What an interesting life I lead…

May 25th, 2011 by DiQld


I would just like to say I love my life! It never ceases to surprise or delight me…

Thank you to ALL the people in my life that contribute to my life and smile. I really appreciate seeing you all some more often than others 😉 but I wouldnt trade any of you, You are all truly amazing and deserve the best. I can’t thank you enough for the continued love and richness that each and every one of you bring to my life.

Kisses Di

Chrome and Hot Leather

May 25th, 2011 by DiQld

A story from a clent….

It had been a tough week at work and Sam was glad to see the end of it. It was Friday and he was on his way home. Well, he would be if he wasn’t stuck in traffic. Something had happened to the powerlines ahead, one of the lanes was closed and a traffic controller had stepped out in front of him with his stop sign just as he was about to pass. Waiting at the front of the queue Sam was watching people walk by when an approaching headlight in his rear view mirror distracted him. The light grew brighter and with a low rumble a motorcycle pulled up beside him then rolled forward slightly. It was hard to tell how tall the female rider was sat in the saddle but she had long sandy brown hair that flowed out from under her helmet, over the collar of her black leather jacket and down her back. She wore low cut jeans and boots but it was the g-string poking up above the waistband of her jeans that he found himself fixated on. He knew that it is rude to stare and really should have looked away when he noticed her check her mirrors but it was too late. Releasing her grip on the front brake she rolled backwards slowly until level with his front door. Looking in the window she pulled her sunglasses down with her middle finger just enough to look over the top of them. “Something catch your eye?” she sneered as he shifted in his seat. Bugger! Busted! “S-Sorry” he stumbled “I didn’t mean to stare”. “You mean, you didn’t intend to get caught” she replied with a smile as her mood mellowed just a touch. Sam tried to answer but could only manage an embarrassed grin. “I’ll tell you what” she said as she removed her sunglasses and tucked them into her ample cleavage “If you can keep up, I’ll show you something really special”. It was a proposition that took him by surprise and he swallowed hard as the stop sign in front of them flipped from stop to slow. She snapped open the throttle, dropped the clutch and roared off towards the freeway on ramp as the little man that had already begun to swell in the front of Sam’s jeans started screaming at his brain “Go you fool, Go!”.

Merging onto the freeway in front of a large truck Sam scanned the lanes ahead for any sight of the leather clad biker girl. Luckily the traffic was now flowing smoothly and he caught a flash of movement ahead as the last rays of the evening sun reflected off the chrome of a speeding motorcycle. His foot was pressed hard to the floor and he dodged in and out of both lanes just trying to keep her within sight. A gap appeared over the next hill and he saw her in the distance pulling off on the next exit. Reacting quickly he changed lanes a little too eagerly and received a horn blast and the finger for his troubles before exiting the freeway.

They were now travelling through suburban streets and only just matching her turns Sam was struggling to keep up. Rounding each corner he would only catch a glimpse of leather and chrome before she disappeared up the next street. The long straight which followed proved lucky as he only just caught sight of her turning into a unit complex and vanishing from view. He pulled up out the front but the gates were closed. He was trying to decide what to do when suddenly they opened so he drove in. Now where the hell was she? There were a lot of units and driving up and down he couldn’t knock on all those front doors. Then, he heard it…tink, tink, tink, header pipes contracting as they cooled in the chilled evening air. The unmistakeable sound of a Harley that had been ridden hard and put away hot! Parking outside he walked up the front steps and knocked on her door. 

The door opened and Sam walked in to find her standing there in stockings, heels and her black leather jacket draped in chains. “Took your time didn’t you” she said as he stepped closer. Fighting back the nerves that were making his knees shake he slipped his arms around her waist then drew her close to his chest. He felt her breast press against him as he kissed her softly. She ran her hand up the back of his head then, pulling him even closer kissed him back hard. Her other hand that had been stroking his crotch now undid his zip and began fondling his hard cock. She pulled back from him slowly and smiled. “Hi” he said “my name is Sam”. “Well” she replied “if you are going to be Sam then I’ll be Delilah, or you could just call me Dee”.  Sam was no longer nervous. Every fibre of his body was now pulsing with a primitive lust. He could hold it back no more. Taking a firm grip on her waist he spun her around then bent her over the kitchen bench top. She spread her legs and Sam was now kneeling on the floor behind her. Slowly he pulled down her g-string and unhitched it from her heels as she stepped out of it. He ran his hands up her silky legs then kissed her gorgeous bum. Dee giggled as Sam kissed the inside of her thighs. He could smell her sex and it drove him wild as he tilted her hips forward then slid his tongue into her delicious wet pussy. Dee let out a sigh as Sam continued to lick her as his fingers found their way inside her. He could tell that she wanted him so he stood up and pulled his jeans down the rest of the way. Standing behind her Sam took a hold of his throbbing hard cock, Dee gripped the bench top and moaned softly as he entered her. He felt the warm wetness of her pussy and began to stroke it slowly. Reaching forward Sam gripped Dee’s shoulders then increased his rhythm “Ohhh, Fuck Yes!” she called out. The chains on her jacket were rattling and Sam could hear his pelvis slapping against her bum as her fucked her hard. He released his grip on her shoulders then reached inside her jacket and caressed her beautiful breasts with both of his hands. Sam slowed his pace as he noticed a barstool pulled up under the bench top. He hooked it out with his foot then turned Dee back around to face him. He sat her down on the barstool, taking one of her legs he raised it up over his shoulder then stepped forward and slid his glistening cock inside her. Sam felt the silky smoothness of her stocking clad calf muscle against his neck as he gripped her leg and drove himself into her hard. Sweat began to trickle down his back as he increased his rhythm even further. “Oh God!” Dee let out. Sam could tell she was close and he held her tight as her whole body shuddered with ecstasy. She gripped his arm, relaxed back onto the chair then smiled with satisfaction. It was a smile that soon turned to a giggle when she realised that Sam was now wearing most of her lipstick so she tried to wipe it off. Stepping down from the chair Dee took a hold of Sam’s cock then said “follow me upstairs and we’ll get comfortable, now it’s your turn”. Doing as he was told Sam stumbled up the stairs behind her with his jeans still around his ankles. 

Once inside the bedroom Dee walked over to the wardrobe and opened it. She turned to Sam and said “why don’t you go into the ensuite and wash off the rest of that lipstick and take off those jeans while I get myself ready”. Washing his face in the sink Sam was wondering what “now it’s your turn” meant. He took off his jeans, boots and socks then stepped back into the bedroom. He leant back against the wall and watched Dee from behind as she fastened the last buckle on what appeared to be cross between a harness and some kinky leather underwear. His jaw dropped and he gripped the door frame tightly as she turned to face him. Attached to the front of the “harness” she wore was a large black rubber cock. Sam couldn’t move. He felt himself fixed to the spot as Dee stalked towards him with a small packet of lubricant in her hand. She tore open the packet with her teeth then sucked out the contents and threw the packet aside. Standing in front of him Dee parted her lips, and allowed the lube to dribble out, Sam watched the liquid dribble down her body and land on the rubber cock as she began stroking it with her hand. Sam didn’t know what to do. He had wondered what it would be like to be loved by a woman but now the chance was upon him he was unsure. But he didn’t back away. Reaching forward Dee stroked Sam’s cock, fondled his smooth balls then reaching between his legs tickled his ass with her lubricated fingers. Sam let out a moan as Dee slipped first one then two fingers inside him and began to work them in and out slowly. Stepping close she lifted one of his legs and cradled it in her arm. With her other hand she took a grip on her cock and pressed the tip of it against his ass then pushed. Sam gripped her shoulder tight as the head of her cock entered him. He felt a burning pain and at first it hurt quite a bit so Dee applied a bit more lube and tried to get him to relax. She increased her rhythm but Sam stopped her “slow down” he asked. Dee leant forward then whispered in his ear “stop whining and take it like a man!” she tilted her hips and slid the full length inside him. “Oh Fuck!” Sam called out. The extra lube was helping but he found the position awkward so they both fell on to the bed. Dee laid Sam on his back, she knelt between his legs and as she watched his face, she lifted them both over her shoulders. She applied more lube to the length of her cock then entered Sam again. He found himself gripping the sheets as she increased her pace and began riding him harder. Dee held his legs tight and looked into his eyes. Sam looked back at her with a mixture of desire and disbelief. He still couldn’t quite grasp what was happening to him but he knew he liked it. Dee reached down at began stroking Sam’s cock, faster and faster she pumped it with her fist. She started fucking him harder, he was close now, she could see it in his eyes. He arched his back and began to tremble. “Oh God, I’m coming” he screamed. Dee gripped the base of his cock hard and squeezed. A hot white jet shot through the air as Sam came all over himself. He collapsed on the bed as Dee withdrew from him. She unbuckled the strap on cock then laid beside him smiling. “Told you I’d show you something special” she said as Sam opened his eyes. They laid together talking and giggling about what had just happened then jumped into the shower and rubbed soap all over each other. Sam kissed her goodbye at the front door and as he turned Dee slapped him hard on the ass “come and find me again sometime” she said as he walked towards his car. He turned, smiled and waved goodbye, then thought to himself “Definately”.