fairy tale land, people were milling about, laughing gaily, others striding down the streets with a purposeful mission. What was her mission she wondered? leave the office and have an exciting Friday night at home, curl up with a good book with her cat Cleo on her lap, she laughed ruefully, leaned back in her chair and stretched lazily, before swinging her chair around and gracefully stood up and walked to to the window. She pressed her hand against the window, the coolness felt nice to her touch, she leaned forward and breathed heavily onto the glass window for a few seconds, watching the window fog up and laughed at her childish antics, if only her boss Matt Jones could see her now, all pretense of a uptight Ice Maiden gone.

Her hand went up and felt for the pins that held her hair in it’s usual tight bun, one by one, she pulled them out and her luxurious blonde hair tumbled down her back, she shook her head, feeling the weight released and revelled in the feel of her hair set free from the constrictions of the bun. She looked down at herself, white blouse buttoned to the top, straining slightly in the middle, her DD breasts, confined in a tight fitted bra, trying to minimise their fullness, straight black shirt, knee length, no shorter, her only unpractical folly were her shoes, how beautiful they were, red, high and shiny, matching her ruby red lips..her fingers reached up and slowly released three buttons, exposing her amazing cleavage. If only Matt Jones could see me now, she thought again, her hands slide down to the waist band of her skirt and she pulled it up higher,folding it over, until her skirt was three inches above her knee, perfectly indecent! she thought smiling. Just then a thought struck her, Mr Jones will see her, as he has never seen her before, she knew the nightclub he frequented. Before she lost her nerve, she picked up her Versace handbag – red to match her shoes and strode out the door without a backwards glance. Tonight was going to be fun, tonight was going to be different..

She reached the nightclub, lights flashing, bodies writhing, she knew it was not her kind of place. Then she saw him. Tall, dark and handsome, leaning nonchalantly against the bar, his hand sporting a glass of amber liquid, she knew by experience was scotch, on the rocks, how many times had she mixed that drink for him? Chivas Regal, on ice. She sauntered confidently towards him,getting into character, as if she was the kind of woman who picked up men in bars, her was doing flip-fops in her chest, she ignored the looks from the other men, as she made her way to his side, he laughed at something the woman beside him said, Rachael, the receptionist, before he turned and spotted her, his green eyes widened in amazement, “Grace”? she finally reached his side and whispered throatily in his ear, “lost for words Mr Jones”?, his dazzling smile made her feel warm in more than one place, his elbow accidently brushing the side of her breasts, giving her goose bumps all over, he asked, “can I buy you a drink?”, she thought wildly for a second, mineral water wouldn’t cut it her, “Cosmo please”, he turned and motioned the bartender over, placing her order, before returning his attention to her once more, “you look beautiful Grace”.
‘He must be the devil,’ she thought as she realised her nipples were tightening in her top, looking into those green eyes. He passed her the Cosmo and she gulped it down quickly, needing the dutch courage,he spoke, asked her if she would like to dance she muttered a vague reply, she felt drunk and she only had one drink.

He took her hand and led her through the crowd, to the dance floor, he couldn’t think of anything except of finding a way of kissing her, he knew this was out of character for her, but what the heck, he had been admiring her for months and longed to feel body against his..slowly they started to sway to the rhythm, this wasn’t exactly going to plan, her hips fitted against his snuggly, her breasts brushing against his chest, her perfume tantalising his nostrils, he felt himself harden almost instantly and pulled away slightly, she looked at him puzzled, then smiled when she realised what was happening and grinded closer to him again. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Grace, lets get out of here, back to the office”, she licked her lips when she spoke to him,”yes”, now he knew he wasn’t just warm, he was hard, and it was getting painful.

As they exited the club, Rachael the receptionist called after them, only then did he turn round and she looked at those eyes again, this time asking a question. She nodded, they ran.

Eventually they stopped, he could hear her heavy breathing and let her rest. She flopped against the wall of the office block, and he suddenly noticed how her breasts were heaving. . She subconsciously licked her lips again and they knew that was the point of no return. He must have her, now, or he would be not sleeping for a week.

She leaned against the wall, wondering what the hell it was that she was doing, and then she noticed the look in his eyes that made her nipples harden again and she remembered what she was doing here. He leaned in and all traces of self-control left when his lips touched hers. He pulled back and fumbled for his keys, opening the building door, before both rushed inside, giggling like school children, how exciting this was, how exhilarating, he kissed her lips and proceeded to probe inside her mouth, gently until she opened her mouth fully and not only gave in to his kiss, but kissed back fiercely. He could stand it no more, and pressed himself against her, he was painfully hard. Grace pulled back slightly and said, “I think your desk will be more fun..” she couldn’t believe herself, what happend to shy Grace? the Ice Queen?, well she found someone who melted her – Mr Jones..

They tumbled into his office and he pushed her back against his desk, she felt the hard edge pressing against her soft skin and leaned back further, her hand gently touching his crotch, she felt him and moaned, and felt herself get wet. It was crazy, suddenly she wanted him to touch her, everywhere.

He heard her moan and with an answering grunt of his own, lifted her body off her feet onto the table, where he stripped off her top and gently caressed her breasts, then took a nipple in his mouth. He was pleased it was already hard as he licked and sucked it gently.

Her knees gave way, and she abandoned herself to the waves of pleasure that were raging though her, all she could gasp was ‘please?’ All she could think about was him inside her, filling her. She was burning, she was on fire and all she could think of was being satisfied, right here, right now. She practically ripped off his shirt and she pressed her hands against his chest, raking her long tipped nails down to his belt, and felt his hardness and shivered in pleasure.

He couldn’t see anything but her, and ripped down her skirt. He was trying to be gentle and slowly turn her on as he had done with countless women before, but he couldn’t contain himself with her, carelessly yanked off her French lace knickers, barely appreciating how sexy they were.

He thought he was going to explode, as she finally freed him of his trousers and he ripped off his boxers. He took a moment to take her all in, just looking at her made him swell more, he could barely contain himself,she begged him with her eyes, as she started to shamelessly rub herself, arching her back, she grabbed him and pulled him down on top of her, begging again for release…

Sliding himself into her, he realised how tight and wet she was and wondered if once was going to be enough and if he was going to last! she was not like anyone he had before.. her fingernails dug into his back as he began the rhythm, her hips rose to meet his, exactly in time. ‘harder!
faster!’ She whispered in his ear, and he finally gave in, thrusting deeply and hard into her, her moan giving him all the encouragement he needed, speeding up the rhythm as she raised her hips so he could penetrate even deeper. He thrust into her, hard, and she was so close she couldn’t breathe. She grabbed him, pulling him deeper and closer, wanting, needing release.

He felt her back arching, and couldn’t help but joining in with her moans as her felt himself coming. Their bodies were slick with sweat and he felt like he never wanted to stop doing this. With united moans, they both came, him rocking her as he shuddered inside of her, her orgasmic ripples inside of her taking him over the edge.

They both smiled as they dressed and he grinned as he said “that was very naughty Grace!, you must come into my office tomorrow for punishment.
Grace grinned cheekly and replied, “Same time tomorrow, Mr Jones, but next time up against the wall, Mr. Jones” He looked at her in utter amazement and knew there were going to be many, many more pleasurable interludes with Grace.