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April 15th, 2011 by DiQld

Last week was fantastic! Flew to Melb for 3 nights, a day for work, a couple of days of play and catching up with friends, and a visit to SexyLand. The trip was pretty spontaneous and so I contacted a couple of gentlemen that wanted me to let them know when I was in Melb next and within a few hours I had my work day fully booked with a new gentlemen (lets call him BREAKFAST) and a gentleman I love catching up with (Lets call him LUNCH).

Wow what a work day… I am always hesitant to take a long booking if I have not met the person before, after all who wants to spend 6 hours with someone that you dont know if you will get on with??? But I took the booking because BREAKFAST had been messaging and texting me and following me on Twitter and facebook for over 4 months now and always seemed a respectful and genuine man. I have to say BREAKFAST was a fantastic younger guy (mid 20’s) and we spent what turned out to be a very short 6 hours together having fun πŸ™‚ we were supposed to grab a bite together within the 6 hours…. Ooops didnt get out of the bedroom!!! Used nearly all of my condoms and lube I had bought with me πŸ˜‰ When our time was up, BREAKFAST was very apologetic that we didnt stop for something to eat and gave me an extra $50 to get something to eat… What a sweety πŸ™‚ (Since he has been texting to make sure I set aside enough time for him when I return in May.)
With very little time to catch my breath LUNCH arrived and we had a fabulously naughty time playing with my ropes, blindfold and my new toy Pepe that I bought at SexyLand. Hehehehe I can still see that smile and hear him say how intense the experience was – I do love my job πŸ˜‰

I have to tell you I love visiting Melb and I adore going to Sexyland… I always buy something when I visit Melb and this time I bought a couple of new outfits and some new toys… If you havent been there you will love it! It is like bunnings only with all things sexual. Male and Female Clothing and Costumes, Shoes nd Boots, Porn Movies and Magazines, Instructional Movies and magazines, Games, Tools and Equipment ;), and every adult toy under the sun….

I am getting quite an arsenal hehehe no pun intended – ok maybe there was πŸ˜‰
a quick stocktake of toys to play with at my place….
Andy – anal probe
Benny – Ball gag
Bobby – blindfold
Cocky – Cock rings (3 sizes)
Corey – Cuffs
Casey – Cane
Donny – dildo
Freddy – flogger
Pepe – penis pump
Paddy – paddles
Percy – Prostrate vibrator
Rocco – Rocco Siegfriedi penis bust – Now that is an bove average penis! Scares most lol
ronny – ropes
nobby – nipple clamps
Sammy – sex swing
Sandy – Strap on
Sonny – Slapper
Terry – tie downs (attached to the bed)
Tommy – Electric Toothbush
Timmy – Tommy’s apprentice
vinny – vibrator average penis size and look
There are a few more toys but I dont us them enough to name them… and then there are the clothes I like to wear when with you… Sheer Lingerie, Baby Dolls, Matching underwear, Short skirts, Tight Shirts, Satin Corsets, Lace shorts, Lace tops, Short Nighties, Satin robes, G-Strings, Briefs, Pantyhose, Fishnets,Fishnet Body stocking, Stockings (both the Stay up and Suspender), High Heels and Knee length boots and ankle boots. Naughty School Girl or Nice School Girl, Easter Bunny, Present, bikie girl… If there is something that you think I should have that I havent mentioned let me know…

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