Melbourne in June

July 16th, 2010 by DiQld

Well I have just had a pretty impromptu visit to Melb…
Work up here in Brisbane was quiet and I was feeling so unloved, with just 2 days notice to my guys in Melb I hoped on a plane and headed south.
I have to say a very big thank you to the lovely guys I caught up with in Melb, I had the best time and I feel reinvigorated and very loved again.
I do have a funny story from this recent trip tho.

I had been in contact with a lovely gentleman (John! that I was yet to meet) and so we made the appointment for 2pm the next day.

All was well I got up early (it was still dark at 7am… eeeeek what is with that!) and headed to dockside to catch the amazing bodies exhibition, it was 12pm and I got a text from Johns phone saying that John had just passed away! I am standing there in the middle of dead, dissected and plasinated people and animals thinking is this a joke? my response was automatic… I text back “sorry? What?” I was due to meet John in 2 hours and someone (probably his wife) had sent a message to Johns afternoon delight informing me he was dead? I got a response less than 15 mins later that he had had a massive coronary and had not survived!

After I managed to pick my mouth up off the floor and send a sorry to the mystery person on Johns phone, the situation hit me! he was probably getting ready for our appointment (he had a ways to come).
I decided that God had really looked after me during the week…
– He had sent me all the guys I wanted to see 😉
– I got to see an exhibition I had missed in Brisbane,
– I contacted a Brisbane girlfriend and it turned out she was also in Melb (we caught up and had dinner together)
– I also got to catch up with the very Busty Bella and a client…
– and finally saved me from having to ring an ambulance for a client having a massive coronary during sex!

All in all it was a fantastic week….

Kisses Di

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