A Man in Uniform

April 17th, 2009 by Tiffany

She was sitting in her car, chatting happily on her mobile phone to her friend, she was laughing, not a care in the world, the daily grind of the traffic was slowly making it’s way at a snail’s pace down the express way.

Suddenly, there was a tap at her window, startled, her brown eyes widened and soft red lips opened in surprise, letting out a squeal, quickly she said “I have to go, police!” she groaned in aspiration, she wa always careful to hide the fact she was talking on the mobile phone..she had a hands free handset but disliked them intensely, she was always careful to wrap her long black, silky hair around the phone, trying to disguise the fact she was being naughty. She sunk down in the seat, her skirt riding up, she giggled to herself, thinking, there is nowhere to hide, she quickly glanced out the window, yes he was still there, the police officer on a motor bike, with a scowl on his face, obviously he was less than impressed with her attempts to hide..she couldn’t make out his features, as the helmet was covering his face, his finger was pointing to the side of the road, “move over” he roared, she winced at his tone, obviously he ment business, she looked down at herself and quickly undid two buttons on her shirt, so the swell of her ample breasts were in full view, wouldn’t help to charm him a bit? She thought to herself.
Slowly she inched her way to the side of the expressway and took the first exit, there was a little rest area there and she wouldn’t interfere with the traffic, she looked in her rear vision mirror and nervously licked her lips, he was still following her, she put her indicator on and pulled into the rest area, graceful hand extended and buzzed down the electric window.
Then she turned off the engine. She heard the crunch of foot steps on the gravel and took a big breathe and smiled gaily, her smile faltered slightly as a face loomed right into her window, his piercing green eyes were positively magnetic, she swallowed and said “I’m sorry Officer, I didn’t mean to talk on the mobile phone..” her voice trailed off when she noticed he wasn’t smiling in the least. “License please”, said the deep gravely voice, “yes it is an offense to talk on a mobile phone whilst driving, three demerit points and $135.00. License please!” he barked again. Nervously she looked at him, this wasn’t going to plan at all, she reached over to the passenger side, to grab her hand bag, her skirt riding higher, giving the police officer a brief glimpse of black lace panties and ample view of her long bare legs,, he couldn’t help but stare at the enticing sight before him. She turned back and smiled up at him, handing him her license with perfect manicured nails, the colour of fresh red apples, their hands brushed briefly and quickly she jerked back her hand as if an electric shock had coursed through her, only a tightening of facial muscles around his face gave way to the fact, he felt it too, “it’s just been a long day at the office..her voice trailed off”, indignant, she realized he wasn’t even listening! He pivoted on a foot and walked back to his motor cycle. Probably going to check she wasn’t wanted for bank robbery, she muttered to herself. She continued to watch, he was tall, broad, slender and an ass to die for.

Next moment he was peering into the window again, she looked up into those green eyes again ran her fingers through her hair, licking her lips enticingly. God, was sh being that obvious? “It would seem we have a little problem here” said the gravely voice, she jumped up startled, “problem?” she repeated in a parrot like fashion.
“It would seem you had one to many warnings, could you please step out of the vehicle. His eyes couldn’t tear themselves away from those glossy red lips, nor the sweet curves of her breasts. Her legs parted slightly when he stepped back so she could open the door and he was again granted a glimpse of black lace panties. He swallowed hard for the first time in his life at a loss what to do..there was no problem with her license, he just wanted to scare her a bit, too often women used their female wiles on him, thinking a quick smile and a flash leg would have him walk away and not write a ticket.
As she exited the car, she stumbled briefly on the gravely path, her spiky high heels shoes not ment for cross country gallivanting, she grabbed his arm to steady herself, the muscles felt rock hard under her touch, again she felt the course of electricity flowing through her, her nipples tightened in response and he was helpless not to notice the sudden swelling of those beautiful breasts, his eyes flew to her face, he stared down at what seemed like a small eternity, into those sexy brown eyes, the liquid drown pools were a direct window to her soul and there he saw she wanted him. His eyes wandered down lower to her her lips, damn they were sexy lips, he wondered what it would feel like to kiss those apple red lips.
She leaned back against the car and noticed the sky was starting to darken, the sun had already slipped behind the trees that lined either side of the road. A barren road it would seem..no one seemed to use this rest stop anymore. She noticed the other tanned hand held a ticketing book and her license, she scanned his face for a hint of anything and found his face was stern, her eyes lingered for a while on his lips, such beautiful lips, looked as if they were sculptured by Michael Angelo himself. “okay, okay. So, um..”
“Could you please come with me?” He motioned to the front of the car and walked off before she could utter a syllable. The nerve of that man! Her eyes narrowed and she stalked off towards the front of the car, she made it four steps before the heel of her shoe caught in a rut, she teetered precariously on her high heel shoes, her hands failed out wildly, trying to regain balance, when she felt a steel hand wrap around her upper arm steading her, she was whipped around suddenly and brought up hard against his chest, her hands fell flat on the pockets of his uniform, she felt the thud of his heart beneath her hands, she smiled in a brief moment of satisfaction, knowing his heart was pounding as fast as hers. He backed her up against the bonnet of the car, trying to steady both of them, his body came into contact with her soft curves and he was lost, she felt as good as she looked..his nostril flared and caught scent of her perfume and smelt deliciously eatable.
His face was only inches from hers, he groaned and gave into resistance, all barriers falling away, his lips brushed hers softly, tenderly, they parted under his gentle touch, slowly, hungrily the pace picked up, each clutching at each other. He kicked her feet apart slightly with his black boot and reached down with his free hand to lift her skirt and cup her hot, shaved pussy. It felt so hot to his touch and eased her panties to one side, allowing access to feel her slick wetness, he groaned in passion against her lips, this was madness, yet she wasn’t pulling away either, but pushing against his hand, wanting more. His finger started to rub gently against her clitoris, feeling it become harder beneath his gentle touch, she started to grind up against his hand harder, he gently eased a finger into her and automatically the walls of her pussy wrapped around him. Her nostrils were flared as she breathed hard in and out, her hands were wildly caressing every inch of him, this was madness!she never been aroused so much in her entire life, it was as if he was the puppet master and she was the puppet, bending to his will.
“Do you want me?”he whispered against her ear, wordlessly she nodded, helpless to speak against the onslaught on waves of pleasure that was crashing over her. He removed his hand from her crotch and reached for his belt and quickly undid it, letting them fall to the ground before freeing his rock hard cock, strong, tanned hands returned to undo the rest of the buttons of her shirt, slipping a hand around her back to release the catch of her black lacy bra, freeing her beautiful breasts to his hungry gaze.
His head swooped down and took one nipple into his mouth, lick and sucking it gently, whilst his hands gently cupped them, she was leaning back against the bonnet of her car, gasping, the coolness of the air heightening the exquisite torment, her head thrashed from side to side, black silken hair spread over the bonnet off the car, she looked like a siren, a siren who seduced him, for the first time a smile came across his lips and he whispered, “you are so beautiful”, gently, he brought her to her feet and turned her around, he hiked her skirt up around her hips and pressed his hard cock against her perfect ass, she backed into him wantonly, her hands braced against the car.
Slowly, he guided his hard cock into her dripping wet pussy, slowly inch at a time, battling with himself not to drive it in all the way, deep and hard, “you like that?you like the feel of me inside you?you want me”.. his voice trailed off , “yessss, yesss she gasped, oh god yes, please fuck me”
slowly he started to move in the ancient rhythm of old, building the tempo faster and faster, his hands reaching up and holding her shoulders, so he could drive himself deeper into her, he heard her breathe quicken and she was sobbing, “please, please”, before one final thrust sent her hurdling into orgasmic bliss, he felt her shudder and pulse around his cock and knew he couldn’t hold another moment longer before he too reached climax, shouting hoarsely.
Finally they both lay spent against the car, he nuzzled the side of her neck and kissed her softly, she eased back and turned around, staring wordlessly into his eyes, they both knew what happened between them was fate. He eased away and pulled up his pants and trousers, straightening his uniform , before helping her dress herself.
The ticket book was on the ground flapping in the breeze, he picked it up and closed the pad, before returning to the back pocket of his trousers.
He reached for a pen in his shirt pocket, turned and picked up her hand, he placed a kiss on the palm before writing down his number. She looked at him in wonderment, before curling her manicured fingers in the palm of her hand. She leaned forward shyly and gave him a quick kiss on his lips..knowing there would be many more interludes to be enjoyed

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