Blackmail doesn’t work on me

April 18th, 2012 by DiQld

Hi Everyone…

What do I do when my honesty, ethics and integrity are threatened???  I fight back!!!! I don’t mind being caught out if I have attempted to get away with something I have done… but look out if you accuse me of something I haven’t done and threaten to tell the world!!!

I work hard making sure that I offer good value for money, sometimes I allow too much. Why? because I genuinely enjoy making men happy!  I have been working since 2007 and I have never felt the need to defend myself to this level!

What – UGLY MUG – Blackmail
When – 10/4/12 – 18/4/12 –
Where – Brisbane.
Who – Paul – Accent weak European/arabic like Said he is 30 (sounded about right) and works in the CBD, said he was a SW virgin (I bet) starts very nice and gets progressively firmer!

Called wanting a 2 hr booking later changed mind and said he wanted to try Ph sex first. I gave him my bank details and he rang just after lunch and said money was in my account… I checked every day for a nearly a week… no money meanwhile he is contacting me every few hours daily. Driving me nuts… so told him I think there may be a problem and gave him my bank details again.. he said that they were correct and he had a receipt no. I told him no money no ph call. today he said I was lying and that he had no reason for lying! now he is threatening to let “everyone know what sort of business I run” I told him that as this was my business reputation I had no reason to lie and I was happy to provide bank statement and if he could send me a pic of the receipt I would chase it up at my bank – he refused. surprise surprise! next contact was if you give me a service I wont post anything. Told him I dont respond to blackmail and to go his f**king hardest!

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