March 2020

January 12th, 2021 by DiQld


What a difference a month makes! We are (or should be) in total lockdown, except for frontline people and the kids in school – the logic of which baffles me.  I want to wish all the people I have seen all the best and to thank you all for your support and fun over the last 13 years and I hope we all come through this unexpected and unknown crisis.

What does this mean for OUR PLAYTIME? I am taking this week by week and as BROTHELS were closed yesterday (23-3-19) at midday I have decided that it is NO LONGER SAFE to rub wee-wees with anyone and so for the FORESEEABLE FUTURE I AM NO LONGER TAKING ANY BOOKINGS.  I may resume after this nightmare is over, but most likely I will not take on any new clients.  I didn’t plan on ever stopping from this work as I love my life, but it would appear other forces have different ideas.

The safest sex at the moment is self sex. Therefore, I will be practising to make sure I am a great self lover! if you would like to see some of my practise sessions, you can check on my progress by subscribing to

Stay safe and stay home, and don’t forget to wash your hands and phones and computers and hopefully we can catch up later this year.

Di  xx

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