This new Decade! the 20’s

January 30th, 2020 by DiQld

January 2020

I hope this finds you all well and looking forward to this new decade. Personally I had a 3 day christmas filled with family and friends. New Years Eve was pretty good too. I danced around my unit to Rage (ABC) and it was like I lost the last decade totally. the 10’s were an interesting decade to say the least. My income continued to fall and is now a third of what it was when I started and although i am not happy about that, I refuse to see the ever growing number of clients that have little to no respect for sex workers and females in general. My screening is the same as it has always been and everyone that calls is treated as a lover until they say something that triggers my spidey senses and then I decline. I have decided that I am pretty much in semi retirement as I am seeing only a few clients a week now that I am only advertising on Escorts and Babes. I may increase my advertising to include a few other sites but it won’t be on a regular basis.

The sex work industry is in a state of flux at the moment with lots of new ladies have entered the fray, chasing the money to support their families or saving for whatever they want or simply changing their attitude and lifestyle to want more spare time and/or a higher income. The loss of Backpage and Cracker due to law changes in the USA also meant that a lot more sex workers appeared on the regular directory sites and some sites saw an opportunity to make money and have chosen to sell or increase the number of workers on their sites. amazingly I haven’t heard of any advertising increases except for paper based advertising. Hats off to the workers that use that medium because it is expensive.

In August 2019 I was pretty happy with my onlyfans membership, it was paying for my advertising and I was also about to replace my lovenest mattress. Then I went and did a stupid thing and put up a clip I made of a few photo’s and at the end was my name and number.  I was really pleased with the clip and was only showing it to my guys as a bragging (look what I did) moment, the result?  I had my onlyfans account closed and lost any money that was in that account. I contacted onlyfans and they said any money would be returned to the subscribers ( I don’t think it was) and that prostitution was not allowed on onlyfans. They have this in their T&Cs so I don’t blame them. I spent the next week or so reading all the T&Cs of the various subscription sites and decided I would give onlyfans another go and also JustforFans a go. Just for fans has a store where members can go to purchase any clips they might like as well as being able to sell lingerie and the like. The learning curve wasn’t too bad, but I still didn’t get enough traction on there to make it worthwhile, so I have decided that  onlyfans suits our needs. The posting of that clip and the closure of the account has meant that I had to open a new account with just a number as my username so you can now find me at  I am currently in the top 27% of creators on the site with 151 posts, 510 photos most of which have never been seen anywhere, 21 videos that are available for the subscription price of $10 and 400 likes across all that media…  do yourself a favour if you really want to see more of me…


Di xxx