Snot bubbles are Sexy!!!!

October 5th, 2011 by DiQld

Hi All,

Well this last week has seen me down with a rotten cold that had me in Bed ALONE 🙁

I dont often get colds luckily… This one was a shocker.

It always means a week off work due to me believing that snot bubbles are not all that sexy!!!

I just dont understand why people think they arent!!! Men I know are always trying to get us to exude fluids during hot and heavy sex and many just love being covered in sexual fluids!!!!

– they start with a build up… think the build up time between knowing you are going to have sex and actually having it..
– they only appear when you are hot and sweaty… Like good sex and heavy orgasms
– they glisten in the light… think hot moisture, soft light and after sex glow
– they require tissues to clean up… Hmmm Messy Sex – We all love that!!!
– You can’t always get them… according to a few people I know just like sex!!!

So I reckon snot bubbles should be declared sexy, or at least kinky… Do I hear that snot bubbles are the new fetish in town!!!!