Mr Jones

April 17th, 2009 by Tiffany

She sat behind her office desk, staring aimlessly out the window, below her the city lights twinkled like a fantasy fairy tale land, people were milling about, laughing gaily, others striding down the streets with a purposeful mission. What was her mission she wondered? leave the office and have an exciting Friday night at home, curl up with a good book with her cat Cleo on her lap, she laughed ruefully, leaned back in her chair and stretched lazily, before swinging her chair around and gracefully stood up and walked to to the window. She pressed her hand against the window, the coolness felt nice to her touch, she leaned forward and breathed heavily onto the glass window for a few seconds, watching the window fog up and laughed at her childish antics, if only her boss Matt Jones could see her now, all pretense of a uptight Ice Maiden gone.

Her hand went up and felt for the pins that held her hair in it’s usual tight bun, one by one, she pulled them out and her luxurious blonde hair tumbled down her back, she shook her head, feeling the weight released and revelled in the feel of her hair set free from the constrictions of the bun. She looked down at herself, white blouse buttoned to the top, straining slightly in the middle, her DD breasts, confined in a tight fitted bra, trying to minimise their fullness, straight black shirt, knee length, no shorter, her only unpractical folly were her shoes, how beautiful they were, red, high and shiny, matching her ruby red lips..her fingers reached up and slowly released three buttons, exposing her amazing cleavage. If only Matt Jones could see me now, she thought again, her hands slide down to the waist band of her skirt and she pulled it up higher,folding it over, until her skirt was three inches above her knee, perfectly indecent! she thought smiling. Just then a thought struck her, Mr Jones will see her, as he has never seen her before, she knew the nightclub he frequented. Before she lost her nerve, she picked up her Versace handbag – red to match her shoes and strode out the door without a backwards glance. Tonight was going to be fun, tonight was going to be different..

She reached the nightclub, lights flashing, bodies writhing, she knew it was not her kind of place. Then she saw him. Tall, dark and handsome, leaning nonchalantly against the bar, his hand sporting a glass of amber liquid, she knew by experience was scotch, on the rocks, how many times had she mixed that drink for him? Chivas Regal, on ice. She sauntered confidently towards him,getting into character, as if she was the kind of woman who picked up men in bars, her was doing flip-fops in her chest, she ignored the looks from the other men, as she made her way to his side, he laughed at something the woman beside him said, Rachael, the receptionist, before he turned and spotted her, his green eyes widened in amazement, “Grace”? she finally reached his side and whispered throatily in his ear, “lost for words Mr Jones”?, his dazzling smile made her feel warm in more than one place, his elbow accidently brushing the side of her breasts, giving her goose bumps all over, he asked, “can I buy you a drink?”, she thought wildly for a second, mineral water wouldn’t cut it her, “Cosmo please”, he turned and motioned the bartender over, placing her order, before returning his attention to her once more, “you look beautiful Grace”.
‘He must be the devil,’ she thought as she realised her nipples were tightening in her top, looking into those green eyes. He passed her the Cosmo and she gulped it down quickly, needing the dutch courage,he spoke, asked her if she would like to dance she muttered a vague reply, she felt drunk and she only had one drink.

He took her hand and led her through the crowd, to the dance floor, he couldn’t think of anything except of finding a way of kissing her, he knew this was out of character for her, but what the heck, he had been admiring her for months and longed to feel body against his..slowly they started to sway to the rhythm, this wasn’t exactly going to plan, her hips fitted against his snuggly, her breasts brushing against his chest, her perfume tantalising his nostrils, he felt himself harden almost instantly and pulled away slightly, she looked at him puzzled, then smiled when she realised what was happening and grinded closer to him again. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Grace, lets get out of here, back to the office”, she licked her lips when she spoke to him,”yes”, now he knew he wasn’t just warm, he was hard, and it was getting painful.

As they exited the club, Rachael the receptionist called after them, only then did he turn round and she looked at those eyes again, this time asking a question. She nodded, they ran.

Eventually they stopped, he could hear her heavy breathing and let her rest. She flopped against the wall of the office block, and he suddenly noticed how her breasts were heaving. . She subconsciously licked her lips again and they knew that was the point of no return. He must have her, now, or he would be not sleeping for a week.

She leaned against the wall, wondering what the hell it was that she was doing, and then she noticed the look in his eyes that made her nipples harden again and she remembered what she was doing here. He leaned in and all traces of self-control left when his lips touched hers. He pulled back and fumbled for his keys, opening the building door, before both rushed inside, giggling like school children, how exciting this was, how exhilarating, he kissed her lips and proceeded to probe inside her mouth, gently until she opened her mouth fully and not only gave in to his kiss, but kissed back fiercely. He could stand it no more, and pressed himself against her, he was painfully hard. Grace pulled back slightly and said, “I think your desk will be more fun..” she couldn’t believe herself, what happend to shy Grace? the Ice Queen?, well she found someone who melted her – Mr Jones..

They tumbled into his office and he pushed her back against his desk, she felt the hard edge pressing against her soft skin and leaned back further, her hand gently touching his crotch, she felt him and moaned, and felt herself get wet. It was crazy, suddenly she wanted him to touch her, everywhere.

He heard her moan and with an answering grunt of his own, lifted her body off her feet onto the table, where he stripped off her top and gently caressed her breasts, then took a nipple in his mouth. He was pleased it was already hard as he licked and sucked it gently.

Her knees gave way, and she abandoned herself to the waves of pleasure that were raging though her, all she could gasp was ‘please?’ All she could think about was him inside her, filling her. She was burning, she was on fire and all she could think of was being satisfied, right here, right now. She practically ripped off his shirt and she pressed her hands against his chest, raking her long tipped nails down to his belt, and felt his hardness and shivered in pleasure.

He couldn’t see anything but her, and ripped down her skirt. He was trying to be gentle and slowly turn her on as he had done with countless women before, but he couldn’t contain himself with her, carelessly yanked off her French lace knickers, barely appreciating how sexy they were.

He thought he was going to explode, as she finally freed him of his trousers and he ripped off his boxers. He took a moment to take her all in, just looking at her made him swell more, he could barely contain himself,she begged him with her eyes, as she started to shamelessly rub herself, arching her back, she grabbed him and pulled him down on top of her, begging again for release…

Sliding himself into her, he realised how tight and wet she was and wondered if once was going to be enough and if he was going to last! she was not like anyone he had before.. her fingernails dug into his back as he began the rhythm, her hips rose to meet his, exactly in time. ‘harder!
faster!’ She whispered in his ear, and he finally gave in, thrusting deeply and hard into her, her moan giving him all the encouragement he needed, speeding up the rhythm as she raised her hips so he could penetrate even deeper. He thrust into her, hard, and she was so close she couldn’t breathe. She grabbed him, pulling him deeper and closer, wanting, needing release.

He felt her back arching, and couldn’t help but joining in with her moans as her felt himself coming. Their bodies were slick with sweat and he felt like he never wanted to stop doing this. With united moans, they both came, him rocking her as he shuddered inside of her, her orgasmic ripples inside of her taking him over the edge.

They both smiled as they dressed and he grinned as he said “that was very naughty Grace!, you must come into my office tomorrow for punishment.
Grace grinned cheekly and replied, “Same time tomorrow, Mr Jones, but next time up against the wall, Mr. Jones” He looked at her in utter amazement and knew there were going to be many, many more pleasurable interludes with Grace.

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