Search terms that have founds me….

February 2nd, 2012 by DiQld

Top search terms that have found my website…

I thought I would share with you some of the entertaining terms searched….

1. “Best cock sucking hookers st kilda locations” hehehe some of this is true but I have never worked in St Kilda!
2. “Bitch diqld” Hmmm me never!
3. “Andy di pants escort” not really sure what that was about – maybe he wanted to ‘pants me’
4. “indian escort in brisbane” last time I looked I was an aussie escort
5. “ball licking escorts brisbane” Hmmm only if you are really lucky!
6. “brisbane escort big cock” now were they looking for an escort that likes big cocks or hoping I had one???
7. “brisbane escort cum in mouth” this one surprised me cause it is something that is illegal in brisbane.
8. “deep throat escort brisbane” well maybe I do maybe I don’t!! Cum find out…
9. “di’s naughty knickers” hmmm could they be looking for a souvenir??? Happy to mail out used knickers if that is your fetish.
10. “does anyone know an escort to put a vibrator in my ass” I have and will again! I have both small and large vibrators in my sex toy range.
11. “Ernie Sigley – its almost tomorrow” I have no idea!!!!!
12. “can you clean your foreskin with deodorant” Dont know how this found me but Ummm NO you can’t
13. “Condoms hanging off cock with cum” if you must!!!!
14. Ă‹scort reviews australia long tongue” does he want a long tongue or have a long tongue????
15. “hair washing escorts” ok I have been asked to manscape but does he want to have his hair washed or does he want to wash mine???
16. “he made her feel ontop of the world” wow 2 people found me using this one!!!!
17. “limp prostitute nervous relax” interesting…. What can I say???
18. “lying on my back, legs apart, i thought what will I do for a monet” i have thought of many things whilst my legs have been apart and someone was pounding me but never about a monet!!!
19. “meet me in the morning southern kissers” What the????

The usual suspects are there too – DiQld, Di, Escort, brisbane , Australian, Escorts , Milf, Gilf, Mature, Chubby, fat, BBW, larger, busty, pretty, Stockings, lingerie, naked, toys, sexy, huge tits, big boobs etc but they are all rather boring compared to those above.

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