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July 27th, 2010 by DiQld

Well as you maybe aware I have just done a road trip up north. I had a ball (or two) and I am happy enough with the reception I recieved so I will definately go back. I am thinking of every 8-10 weeks. I am back in Brisbane for the next couple of weeks (at least) then I want to head to Melbourne and Sydney for a few days each. I have been thinking of going to Canberra in Spring to see the Floriade. I hear it is well worth attending if you like flowers and I do.


Blog of sorts is now functioning. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you.


Working on getting a blog of sorts going


Well I have offically retired Tiffany! Poor Girl she keeps getting phone calls. So I thought it was time to change the name of the website. You can still access this website using www.tempting-tiffany.com if you must.

I will be changing the pictures on the entry screen and in the banner as soon as I have a suitable picture. and all the advertising will change shortly too.


I have new pictures coming… and I have added new faqs


I had some new photos taken yesterday so as soon as I get them ready to present I will be posting them up.  I know you are going to love them…


I have updated the Faqs and the Rates pages

I currently advertise on both <a href=”http://www.australian-babe.com”>www.australian-babe.com</a> <a href=”http://www.and”>and</a> <a href=”http://www.goldcoastescorts.com.au”>www.goldcoastescorts.com.au</a> and on other sites both in Australia and overseas.

You will find me using any of the following names Di, Di4u, DiQld, Tiffany. So if you google any of those name along with Brisbane you should find me!


Hello Again,

Well I have got my pictures up and I have now retired the lovely Tiffany from this website! Long may she live…


Hi Guys,

Well I have most of the text and pages setup now with my details, if you find any errors or something you would like to see please let me know…

Tiffany is having fun in her new life but I know she is missing all the wonderful people that she got to know in this industry…

I jumped at the chance when Tiffany offered me her website because she felt comfortable that I would care for her clients as she had 😉


I intend to keep the Tempting-Tiffany name and website as I like it! However I will be using my own name to trade under as well. I will be changing the content and photos (although I like them too but they are not me!) I look forward to any input anyone has to improve the site.

Please Bear with me as I update this website with my own details over the next few weeks and look forward to sharing my photos with you.  You will know what I have changed on the site as my name will appear on the page header.

So bear with me and check this site often for the updated website and Photos of myself…


Tiffany has officially retired from the industry and I have purchased this site and I suppose her name. I will not be changing my name to Tiffany, but I will not be killing any of the ads in that name. I plan on keeping the name of this website as is.

Cleaning 101

July 27th, 2010 by DiQld

In general…

I  know you love me playing with your bits and I will be more willing to play with more bits if they don’t smell or taste like you have just been to the toilet or you haven’t washed in 6 weeks or drowned them in deodorant! 

If you go to the toilet or it has been more than 3 hours between showering and visiting, Your bits smell! No ifs and no buts!

Under no circumstances should you allow any lady to venture south if you have not had a shower between an intensive toilet visit and a shower!!!

Please WASH the WHOLE  area front to back. Do you know why god made your bits movable??? So your could lift them to wash the bits behind and around them!

Whilst you may think that your s*** don’t stink I can assure you that it does!  and for that matter so can your wee!

Fresh yummy smelling genitals or wee/sweaty/poopy smelling  genitals??? I prefer the former thanks.

I take great care to make sure my yummy bits are clean and fresh, please take the same care! 

All* WL’s doing incalls have a shower, soap and clean well laundered towels for YOUR use… Please use them!

 *If the WL doesn’t have these all of these available JUST LEAVE!!!!  She is not safe to see! 

Now for those of you that have never been taught to care for yourself properly or need a refresher course…

Read on…

Weeing 101

Circumcised/cut/no foreskin

1.Wash your hands needed if you have a dirty job!

2. Do your wee

3. Milk  urethra – shake, wipe on the back of your hand, squeeze, whatever!

4. take at least 1 sheet of loo paper and dab the end!

5.Wash your hands with soap!


1. Wash your hands needed if you have a dirty job.

2. Pull your foreskin back  to reveal the eye of your penis

3. Do your wee

4. Milk  urethra – shake, wipe on the back of your hand, squeeze, whatever!

5. take at least one sheet of loo paper and dab the end!

6. Adjust foreskin to make yourself comfortable again

7. Wash your hands with soap!

Pooping 101

1. Wash your hands if you have a dirty job

2. Move your bits forward

3. Do your thinking

4. Wipe until clean!  Folding really is much better than scrunching!

5. Keep wiping till paper is clean! Yes you have to look at it! Handy for making sure you don’t have haemorrhoids too!

6. Clean the toilet if you need too!

7. Spray the air freshener if you feel the need to escape the room!

8. Wash your hands with soap!

Showering 101

1. Take clothes off

2. Turn on Hot water then adjust with cold!

3. Make sure you have facewasher/bodypuff

4. Get in shower

5. Wet down and enjoy the water

6. Wash hair if needed (needed if more than 2 days or you have a dirty job)

7. Condition hair (if longer than 2 inches or you like the smell and feel of the process)

8. Put plenty of bodywash on facewasher, lather it up

9. Wash neck and face then work down the body. Scrubbing  arms and underarms, chest, stomach, (oops I am enjoying this… Be back in 5)

Sorry Ok Back!

10. you have to wash your back too so grab the corners of the wash cloth and using a sawing action wash back or ask your closest lady to help! 


Now the most important bits! Take the face washer and add more bodywash!

11. Scrub your bums cheeks, then hips and then everything above your penis.

12. WASH YOUR PENIS – PULL BACK THE FORESKIN AND GENTLY USE THE PUFF ON ALL SKIN SURFACES. If your foreskin does not come back all the way wash as much as you can and allow the water to flush out the inside of the foreskin!

13. WASH YOUR TESTICLES – lift them and make them taught! Wash around them, over them, under them, beside them, behind them! and pay close attention to where your legs meet your body (prone to jock/sweat rash)


15. Wash your legs one at a time and pay attention to your feet! 

16. Before turning the water off make sure you have rinsed properly and no bubbles remain on your body.

Your done!

Drying 101

1. After shaking/wiping down excess water in the shower

2. step out on to the mat and take the towel starting at the top of your body 

3. towel dry your hair

4. Dry your neck and chest make sure if you have skin folds to then your  arms and stomach…

5. Use a sawing motion to get your back dry.


6. Now continuing down keep finding dry areas of the towel, depending on body hair and size you may need 2 towels (it is ok to ask for or use 2 if needed)


Your done!

Deodorant 101

When we sweat naturally occurring bacteria breed and decay in the moisture it is this that makes us smell horrible! This gets on your clothes and so NO  you can not wear them twice! And YES you have to wash them with Detergent!

Fresh Sweat is actually slightly salty and can be quite erotic during sex! Unless you sweat excessively, dripping in a ladies face is NOT a turn on for her!

Two types

Antiperspirant – usually has aluminium in it and it blocks the sweat glands so it minimises sweating and has a deodorant to mask any bacteria smell! Think rexona dry.

Deodorant  –  Nothing to minimise the sweating just deodorant to mask the bacterial smell only. Think Lynx body spray. 

Applying sprays/perfumes for sexual liaisons…

1. They taste horrible!

2. No matter which you choose to use apply only to the recommended areas.

Aftershave  AND  perfumes – the face and neck or just a dab at the base of your neck  and SMALL AMOUNTS – don’t drown yourself in it! Less is more


4. Hold the can away from your body the length of your wrist to your elbow ( around 20 centimetres)when you spray and spray for about 2-5 seconds .

Heavier men might like to obtain some prantal powder to apply a light dusting to DRY skin in the folds to reduce sweating.

This powder and the like can also be used in the jock area very good in summer. 

Whilst this is in jest – it is also for real! Never be embarrassed to say I would like a shower.

Well I hope this has helped you all. It has been something that I have noticed for years but till now was not motivated to do the list! 

I will be doing more 101’s when I get a chance.

Kisses Di

My trip Up North

July 20th, 2010 by DiQld

Leaving Rockvegas on my way  home in the Rain!!!!

Rockhampton Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th

No idea where I am going to stay I thought I would wing it this time! Well I chose what appeared a very nice motel on George street Villa Capri. It was not as nice as it looked. The room was ok on first appearance, I asked for a ground floor and I got the disabled room. The room was ok! but by the first hour I had decided that I was not staying here again. I am fairly fussy where I stay and where I see clients and I knew I would be apologising for this room… I do not like fully tiled Floors in a motel room nor do I like only primary colored bedspreads!  I realise that the tiles may have been for the wheelchair issues but it is so Old Hat and Wheelchair bound people deserve nice appointments in a room too!  Bunker lights attached to the walls as bedside Lights! A wardrobe the size of a very small broom Closet!  A Sofa Bed – where the cushions were sagged in the centre of the sofa! The Microwave was 5 ft off the ground! the 20inch anaologue CRT TV was also too and the remote did not turn it off or on properly so you have to turn it on/off from the tv. The VCR is only 4ft off the ground tho – Bonus!  This was not going to be a great stay! 

After I had unpacked I went and asked for a couple of extra towels as I normally shower at least twice a day anyway.  The guy actually asked why I wanted extra towels!  who does that? I looked at him as if he was stupid and replied ‘To dry myself!”  I should have moved hotels then but I didn’t!  I had limited my clients due to my upper back being sore from battling the head winds the last couple of days anyway so thought it would be fine. I ordered a room service breakfast and asked for the whites to be cooked when I recieved my breakfast this morning  The plate and contents were cold! the eggs had runny whites  EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after I finished dry retching (I really cant deal with runny whites!) I grabbed the cold bacon and sandwiched it between 2 slices of toast and ate that. I was so upset I wrote them a note about how to warm plates and that they should read notes that clients write on their breakfast menu!

I oganised a massage this morning at 3 pm and then I went and bought a couple of shirts from my favorite shop in Rocky then I went and got some dinner and upon my return I was told that I was not to conduct business from his rooms and that although he was not throwing me out now if he saw any men entering my room he would ring the police and have me removed! I said excuse me? he then showed me á print out of the front page and rates page of my website. and again said he did would not have me working from his rooms.  I pointed out that I was not doing anything illegal and the they most likely the police would not make me leave. As he was getting quite animated and I had no further bookings anyway, I decided that it was not worth the agro, so didnt bother mentioning the anti- discrimination commission. I could understand if I was being indiscreet by having large numbers of appointments or appointments back to back.  Some people can be really silly! So I have since gone over and finalised my account and bought a couple of drinks, and acted as if nothing is wrong. But I will be glad to leave here as much as he will be glad to see me go!     come on 6am!

Mackay Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th

I got going about 10:30 and made Mackay for lunch.  Had a drink and somethng to eat at Mackay Harbour that is lovely there! If you ever get to Mackay it is worth the drive out there for Lunch. This weekend I took a couple of RnR days to spend with Friends,  So no stories here!

Left Mackay at about 8:30am by the time I fuelled up and got going. uneventful trip to Rocky, again missed heaps of calls. Although I did make up  2 verses of a rhyme… and made really good time coming down.

Bowen Friday 23rd

Arrived in Bowen and it was windy!  I found the motel and was impressed by this small unassuming motel but after I checked in the room was amazing!  The staff were really nice, and there was a recliner in my room and a lovely big bed. The hotel was beautifuly appointed and very very clean and I felt really comfortable there. I had an appointment later in the evening so I went for a ride and found this cute little dog who decided that my front wheel would make a great chew toy! I was travelling at 50klm. I was very pleased that I managed to stop with the back tyre locking up before I squished the dog and then I was able to take off again before the dog realised it!  That was far too exciting for such a small town!

I took the bike back to the motel a different way  (no dogs) and walked up to the local mexican for dinner. then back to the motel for desert and off to sleep.  

Townsville Tuesday 20th, Wednesday 21st, Thursday 22nd

The ride to Townsville was pretty good! uneventful and a beautiful day.  Townsville has really changed since I was last there! The strand is fantastic… I stayed in a hotel on the strand and they were super nice. I would be happy to stay there again. I caught up with a mate I hadnt seen for many years and we had a steak for lunch at the seaview hotel, I have to tell you it was one of the best steaks I have had in many years!  Better than the Breakie Creek or the Story Bridge in Brisbane.

I rode to Castle Hill and walked upto the highest lookout and took a few snaps, and rode around town trying to find the places that I remember from the last time I was there. it has totally changed and I could not find anything really.

Newspaper advetising is an interesting beast! The number of calls are incredible,  but you dont really get to chat with the callers. I think I need to stop feeling guilty about not being able to speak to everyone that calls.

Weird story!

I was booked for an overnighter and he seemed ok!  then when he was due there was a knock on the door and a genteman that really didnt look like what I was expecting was standing there. after I invited him him he said he was there to see Emily… I was suprised he had forgotten my name as he had been texting for a few days and earlier booking had to be moved,  I replied my name was Di and he said he was there to see Emily and for some reason I asked if his name was Eric? he said No. I asked why he was there and he said he was the same as me a hooker! well you could have blown me over with a feather!  I mean he was about 40 with a pot belly in an old cap and older t-shirt and stubby shorts and thongs! didnt particurlary look very clean either… all I could think was wow I was thinking No way would I pay you! he explained that he was trying to exit his current industry and thought this would help him get out quicker.  I didnt have the heart to tell him he needed to improve alot of things in order to be a male pro.  He said that it looked like we had been had and I replied yes it looks that way! he left!  I was disapointed at the loss of income but all I could do was laugh! and think of Eric/Emily and how he must have so wanted to be a fly on the wall when he set this up! Poor bugger! he missed out on the hilarity! hehehe That was my last night in Townsville!  What a memory to treasure!  Thanks Eric  I have finally met a male pro!

I left Townsville without fanfare but with a sense of sadness that I was essentially on my way home… But on to Bowen. 

Mackay – Sunday 18th and Monday 19th
I got a late start from Gladstone. I made a wrong turn in town and ended up doing a circuit! Only added a couple of minutes tho… I arrived in Mackay about an hour and a half after I wanted to be there and when I checked in I was truly surprised by the lovely room I had. (I would tell you here but you never know who is reading this! – just contact me if you want to know which hotel)

I was waiting to see a particular person that had expressed an interest on a forum, but I dont think I saw him, but we will see…
On Sunday night the phone didnt stop but it was mainly just enquiry sadly! But the main purpose of this trip is to get my name known up here and to ride my bike for 11 days…. I will be happy to cover costs and make my normal budget! Well I have to go because I am needed elsewhere 😉 lol

Gladstone – Saturday 17th July
I threw my very heavy bag on the back of the Bike and excitedly rode out of the drive… I was finally off on my 11 day road trip! I fuelled up the bike and checked the tyres, and it really didn’t strike me the enormity of what I was doing until I passed the Maleny turnoff. I had a pretty uneventful ride up really. I stopped at a roadhouse and there were some bikers there (real outlaw Bikers!!!!) and they asked me to join them for breakfast… I did! I could never go out with a real biker I decided! that will happily stay a fantasy 😉

I arrived in Gladstone to find I had had a huge response to my ad. over 30 missed Calls! Well I checked in and sat down and dragged the computer out and got the work gear out – stockings, lingerie, heels, makeup, toiletries, with my ears still ringing, I started responding to the calls with my details via SMS. but as fast as I was dealing with the days missed calls I had more calls coming in! eventually I gave up! but not before I had answered at least 10 calls from males extremely intoxicated and hard to understand… Then I got a call from 3 guys wanting to pay me a fortune to go to their place (cause they couldn’t drive- “we are too drunk”) so they could “hammer me” Hmmm I politely declined! and they were ok with that even tho they were “really cashed up and wanting to play” they were going to ring other girls…

Melbourne in June

July 16th, 2010 by DiQld

Well I have just had a pretty impromptu visit to Melb…
Work up here in Brisbane was quiet and I was feeling so unloved, with just 2 days notice to my guys in Melb I hoped on a plane and headed south.
I have to say a very big thank you to the lovely guys I caught up with in Melb, I had the best time and I feel reinvigorated and very loved again.
I do have a funny story from this recent trip tho.

I had been in contact with a lovely gentleman (John! that I was yet to meet) and so we made the appointment for 2pm the next day.

All was well I got up early (it was still dark at 7am… eeeeek what is with that!) and headed to dockside to catch the amazing bodies exhibition, it was 12pm and I got a text from Johns phone saying that John had just passed away! I am standing there in the middle of dead, dissected and plasinated people and animals thinking is this a joke? my response was automatic… I text back “sorry? What?” I was due to meet John in 2 hours and someone (probably his wife) had sent a message to Johns afternoon delight informing me he was dead? I got a response less than 15 mins later that he had had a massive coronary and had not survived!

After I managed to pick my mouth up off the floor and send a sorry to the mystery person on Johns phone, the situation hit me! he was probably getting ready for our appointment (he had a ways to come).
I decided that God had really looked after me during the week…
– He had sent me all the guys I wanted to see 😉
– I got to see an exhibition I had missed in Brisbane,
– I contacted a Brisbane girlfriend and it turned out she was also in Melb (we caught up and had dinner together)
– I also got to catch up with the very Busty Bella and a client…
– and finally saved me from having to ring an ambulance for a client having a massive coronary during sex!

All in all it was a fantastic week….

Kisses Di