My July2015 Melbourne tour

July 23rd, 2015 by DiQld

Well what can I say… I bloody love visiting Melbourne. Some of you may know I spent my first 17 years there and then spent a couple more in my late teens/early 20’s.

This trip was especially important because I haven’t toured since 2012 because I didn’t think it fair to the Melbourne ladies to stretch the already scarce (GFC caused) client dollars any further. But a trip to Melbourne always renews my spirit and there are now a lot of Melbourne Ladies that are touring north. I could no longer handle the nagging from my Melbourne clients and I just missed Melbourne men to much… I had to go!

My first trip to Melbourne as a working lady was with a gorgeous lady by the name of Robyn Leslie in 2008, She taught me a lot about touring to Melbourne and so my July trip I was able to pass it on and introduce Melbourne to the sexy Nikki Lee (aka ntynikki or Nikki Cox) Unfortunately we were kept pretty busy so I didn’t have a chance to show her around, hopefully she will head back and check out all that Melbourne has to offer (outside the bedroom too).

My tour went very well and I will be returning very very soon so keep your eyes open and watch for my tour dates. I have decided that I will return to my original idea of touring which is no more that 4 clients in a 24 hour period so if you are thinking of seeing me and dont book early then you may just miss out. I like to have everything planned before I leave Brisbane and so I ask for deposits to secure the appointments. I realise that many people are nervous about paying for something from someone they dont know, but I have been in this industry a very long time and I am not one to risk my reputation for the sake of a few dollars.

Well all in all I had a great tour and I did get out to south Melbourne Markets but I was disappointed that I didn’t get some hot jam doughnuts but I got the Flake and the pizza so I am will just have to go back.

kisses Di