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March 28th, 2012 by DiQld

Hi Guys,

Well after thinking about moving for sometime I have decided that I just cant make that step all in one go, I mean what would all my guys in the south west do with out me???

So I have decided to take on an additional premises to see if I really like living inner city… I have a new work place at Hamilton!!!! I am really looking forward to seeing if there is a difference in cliental and whether I get more or less calls… I am still going to be working from Home as well for the moment.

Tuesday was my first day in my new surroundings and I have to say that having no tv or entertainment was amazing… for the first time in ages I could actually get some downtime to think… I cleaned the mirrors in the unit… (a pet hate is dirty mirrors) then had a few minutes on the balcony watching a couple of very yummy guys do a couple of laps and lay on the lounges around the pool… Why is it that men from afar always look yummier!?!?!?!?!

Then it got interesting….
my computer decided that it didnt like the unit or the telstra wifi do-hicky and it wasnt going to talk to it at all! (still not working) it appears that my computer doesnt like using ipv6 and ipv4 wanted a rest! works ok at home! What the????? I can see an apple mac being the next purchase here…

the stereo then decided that it didnt like the cd and started jumping and stammering… So I turned it off… having sex in a white unit with no music is no fun I have to fix the music situation…

I got a call from a NEW client so gave him the address of the units and ran excitedly to get dressed for the occasion… Then I forgot the unit number so had to stick my head out the door to check ( I have written it down now!) then he arrived and pressed the buzzer, well I couldnt work out whether to press the talk button and talk or to hold it down and talk, tried both and ended up just and bugger if I didnt forget to ask the client if he heard me??? and OMG he was a welcome distraction… he was my very first client in my brand new unit…

The downside of having 2 units is definately the furniture thing… It is like starting out all over again… so bear with me till I get it all together… I want to take it slowly and enjoy the feeling of newness…

Kisses DiQld

BTW this is the first of many positive changes this year… So Stand by

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