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July 27th, 2010 by DiQld

Well as you maybe aware I have just done a road trip up north. I had a ball (or two) and I am happy enough with the reception I recieved so I will definately go back. I am thinking of every 8-10 weeks. I am back in Brisbane for the next couple of weeks (at least) then I want to head to Melbourne and Sydney for a few days each. I have been thinking of going to Canberra in Spring to see the Floriade. I hear it is well worth attending if you like flowers and I do.


Blog of sorts is now functioning. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you.


Working on getting a blog of sorts going


Well I have offically retired Tiffany! Poor Girl she keeps getting phone calls. So I thought it was time to change the name of the website. You can still access this website using www.tempting-tiffany.com if you must.

I will be changing the pictures on the entry screen and in the banner as soon as I have a suitable picture. and all the advertising will change shortly too.


I have new pictures coming… and I have added new faqs


I had some new photos taken yesterday so as soon as I get them ready to present I will be posting them up.  I know you are going to love them…


I have updated the Faqs and the Rates pages

I currently advertise on both <a href=”http://www.australian-babe.com”>www.australian-babe.com</a> <a href=”http://www.and”>and</a> <a href=”http://www.goldcoastescorts.com.au”>www.goldcoastescorts.com.au</a> and on other sites both in Australia and overseas.

You will find me using any of the following names Di, Di4u, DiQld, Tiffany. So if you google any of those name along with Brisbane you should find me!


Hello Again,

Well I have got my pictures up and I have now retired the lovely Tiffany from this website! Long may she live…


Hi Guys,

Well I have most of the text and pages setup now with my details, if you find any errors or something you would like to see please let me know…

Tiffany is having fun in her new life but I know she is missing all the wonderful people that she got to know in this industry…

I jumped at the chance when Tiffany offered me her website because she felt comfortable that I would care for her clients as she had 😉


I intend to keep the Tempting-Tiffany name and website as I like it! However I will be using my own name to trade under as well. I will be changing the content and photos (although I like them too but they are not me!) I look forward to any input anyone has to improve the site.

Please Bear with me as I update this website with my own details over the next few weeks and look forward to sharing my photos with you.  You will know what I have changed on the site as my name will appear on the page header.

So bear with me and check this site often for the updated website and Photos of myself…


Tiffany has officially retired from the industry and I have purchased this site and I suppose her name. I will not be changing my name to Tiffany, but I will not be killing any of the ads in that name. I plan on keeping the name of this website as is.

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