August 1st, 2019 by DiQld

August 2019

I have been thinking lately that I would like to go out more and so I have re-worked my pricing structure on dates. from now I will charge you only $100 for our total time out and then my normal fees for the time we spend together in private. That means you could have a fabulous dinner date and 60 mins of time together in private for the low price of $450.  I reckon that is very reasonable.  I am not going to care how long we are out in public together but if you wanted to snuggle then I will be asking for a little more. This could be the perfect structure if you wanted to go for a picnic or extended date. My usual dates are about 4-5 hours.  I do love a long lunch and an even longer dinner or drinks night.


August 1st, 2019 by DiQld

Well I really fucked up!

30th July 2019 I wanted the opinion of my subscribers on onlyfans regarding a promo video I made with my last photoshoot. I forgot that I had my phone number and a ‘call me’ message on the last picture of it and Only fans saw it and deleted my account.  I wrote to them to explain that it was not asking for clients but just an opinion, but they said the decision was final and goodbye.

I am pissed at myself for being so stupid but rules is rules I guess so I have to cop it on the chin. Unfortunately, I have lost some $$$ (that is a kick in the guts) but I will live. but I am really pissed that my subscribers are also out of pocket too. I believe in getting what you pay for and so I have spent the last 2 days reading Terms of service agreements from the other sites that I can join to offer subscription and content.  I have got it down to 2 offerings and I might run both. as I think they will be different markets anyway. For those Onlyfan subscribers (yes I keep records) that follow me to where I end up I will be giving you a month free to make up for lost money.


2017… the year it was!

December 29th, 2017 by DiQld

Well what a bumpy ride 2017 was. Lots of ups and a steady down… I have seen my income halve again… obviously I have either made love to everyone in Brisbane or the influx of ladies into the industry and the further economic decline around the country has left my people without discretionary income to spend on a basic human need… the feelings of release and calmness we achieve after SEX.
This year saw me do some pretty amazing things… I am very grateful to a handful of amazing men I am lucky enough to call both clients and friends. I appreciate them more than then will ever know and I truly couldn’t have (emotionally and/or financially) gotten through this year with out them. They fed me… Urbane, Spice, Blackbird, Byblos, Ribs and Rump, Mecca bah, Ginga, The Osbourne, The Wickham, Harvey’s, Chow house, Happy boys, Alfred and Constance, the Cru Bar, Grill’d, and many more I cant remember both in Brisbane and away. taken me to lots of concerts… Paul McCartney, Cat Stevens, Lorde, Live, The Doobie Brothers, killing Heidi, Adele, GreenDay and taken me away to Auckland, Mooloolabah, Gold Coast, Sydney. I have added to my Teddy bear collection too… Biscuit from Peru, kiwi from New Zealand. I adopted a little girl this year too and her name is Cookie. She is turning into a lovely dog and has been entertaining, a worry and a joy over the last 10 months and I look forward to many years with her. We are at a point where we are finally starting to understand each other and what we need, although she likes to sleep in till around 11am and stay up no later than 10pm and I like to get up about 6am and stay up till around 12am. but I am sure they will sync up one day.
My friends have kept me sane by being there when they were needed and leaving me alone to enjoy my ‘caving time’ when I needed it. We have shared talks, wine, food, stresses and joys, and I am blessed to have these ladies in my life.

Economically, things have been tough and I don’t see that changing until the 2nd quarter of 2018. I would just once like to be proven wrong but I have been predicting this industries ups and down since 2008 and I am yet to be wrong 🙁 so whats happened to the profitable industry this was?

My July2015 Melbourne tour

July 23rd, 2015 by DiQld

Well what can I say… I bloody love visiting Melbourne. Some of you may know I spent my first 17 years there and then spent a couple more in my late teens/early 20’s.

This trip was especially important because I haven’t toured since 2012 because I didn’t think it fair to the Melbourne ladies to stretch the already scarce (GFC caused) client dollars any further. But a trip to Melbourne always renews my spirit and there are now a lot of Melbourne Ladies that are touring north. I could no longer handle the nagging from my Melbourne clients and I just missed Melbourne men to much… I had to go!

My first trip to Melbourne as a working lady was with a gorgeous lady by the name of Robyn Leslie in 2008, She taught me a lot about touring to Melbourne and so my July trip I was able to pass it on and introduce Melbourne to the sexy Nikki Lee (aka ntynikki or Nikki Cox) Unfortunately we were kept pretty busy so I didn’t have a chance to show her around, hopefully she will head back and check out all that Melbourne has to offer (outside the bedroom too).

My tour went very well and I will be returning very very soon so keep your eyes open and watch for my tour dates. I have decided that I will return to my original idea of touring which is no more that 4 clients in a 24 hour period so if you are thinking of seeing me and dont book early then you may just miss out. I like to have everything planned before I leave Brisbane and so I ask for deposits to secure the appointments. I realise that many people are nervous about paying for something from someone they dont know, but I have been in this industry a very long time and I am not one to risk my reputation for the sake of a few dollars.

Well all in all I had a great tour and I did get out to south Melbourne Markets but I was disappointed that I didn’t get some hot jam doughnuts but I got the Flake and the pizza so I am will just have to go back.

kisses Di

My move to the Valley

April 22nd, 2015 by DiQld

Well I have now been in the valley for 4 months, and I have to say whilst I enjoyed living at Sinnamon Park for 8 years I LOVE living in the Valley. I am meeting some new interesting people and I love that most of my regular clients are happy to come see me in my flash NEW digs.

The only thing I miss is the having an ensuite bathroom but this is more than offset by the fact that I could have a party in my new shower… perfect for water play 😉 lol

If you have been delaying coming to see me because I was too far southwest. I suggest you visit now that I am on the Northside of town.

Dinner bookings are awesome now because I have more than 50 places to choose from within walking distance…

I love my life.

What do I get up to in my down time…

December 5th, 2013 by DiQld

Well I have decided to let you all know a little more about my private life…

Something I did a while ago was join a ‘dating’ site…

Why – because I love men! I have been telling you this for years now and I think many of you failed to believe me. I am also looking for the perfect male to fit into my life… but it isn’t an easy search.

Now before all the single guys put up their hands I want you to know I don’t mix business and pleasure, because that would cost me an income and besides when guys come to see me it is about ‘what I can do for them’. I accept that at work but I don’t accept that sexual attitude in my private life and once that me switch is on it is almost impossible to turn it off in a man! That is not to say I am not tempted by my clients, I have some amazing guys that I care for deeply and it is always heart breaking when they move on or disappear back into their world.

I have learnt a lot about myself this year and the things I seek in a partner, a lover, a man. I am not a fair lover, I am greedy… I want my cake and eat it too… I want someone to adore me, but I want him to accept my job and allow me to have multiple lovers too.

He can also play but I need to be his first priority. I want to spoil him when I want to and then allow me the freedom to do as I please… I know what I seek is near impossible but I am certainly having fun looking!

more next time…

Blackmail doesn’t work on me

April 18th, 2012 by DiQld

Hi Everyone…

What do I do when my honesty, ethics and integrity are threatened???  I fight back!!!! I don’t mind being caught out if I have attempted to get away with something I have done… but look out if you accuse me of something I haven’t done and threaten to tell the world!!!

I work hard making sure that I offer good value for money, sometimes I allow too much. Why? because I genuinely enjoy making men happy!  I have been working since 2007 and I have never felt the need to defend myself to this level!

What – UGLY MUG – Blackmail
When – 10/4/12 – 18/4/12 –
Where – Brisbane.
Who – Paul – Accent weak European/arabic like Said he is 30 (sounded about right) and works in the CBD, said he was a SW virgin (I bet) starts very nice and gets progressively firmer!

Called wanting a 2 hr booking later changed mind and said he wanted to try Ph sex first. I gave him my bank details and he rang just after lunch and said money was in my account… I checked every day for a nearly a week… no money meanwhile he is contacting me every few hours daily. Driving me nuts… so told him I think there may be a problem and gave him my bank details again.. he said that they were correct and he had a receipt no. I told him no money no ph call. today he said I was lying and that he had no reason for lying! now he is threatening to let “everyone know what sort of business I run” I told him that as this was my business reputation I had no reason to lie and I was happy to provide bank statement and if he could send me a pic of the receipt I would chase it up at my bank – he refused. surprise surprise! next contact was if you give me a service I wont post anything. Told him I dont respond to blackmail and to go his f**king hardest!

About to post the HOW to all my advertising sites.

An additional venue….

March 28th, 2012 by DiQld

Hi Guys,

Well after thinking about moving for sometime I have decided that I just cant make that step all in one go, I mean what would all my guys in the south west do with out me???

So I have decided to take on an additional premises to see if I really like living inner city… I have a new work place at Hamilton!!!! I am really looking forward to seeing if there is a difference in cliental and whether I get more or less calls… I am still going to be working from Home as well for the moment.

Tuesday was my first day in my new surroundings and I have to say that having no tv or entertainment was amazing… for the first time in ages I could actually get some downtime to think… I cleaned the mirrors in the unit… (a pet hate is dirty mirrors) then had a few minutes on the balcony watching a couple of very yummy guys do a couple of laps and lay on the lounges around the pool… Why is it that men from afar always look yummier!?!?!?!?!

Then it got interesting….
my computer decided that it didnt like the unit or the telstra wifi do-hicky and it wasnt going to talk to it at all! (still not working) it appears that my computer doesnt like using ipv6 and ipv4 wanted a rest! works ok at home! What the????? I can see an apple mac being the next purchase here…

the stereo then decided that it didnt like the cd and started jumping and stammering… So I turned it off… having sex in a white unit with no music is no fun I have to fix the music situation…

I got a call from a NEW client so gave him the address of the units and ran excitedly to get dressed for the occasion… Then I forgot the unit number so had to stick my head out the door to check ( I have written it down now!) then he arrived and pressed the buzzer, well I couldnt work out whether to press the talk button and talk or to hold it down and talk, tried both and ended up just and bugger if I didnt forget to ask the client if he heard me??? and OMG he was a welcome distraction… he was my very first client in my brand new unit…

The downside of having 2 units is definately the furniture thing… It is like starting out all over again… so bear with me till I get it all together… I want to take it slowly and enjoy the feeling of newness…

Kisses DiQld

BTW this is the first of many positive changes this year… So Stand by

We need your Help

February 9th, 2012 by DiQld





Well the appeal decision has been delivered, and the supreme court appeal has been upheld. What that means is that GK has lost the appeal and whilst normally costs would be awarded to the winner, in this case GK was the only one to make an application for costs, so We think this may be the end. I haven’t personally read the judgement yet, but it is a disappointing result.

If we had of won, it would have meant that there was a possibility of getting the law repealed at some stage, but that seems very unlikely to happen now. As the law was changed earlier than the final decision this case had little consequence except the precendent and costs being awarded to GK.

I would like to thank everyone on behave of GK and the wider Sex workers community for your support, we really couldn’t have done what we have without your support.



Well Done everyone! We raised the needed funds to fight the appeal, so thank you to all who contributed in one way or another. We were all blown away by the support we received.

The Supreme Court Appeal Date has been set for mid MARCH 2013 and Mr Bliejie will be assisting the Motel Owners with the appeal. GK has retained her original Barrister.

As we know the anti-discrimination law in Qld was changed by Qld Attorney General Mr Bliejie so it is now legal for accommodation providers to evict or refuse accommodation to ANYONE using or intending to use accommodation for the purposes of sex work.



Re: The information below…  ‘GK’  WON the anti-discrimination appeal proving that it is discrimination to deny legal sex workers accommodation in motels/hotels based on the fact they are sex workers. However, the Motel/Hotel is appealing the decision in the supreme court. This is now a precedent setting case.

If we cannot raise the funds needed for the legal team, WE will be forced to GIVE UP.

If we do not fight this, then the Motels/hotels win! This will be disastrous for private sex workers and their Clients (you!)


What will that mean?

The END of ALL legal sex workers TOURING or WORKING from ANY MOTELS/HOTELS in QLD and possibly AUST.

Qld HOTELS/MOTELS WILL BE LEGALLY ABLE to REFUSE accommodation to anyone THEY SUSPECT of being a Legal Sex worker. This might be ANY SINGLE FEMALE staying by herself.

QLD Hotels/Motels WILL BE ABLE to throw ANY FEMALE THEY SUSPECT out at any time day or night without fear of recrimination.

Legal Sex workers WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE to work from ANY QUEENSLAND (and possibly Australian) HOTELS/MOTELS, whether a guest or not! NO MORE INCALLS or OUTCALLS in QLD

The ramifications are further stretching than this, MOTELS/HOTELS AROUND AUSTRALIA have been watching this PRECEDENCE SETTING case, and this legislation could possibly pervade the rest of the country.

We desperately need to raise $16,500 by October 1st.  Yes it is alot of Money, but this is a very achievable task, if we can get a lot of people to give a little.  PLEASE help save our rights to work and your right to play within the private legal sex industry in Queensland.  Tell your friends, tell your favourite working ladies.

We only need 300 donations of $55 (it is only 12 coffees!) This can come from 1 person or 300.   Account details are below.

This case has already cost $20,000 over the last year, and our last plea only garnered $6,000.  Come on people, this WILL affect us more than you realise.

The Bank Account for donations is:

BANK ACCOUNT NAME: Crimson Coalition

BSB: 114 879 ACCOUNT NUMBER: 483 605 476

BANK: St George Bank


Donation Appeal


Ladies and Gents please donate to Karlaa’s (alias ‘GK’) Legal Appeal Karlaa, also known as ‘GK’, lost a very important Anti-discrimination Case against a motel in Moranbah that refused her accommodation on the grounds that she was a legal sex worker.

QCAT (Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal) found no case for discrimination as presented by Karlaa and the case was dismissed under a questionable interpretation of the Liquor Licensing Act which is what QCAT based their decision on.

This case creates a precedent now for licensed motels in Queensland to discriminate against touring sex workers from all over Australia.

Funds need to be raised for Karlaa to proceed with an appeal against this decision, as Karlaa has already spent approximately $3500 of her own money to get the case to where it currently is. If the appeal doesn’t go ahead then life as we know it will change dramatically for workers in Queensland. Escorts will find it very difficult to tour to or around Queensland and be able to work from Motels/Hotels without being “told” to leave or having the police called to “tell” you to leave! Also, if the decision isn’t overturned then it leaves the precedent that the Anti-Discrimination Act is a secondary piece of legislation. This will make it harder for workers to claim rights under this Act in other areas as well. Other cases of discrimination before the Anti-Discrimination Commission have been put on hold pending the appeal. If the appeal doesn’t go ahead or fails, then those pending cases will, according to the Commission, most likely be dismissed.

This means that the ground of ‘lawful sexual activity’ that protects us under the Act just won’t mean anything anymore.

Please note that the money being donated is being managed by Candi Forrest from Respect Inc. (QLD Sex Worker Org), with any leftover funds to be donated to Respect Inc.

The Bank Account for donations is:

BANK ACCOUNT NAME: Crimson Coalition

BSB: 114 879 ACCOUNT NUMBER: 483 605 476

BANK: St George Bank

Here is what some Escorts & Clients are saying:

** I’m stunningly shocked – this is a very, very serious issue. At this very moment in time – any Working Lady in any motel in QLD can be thrown out at any time based on the current decision from QCAT under the liquor licensing act.

** Right now – not a lot of motels know about this decision but given time – they will eventually all know.

** What can we do now? Nothing except offer Karlaa our support as peers and some financial aid.

** They have wanted to push us all into licensed brothels in Qld for a while – this may be one more step closer.

** If we fail it will severely restrict any Sex worker (national and international) from touring around Queensland initially but then as the hoteliers association catches on they can and WILL do the same thing across Australia….

** We need every person that is involved in the sex industry to support this please! Workers, clients, suppliers, Advertising sites, forum sites, Adult shops, absolutely every single person that could be affected if we are forced out of Motels/Hotels

** Geez, I can see that it is going to go back to Joh days with everything going underground in Qld – ridiculous in this day and age


** It is possible that WLS renting apartments could also be asked to leave, as the decision of QCAT is that WLs are not covered by the legislation IF THEY WORK FROM THE PREMISES AT ALL. So the only ones not at risk of being kicked out are people working from premises they own or are paying off via a mortgage…

** We need our clients support as well, as they need to know and understand what’s going on and how detrimental to our industry this decision could be if not appealed and overturned…

** Karlaa: It’s no longer just about me and one motel owner’s prejudice; it’s about ALL SEX WORKERS WHO WORK IN QUEENSLAND. Together we can stand up and be heard and fight this, as it does affect us all and our right to operate as independent, legal sole operators within Queensland. Legal fund balance stands at: $1072

** ALL and ANY donation/s are greatly appreciated x

Snot bubbles are Sexy!!!!

October 5th, 2011 by DiQld

Hi All,

Well this last week has seen me down with a rotten cold that had me in Bed ALONE 🙁

I dont often get colds luckily… This one was a shocker.

It always means a week off work due to me believing that snot bubbles are not all that sexy!!!

I just dont understand why people think they arent!!! Men I know are always trying to get us to exude fluids during hot and heavy sex and many just love being covered in sexual fluids!!!!

– they start with a build up… think the build up time between knowing you are going to have sex and actually having it..
– they only appear when you are hot and sweaty… Like good sex and heavy orgasms
– they glisten in the light… think hot moisture, soft light and after sex glow
– they require tissues to clean up… Hmmm Messy Sex – We all love that!!!
– You can’t always get them… according to a few people I know just like sex!!!

So I reckon snot bubbles should be declared sexy, or at least kinky… Do I hear that snot bubbles are the new fetish in town!!!!

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