The Heist

April 25th, 2009 by Tiffany

They were speeding down the highway towards the next town,its certainly
Wouldn’t do pulling up infront of the bank in the black mustang, best to knock off a car, then pick up his baby later, Clancy patted the dashboard of his car, “good girl Christine”, a name he had christened her, she gotten him out of many  hairy situations  in the passed.  “What?” Chris said, “nothing” Clancy returned, “now remember the plan?” , “yeah yeah” Chris replied, this isn’t exactly my first
job,”no” Clancy said, “it isn’t, but its going to be the biggest this town’s ever heard of”, both brothers laughed simultaneously, “why didn’t you bring dad in on this one Clancy?” Chris ask, quickly Clancy’s laughter was cut off, “no reason” he retorted.

Before long they were in the shopping lot of the local shopping
center, it was so quiet a cannon could have been fired down the center and not hit a soul, Clancy popped the boot and both brothers quickly stepped out of the car, he retrieved two bags and closed the boot, he scanned the parking lot and headed towards a non descript station wagon, Chris two steps behind him, he headed for the drivers side and within 5 seconds was in, Chris hopped in the passenger side, he
looked at his watch “new record Clancy”, Clancy smiled tightly but didn’t say a word, pulled out of the parking lot and headed back down the freeway.  Springfield the sign flashed before their eyes, he made a left, right and left before pulling in front of the National Australia Bank, Clancy leaned forward and clapped his brother on his back, “its show time”, Chris laughed  before reaching for the sports bag on
the back seat, he unzipped the bag and passed Clancy a clown mask, hand gun and a leather brief case, before pulling out his own fright night mask.  Both brothers slowly exited the car and strolled nonchalantly towards the entrance of the bank, the adrenaline was pumping through Clancy, this would be the moment he would show them all, no longer just the “dodge”, but the “master”.  He could taste the victory in his mouth, savoring each second, this was better than any other drug he had
tried, this was the ultimate high, he longed to throw back his head and laugh, to extend his arms out and spin crazily around in circles, but the job was at hand, taking deep breathes he steadied his excitement and slowly walked to the front door, he knew Chris was steps away, ten paces to the counter, that was all, he practiced this countless of times before, just ten paces between him and millions of dollars.
He vividly remember the feel of the timber door under his hand, cool and solid, yet gave way at his touch and opened, fluidly he pushed the mask down his face, the ghoulish smile of the clown, frozen for eternity, across his own face that hid another smile.

He strode confidently to the counter, brief case swinging from one hand, gun secured to in the other, as he approached the counter he raised his gun and pointed it to the teller, his eyes slamming into the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen, his mouth gaped open, as he struggled to contain the emotions that were flooding through him, “the wages” he managed to gasp out, his eyes skimmed down the blouse
that announced her name “Rhianna”.  Rhianna coolly looked at Clancy and said sure would you like that in bundles of hundred, fifties or twenties? Clancy couldn’t believe it, here he was waving a gun infront of her and she asks how he wanted it bundled?, he smiled under his mask, this lady had guts, “the lot” Clancy retorted.
Rhianna spun around on her heel and walked to the safe, returning moments later with
two suit cases,  Clancy eyed them suspiciously, he waved the gun to the bags then the counter, “on the counter and open them up, fast!”, unfazed in the least, Rhianna placed the bags on the counter and opened them up, before him was two bags full of cash and a note, he leaned forward closer to read what it said: Don’t acknowledge this note, just do as I ask , demand that I be your hostage and take me with you.  Please.  R

He looked up incredulously, she couldn’t be serious! Then he looked into her eyes and realised he would do anything this woman asked him to, the fact astounded him, before he could change his mind, he looked at Rhianna and snapped, “you, pick up those bags and come with me!”, a choking sound emitted from the corner, he swung around and saw Chris, he had forgotten all about him!, “head out”, he motioned to
Chris.  Chris shook his head disbelievingly but realised time was running out, time to get out and figure out what his brother was up to later. 

They exited the bank, Chris in the lead, followed by Rhianna, who was sobbing, a gun held by Clancy pressed to her back.  Chris looked
bewildered, they had no plans to take hostages; he shook his head, shrugged his shoulders and jumped into the car, Rhianna and Clancy close behind.

Within moments there were heading off in the direction of the safe house, as planned Clancy pulled over and let Chris out, who had another vehicle waiting, “hope you know what you are doing” was his parting shot before Clancy screeched back onto the road.  He looked back in the mirror and Rhianna was sitting there, she smiled at him and said, “I am a bad girl and all bad girls have a story to tell”, with that her
hand slipped between her legs, she was wearing crotchless panties and stockings with suspenders, Clancy wondered if all bank tellers wore the same sexy underwear beneath their business suits.  He kept driving along, with a destination in mind, he kept on glancing in the mirror, hopelessly, watching her stroking her beautiful waxed pussy,
her finger sliding in and out slowly, her lips were parted, beautiful red glossy lips, that emitted sounds of carnal pleasure, every now and then she would take her fingers and slowly bring them to her lips, tasting, Clancy was dying to know how what she tasted like, his pants were becoming uncomfortable and he shifted to make room for what felt like the hundredth time, Riahnna lent forward, legs slightly apart
giving him unobstructed view to her  pussy that was glistening wet, she placed her finger in his mouth and whispered throatily in his ear, “taste me”.  Clancy’s mouth opened and tasted the sweetness, he groaned, she was killing him. She continued to talk to him, telling him how she always fancied bad, rugged men, men that would lead her astray, men that would break down the walls she had built, letting loose the real Rhianna. Bad Rhianna.

She had always lead a sheltered life, but yearned for something that was just beyond her grasp, today she saw an opportunity and took it, letting her wonton side break to the surface. For the first time in her 28 years, she felt truly alive, she felt the blood coursing through her body, she felt her nipples tingle and harden and she felt herself grow wet, she was helpless against the urge to touch herself, to fuel
the fires that raged within her, she wanted this man to take her unlike she had been taken before.

Moments later Clancy swerved off the road and headed down an unused fire trail, if this was going to continue any longer, he would blow right there and then in his pants.  The rangers disused cabin came into view and he pulled in behind the old shed, he slid out of the car and went around to the back door, opening the door for Rhianna.  Wordlessly she got out, she had taken off her skirt, shirt and jacket,
leaving her standing there in sexy black heels, stockings and suspenders, black lacy bra that hugged her beautiful breasts.  His eyes racked her from top to bottom, he wanted this beautiful woman, unlike he wanted another woman before.  Lust at first sight.  He would crawl over broken glass, only to have a moment with her, to feel his hard cock in her silky wet pussy. 

Rhianna pointed to the bag of cash in the car and said “we will be needing that”, puzzle he brought he took the bag out from the back and walked towards the cabin, she was a few paces behind him.  He pushed opened the door and made his way to the bedroom, he placed the bag on the bed and turned to face her.  Wanting to feel her body craddled against his, to feel her softness melt against his body.  Willingly,
She made her way into his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing herself against him, molding her body against his, she grinded her hips against his crotch, leaving him with no uncertainty to what she wanted. Her head came closer towards his, till inches separated their lips, slowly with the tip of her tongue; she traced his bottom lip, before slanting her lips against his to kiss him softly,
He parted his lips willingly, allowing he to explore at random, kissing softly, gently, then harder until they both stood there panting.  She eased away from him and made her way to the bed, she picked up the bag of money and before he could protest, opened the bag and tipped all the money out onto the bed.  She looks at him and said, “I always wanted to know what it felt like to fuck on a million dollars”.

Clancy laughed, who was he to deny this lady her fantasy; his was coming true right before his eyes.  Without a moments delay he stripped his clothes off and made his way to the bed, pushing her knees up against the bed until she felt backwards, onto the pile of money that had been scattered.  His hands moved over her body, enjoying the feel of the silken skin beneath his fingertips, long fingers slid the straps of the bra down and deftly moved his hands behind her back, unclasping her bra, releasing her breasts to his hungry gaze, his head swooped forward and took one hard nipple in his mouth, then giving the other the same attention.  Rhianna moaned longingly, her head was thrown back in passion, her fingers tangling themselves through his hair, she arched up against him, feeling his hardness against her silky
smooth thigh, she tried to position herself under him, wanting to feel his hard cock in her, but he evaded her skillfully, wanted to prolong their pleasure. He wanted to taste her again, he moved his way down her body, kissing her, stroking her body lightly until he made his way at the junction of her thighs, he dipped his head and kissed her inner thighs lightly, whilst his finger rubbed her clit, she arched up
against his fingers wanting more, dragging his head down towards pussy, wanting his mouth to taste, lick, stroke.  He happily obliged darting his tongue here and there tracing her beautiful pussy, alternating pressure, tasting her sweet nectar in his mouth, loving the way her nails dug into his shoulders, her moans becoming more
desperate, her legs wrapped around him. 

He knew he could wait no longer, he got to his knees and looked down at Rhianna, slick with sweat and $100 notes stuck to her, her eyes were glazed in passion, her hair fanned around, he had never seen such a beautiful sight.  He took his hard cock and rubbed it against her swollen clit, feeling the wetness coat the head, he could
feel the heat radiate from her and groaned in frustration.  One thrust found him cocooned in her tight, hot, wet, pussy, her legs wrapped around his waist and she was begging to be fucked harder.  Slowly in the age old rhythm he built up momentum, her hips lifting up, matching his rhythm perfectly, as if they had been lovers for years, her gasps became shorter, her breathing deepened and he knew she was close,
one last hard thrust saw her screaming, head thrown back,nails digging into his shoulders, his own body shuddered in response, cumming like he had never cum before, as if his soul was emptying into her very being.

He collapsed ontop off her, heaving, before rolling off, spent, he looked up at the ceiling and thought, yes there is a god and began to laugh, he turned and faced her and asked..”how would you like to be my partner in crime?”, Rhianna laughed in delight, bad Rhianna was born

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