Strangers In The Night

April 21st, 2009 by Tiffany

She was standing at the bus stop, he couldn’t see much of her, other than
the delightful smile on her face, the way she tilted her head up and
caught the occassional stray raindrop that dared to trespass passed the
umbrella, the way her tongue snaked out and caught the drop made him
shudder with desire, thinking how such a seductive mouth and those lips
would taste like against his mouth. He smiled slightly and laughed to
himself as he had no intention of catching any buses, but something about
this lady had captivated his attention. On closer scrutiny, he noticed
she had long wavy hair, he closed his eyes and imagined the silky strands
wrapped around his fingers as he pulled her closer to him. Her eyes were
a deep blue, her skin porceline white, he noticed she was elegantly
dressed with a brief case clutched in one hand, his eyes skimmed down
lower and took in her daintly ankles and impossibly high heel shoes. Just
then the siren turned and stared right into his eyes, he felt desire shoot
down to his loins, something he had not felt in a long time, “would you
like to share”? he stared at her with a vacant look on his face and
stuttered, “share”?, she laughed and gestured to her umbrella, “yes, share
my umbrella, your getting a little wet there”, he was so engrossed in
staring at this beautiful creature, he failed to notice it was raining
heavier and getting soaked. Gathering his wits, he grinned in a cheeky
manner and sauntered over, slipping beside her. He could smell her
intoxicating perfume and leaned closer, his hand accidently brushing
against hers, an electric current went through him and he jumped, he took
pleasure in noting the blush that stole across her cheeks and knew she was
not unaffected either. His hand reached out involuntarily and brushed
away a stray hair that grazed her cheek, the strand felt silken to his
touch and his hand lingered longer than necessary. They stood awqardly
for a few moments, each lost in their own lustful thoughts, before she
asked, “where are you going?” he gazed helpessly into those beautiful blue
eyes and muttered,”anywhere you are going”. She leaned forward and
whispered throatily in his ear, ” I normally don’t do this type of thing,
but there is something about you…” her voice trailed off, she cleared
her throat and started over again, “do you have somewhere we could go?”.
He stared dumbfounded,unable to believe, his wildest dreams had come
true,”well there is the Stamford up the road a bit I believe?”, quickly
she grabbed his hand, giggling, both started running up the street,
passers by stared at them and wondered what the rush was…if they only
knew. They rounded the corner and almost knocked over a portly old man,
they muttered apologies and raced up to the door, slowing down to a more
sedate pace, they waltzed up to the counter, he cleared his throat and
asked, “your best suite please”, the receptionist stared at them both for
a moment, taking in their excited smiles and noted their hand holding,
“will that be the honeymoon suite?” she asked brightly, the pair looked at
each other and burst out laughing, “certainly” he said…”the honeymoon
suite it is” The receptionist smile and said, “there will be
complimentary champagne, chocolates and strawberries sent to your room,
name please?” both looked at each other and giggled again, “umm errr Mr
and Mrs Delaney”, the receptionisted reached down and handed them the key
after the necessary swiping of the credit card. The walked briskly to the
elevator and up to the 24th Floor, walked into the room and their was a
beautiful four poster bed, drapped in silk, satin and lace, the
furnishings were sumptious and decadent, as they walked around, a knock at
the door sounded, champagne, chocolates and strawberries were brought
in…he walked to the door and let the waiter out, before placing a do not
disturb sign on the door. He spun around slowly, shy all of a sudden, he
couldn’t believe this was happening, this is stuff dreams are made off,
she beconed him to her, long, elegant fingers extended, wiggling their
impatients. Three strides saw him before her, he gently tilted her head
back and lowered his head until his lips met hers, how soft they were,
they willingly parted and both started to kiss passionatley, flames
igniting instantly. Feverishly, they both fumbled with each others
clothes, soon there was a pool of pants, dress, shirt, tie, coats and
shoes on the floor, his hands skimmed over her body lightly, delighting
when he felt her shudder, he marveled how soft her skin felt, like satin,
he drank in the heady smell of her perfume, he pulled her closer to him
and felt her body fit hers perfectly, they started to sway and he sang a
song into her ear,the romantic he was “Strangers in the night exchanging
glances, wondering in the night,what were the chances,we’d be sharing
love, before the night was through..”he spun her around, until her knees
were pressed up against the bed and gently pushed her forward until she
tumbled backwards, her bare breasts begged to be touched and licked and he
happily obliged, the tip of his tongue flicking over the peaks of her
nipples, until they hardened, he cupped their fullness and stoked them
gently, moans of pleasure were coming through her throat, her hands
involuntarily reached out and started to stoke his head, fingers skimming
over his shoulders, he felt himself harden even more, he hoped he lasted,
but this lady was different, felt different, felt as he belonged to her,
as if they had been lovers in a passed life, now reunited once again. His
other hand was playing with her other nipple, fingers delicatley playing
and hardening, then gently skimming down her side and back up again, over
and over again, until her hips started to rise and the moans became
louder. Her eyes were clouded in passion, she had never felt this way
before, so wanton, so brazen, yet she ached for more, she grabbed is head
and pushed it lower between the junction of her legs, once there he looked
up and smiled at her, he extended one finger and ran it down her beautiful
pussy lips, feeling the slick wetness at his touch, again he repeated the
movement gently, carefully watching her eyes, “is this want you want
beautiful”? he asked, she nodded soundlessly and he continued the
maddening torchure, until he couldn’t wait any longer, lowered his head
and with the tip of his tongue ran it up and down, gently then more firm,
altering pressure, tasting the sweet nectar on his tongue, he plunged his
tongue deep inside her and she arched her back and wimpered in pleasure.
He didn’t know how much longer he could last, he longed to slide his
raging hard cock, into her pussy, to feel her muscles clench around him,
while he stroked them both over the edge into oblivion. He felt her
muscles clench and tighten aroun him, he knew she was close and stopped,
her breathing had become more rapid, her nails digging into his flesh in
pleasure and pain. He raised himself way from her, kissed his way back up
to her lips and kissed her passionatley, letting her taste herself on his
lips, she wimpered in pleasure, her finger tips running over his shoulders
and back and down again, until they made their way to his hard cock, she
let out a groan as she felt his hardness and silky hard length slide in
and out of her hand, he reached down and eased her hand away, whispered,
“no..wait..” He moved over her, balancing himself on his hands, lowering
his hips until the tip of his cock felt her wetness, he groaned in
pleasure and frustration, denying himself the urge to plunge into her deep
and hard, she raised her hips in response and the head of his cock slid in
every so slowly, inch at a time, savouring how hot and wet she was, she
clutched at his shoulders, her legs wrapped around him, urging him to
please fuck her, please fuck her now, he was close now and slid his whole
length into her wet pussy, pausing for a moment, before commencing the
maddening torment of pleasure, slowly building up the pace, waiting for
her to go over the edge first, before his own release is met, he knew it
was coming soon, her head was thrown back in pleasure, eyes closed, lips
slighly parted, her gasps becoming louder and louder, until she screamed
in pleasure, he pumped faster, feeling his own release rushing forward and
suddenly he was there, his own hoarse cry joined hers as they both
shuddered in pleasure. He lay ontop of her momenarily, gasping, riverlets
of sweat running of his body. He rolled to the side and pulled her close
to him, she was still breathing rapidly, she turned her head and laughter
bubbled from her lips, “hi my name is Lisa”,he also began to roar with
laughter,”Jeremy, pleasure to meet you”. His eyes looked deep into hers
and said, “your so beautiful” and began to sing in her ear “to the moment
when we said our first hello little did we know love was just a glance turned out so right for strangers in the night”.

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